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Underage drinkers heavily exposed to magazine ads for alcohol brands they consume

7/8/14–According to a study based on materials provided by Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, drinkers between the ages of 18 and 20 see more magazine advertising than any other age group for the alcohol brands they consume most heavily, raising important questions about whether current alcohol self-regulatory codes concerning advertising are sufficiently protecting young people. [Journal Reference: David Jernigan et al. Youth Alcohol Brand Consumption and Exposure to Brand Advertising in Magazines. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, July 2014]. Read

Alcohol Taxes Should Be Tripled

TMR_Pocket_Article84__5.29.145/27/14–According to a Pew study, most people see marijuana’s relative harmlessness as a reason for to regulate marijuana as lightly as alcohol is regulated. When asked if alcohol would still be more harmful to society than marijuana if marijuana were just as easy to get a hold of as alcohol is now, 63 percent said that yes, it would be. Read

Families desperate for medical marijuana for their children

7/17/14–Families –some from Ohio– are leaving family and jobs behind to move to Colorado where marijuana is legal, and Charlotte’s web is available and seemingly has amazing results. Rainbow epilepsy expert, Dr. Nancy Bass understands why her patients are desperate and comments, “If medical marijuana was legal I would prescribe it if I could be sure that I was giving my patient a proven highly purified form of the CBD.” Dr. Bass and the families want to see medical marijuana legalized in Ohio. Read 

Florida couple focuses on making a Charlotte’s Web dispensory

7/17/14–Peyton and Holley Moseley have started a company to apply to be one of the five medical marijuana dispensaries in the state to make Charlotte’s Web more accessible for people in Northwest Florida. Their daughter RayAnn suffers from “Dravets Syndrome” and has several hundred seizures a month. The Moseley’s are hopeful that Charlotte’s Web will help their daughter and others like her. It’s been a month since Governor Rick Scott signed the “Charlottes Web” bill into law. Restrictions and regulations are still being decided. Watch and Read

Corrupting citizens for fun and profit

7/14/14–According to nationally syndicated columnist Michael Carson, libertarians and state governments find common ground in encouraging and exploiting the weaknesses and addictions of citizens. Politicians increasingly benefit when citizens are addicted, exploited, impoverished and stoned rather than building social competence and capital. Carson believes this deserves contempt, not applause. Read

Taking a sober look at legalizing marijuana

TMR_Pocket_Article230_7.16.147/12/14–Washington state’s retail marijuana stores opened Tuesday and Alaska will vote on legalization in November. Monthly revenue updates from Colorado as well as perpetual exposes about marijuana edibles and e-joints. Marijuana remains in the news, and this is only going to intensify over time. Furthermore, for states that will probably decide on marijuana policy, five suggestions to help policymakers who want to promote productive discussions are presented within this article. Read

Denver rental cars turning into marijuana dumping grounds

7/17/14–Denver International Airport rental cars appear to be increasingly used as a marijuana dumping ground for travelers. People who want to avoid illegally bringing pot into the airport simply leave it in the car or offer it to the car rental agencies, one Avis Rent A Car airport agent said today. “We are a drug-free environment. We don’t take it or give it back; we just flush it.” Read

Legalization complicates police marijuana investigations in Colorado

7//15/14–Since the passage of limited marijuana legalization in Colorado in 2012, law enforcement officials say many agencies are making fewer busts of illegal marijuana distributors and seizing fewer illegally grown plants, though comprehensive numbers aren’t yet available. But those same officials contend the drop-off comes not from a decline in illegal growing but from an increased hesitance of detectives to make busts in a state where the margins of legal and illegal cultivation can be blurry. Read

Update on Spokane’s stores and the first ever marijuana market study

7/16/14–An update on Spokane’s three licensed marijuana stores, as well as Colorado’s release of what may be the first-ever market study of legal marijuana is presented in a weekly report covering marijuana news. Read

Next up for legal pot? Marijuana at your doorstep

TMR_Pocket_Article237_7.20.147/15/14–While delivery services have existed for years to supply medical marijuana patients, the rise of similar businesses geared toward serving recreational users in Washington and Colorado highlights how the industry is outpacing the states’ pot laws. Read

Pro-marijuana legalization group urges opponents not to excessively drink at fundraiser

7/15/14–The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol today urged attendees of the anti-legalization group’s Anchorage fundraiser to “exercise caution” because the event is co-hosted by former Republican Gov. Frank Murkowskia who according to the group took some $19,500 over a decade from the National Beer Wholesalers Association and the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America. Read

Group plans pro-marijuana event for entrepreneurs

7/15/14–The Fairbanks seminar on Sept. 13-14 and another coming up in Anchorage are scheduled well ahead of the November general election that includes a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in Alaska, which many see as the next state after Colorado and Washington to decriminalize the drug. The seminar will delve into everything from growing potent marijuana to keeping a state-licensed business on the right side of federal drug laws, stated seminar organizer Cory Wray. Read

No marijuana issues on 2014 Arkansas ballot

7/7/14–Arkansas voters will not be deciding any issues related to marijuana use this election year. Two measures, one for medical marijuana and the other for recreational use, have both failed to gather enough signatures to make it onto the November ballot. Read

Marijuana legalization in Oregon: Just one pot measure now in running for November ballot

6/23/14–Medical marijuana businessman Paul Stanford is giving up on his campaign to qualify two ballot measures for the November ballot that were aimed at giving adults broad rights to grow and possess marijuana. Although Stanford is ending his campaign, it appears highly likely that a marijuana legalization initiative sponsored by New Approach Oregon will qualify for the November ballot. Read

Montana ballot measure to ban all marijuana approved for signatures

5/29/14–Backers of a proposed ballot measure that would make marijuana illegal in Montana can begin gathering signatures. Supporters need to obtain at least 24,175 signatures of registered Montana voters by June 20 to qualify I-174 for the ballot, including at least 5 percent of the voters in 34 of the 100 state House district. Read

Marijuana brings a divided congress together

7/18/14–A bipartisan effort to help marijuana entrepreneurs is emerging. The House passed an amendment this week that should help marijuana businesses get banking services in the 23 states where marijuana is legal in some form. Interestingly, marijuana is one of the few issues Democrats and Republicans can agree on –at least as far as the banking amendment, it’s partly about public safety and transparency. Read

Rand Paul-Cory Booker Medical Marijuana amendment hits a snag

6/23/14–Last Thursday, Dan Riffle, director of federal policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, announced that the Paul-Booker amendment to the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act might see action that day or the next. Shortly thereafter, however, the wheels of bureaucracy ground to a halt, with Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski, chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee, delaying the main bill because, Politico reports, she felt “caught between White House veto threats and Republican amendments.” Read

Marijuana activist shocked by his own arrest

TMR_Pocket_Article167_6.17.146/15/14–As a paid blogger and marijuana activist, Chris Goldstein has been caught up in a swirl of hearings, media conferences, and street theater for more than a decade, but for him the effort came with an unanticipated setback. He was prosecuted for smoking a marijuana cigarette during a monthly public protest staged in the shadow of the Liberty Bell last August. Read

Denver marijuana shops warned of robbery plot

6/5/14–Marijuana dispensaries around Denver are getting a warning from police. Officers have received what they are calling “credible information” about a plan to rob marijuana couriers across the entire metro area. Read

Teen driver in crash was high on marijuana with 8 kids in car

TMR_Pocket_Article208_7.7.147/5/14–A 16-year-old girl will likely face a vehicular assault charge after a bizarre car accident on State Route 9, just north of Marysville in Snohomish County. Washington State Patrol troopers believe Samantha Weldon was high on marijuana when she was driving her family home from her grandparents’ house before 1 a.m. Saturday. Troopers said they will recommend as many as eight counts of reckless endangerment, one for each child in the vehicle. Read

Cannabinoids in oral fluid by on-site immunoassay and by GC-MS using two different oral fluid collection devices

7/1/14–Oral fluid (OF) enables non-invasive sample collection for on-site drug testing, but performance of on-site tests with occasional and frequent smokers’ OF to identify cannabinoid intake requires further evaluation. Evidently, no studies have evaluated differences between cannabinoid disposition among OF collection devices with authentic OF samples after controlled cannabis administration. [Acknowledgements: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Volume 406, Issue 17 , pp 4117-4128, Authors: Nathalie A. Desrosiers, Garry Milman, Damodara R. Mendu, Dayong Lee, Allan J. Barnes, David A. Gorelick, Marilyn A. Huestis]. Read

The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis will teach classes like “Medical Marijuana 101″

TMR_Pocket_Article214_7.8.147/7/14–The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, located in Natick, Mass., announced that it will soon start accepting applications and begin offering classes in late August or early September teaching students about the medical uses of marijuana, growing techniques, the logistics of operating a dispensary, as well as the science, history and legal landscape of the industry. Read

‘Cannabis College’ students banking on medical marijuana

5/20/14–When you think about a college degree you think of things like economics, communications or poli sci. But a group of students in Tampa is learning something that right now is actually illegal to do in the State of Florida. They’re learning how to cultivate marijuana. Read

Puff, puff, pink slip: legal marijuana use still carries job risk

7/13/14–Workers still can be fired –- or never hired in the first place –- for puffing cannabis if anti-marijuana rules exist in their employers’ HR handbooks. If adults in Colorado and Washington legally consume cannabis after work, away from the job site or the office, they must remain mindful of the drug rules at the shops and offices where they ply their trades, according to labor-law experts in both states. Read

Five things NY employers need to know about legal marijuana

7/8/14–Michael Volpe and Nicholas Reiter of Venable’s Labor & Employment practice present a sampling of the novel issues employers will face as New York’s medical marijuana law takes effect: (1) Anti-Discrimination Protections for Certified Patients, (2) Employers May Enforce Policies Against Working While Impaired, (3) What is a Serious Condition?, (4) Employers May Need to Accommodate Employees, and (5) Smoking Marijuana Remains Illegal and Marijuana May Not be Ingested in Public. Read

Of non-marijuana drug users in the ER, nearly all are problem drug users

7/7/14–Of emergency patients who reported any drug other than marijuana as their primary drug of use, 90.7 percent met the criteria for problematic drug use. Among patients who reported cannabis (marijuana) as their primary drug, almost half (46.6 percent) met the criteria for having a drug problem, according to a study published online in Annals of Emergency Medicine. [Journal Reference: Wendy L. Macias Konstantopoulos, Jessica A. Dreifuss, Katherine A. McDermott, Blair Alden Parry, Melissa L. Howell, Raul N. Mandler, Garrett M. Fitzmaurice, Michael P. Bogenschutz, Roger D. Weiss. Identifying Patients With Problematic Drug Use in the Emergency Department: Results of a Multisite Study. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2014; DOI: 10.1016/j.annemergmed.2014.05.012]. Read

Comparative Epidemiology of Drugs

4/24/1994–The aim of this article is to report basic descriptive findings from new research on the epidemiology of drug dependence syndromes, conducted as part of the National Comorbidity Survey (NCS). [James C. Anthony, Etiology Branch, Addition Research Center, National Institute on Drug Abuse and Johns Hopkins University; Lynn A. Warner and Ronald C. Kessler, Institute for Social Research and Department of Sociology, University of Michigan / Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 1994. Vol. 2, No.3, 244-268]

‘World’s first’ recreational marijuana ad takes on prohibition policies

TMR_Pocket_Article236_7.20.147/15/14–Crop King Seeds, a breeder of marijuana in Canada, has released what the company calls “the world’s first” recreational pot commercial. The Vancouver company has posted the part advertisement, part pro-marijuana public service message on YouTube, but has yet to air the spot. Read

Marijuana ads signal new strategy in push to legalize

7/11/14–While marijuana lobbyists once were content to play nice in their media messaging, the new ads reflect a confrontational style aimed at exposing records and getting elected leaders to board the pot legalization bandwagon _ or at least get out of the way. The ads are tougher and more visceral, often featuring pleas from ill people who want to use marijuana legally. Read

Pot oil explosions a growing problem

TMR_Pocket_Article209_7.7.147/3/14–Explosions caused by methamphetamine labs are all but gone from southern Nevada neighborhoods, but a new and similar threat is popping up with greater frequency in homes and apartments all over the Las Vegas valley. Changing attitudes and laws about marijuana have given rise to homemade labs designed to create highly concentrated forms of pot, but making it is dangerous, and not only for the participants. Read

2014 Dab Report: Breaking Dab

6/18/14– According to the 2014 Dab Report featured in High Times, the best way to tackle the serious public concerns posed by the rise of concentrates is through legalization and regulation rather than prohibition. The report further states that it’s through scientific research that the healing powers of cannabis are being proven and unfounded myths of its harmfulness dispelled, and it’s only through respect for legitimate scientific study and pragmatic problem-solving that any societal challenges can be effectively addressed that may arise as a result of marijuana’s legalization –including concentrates. Read

Biotech entrepreneurs fill marijuana testing niche

7/8/14–At Cascadia Labs, employees with backgrounds in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries test a variety of products with one common ingredient, consumed by thousands of patients across Oregon: medical marijuana. Co-owner Jeremy Sackett has joined Oregon’s medical marijuana industry, where new regulations aimed at increasing quality and safety have helped spawn businesses headed up by people with backgrounds in science and the legal profession.  Read

Canadian cannabis company buys huge facility for $13M

7/17/14–A prospective medical marijuana company in Canada has purchased a 300,000-square-foot facility for roughly $13 million U.S. dollars. The facility, when fully built up, has a maximum cultivation space of 600,000 square feet, the firm said. Benjamin Ward, the company’s President and CEO, stated the facility is the ideal structure for “a large-scale medical marijuana production plant.” Read

Recap of the High Times Cannabis Cup

7/10/14–The Sonoma County Fairgrounds played host to the Cannabis Cup  which was equal parts trade show and celebration of pot in all its forms. Rows of vendors served up typical county fair refreshments of hot dogs and kettle corn next to glass blowers, NORML booths, and massage chairs. The presentation of a medical marijuana recommendation allowed entrance into the gated area which proved the real draw. Read

Mom killed by husband who was ‘hallucinating after eating a marijuana cookie’

TMR_Pocket_Article245_7.22.147/22/14–A Denver, Colorado mother has been shot dead in front of her children by her ‘hallucinating’ husband while she was on a 13 minute call to 911, police said. Kristine Kirk, 44, called for help around 9:30p.m. Monday, telling dispatchers that her husband Richard Kirk, 47, was ‘talking about the end of the world’ and ‘scaring’ their three children. A source told FOX31 investigators are looking at whether he had eaten a marijuana cookie. Read

Cheeba Chews production halted by state marijuana license denial

TMR_Pocket_Article244_7.22.147/20/14–Cheeba Chews grew into one of the biggest successes of Colorado’s medical marijuana industry, but stopped production after the state in March denied the business license application of Green Sky Confections, which had a licensing agreement to produce and distribute the brand. The Colorado Department of Revenue cited 20 grounds for denial, including allegations of hidden ownership interests, off-the-books employees, an employee who had not passed a criminal-history check, record-keeping failures and unsanitary kitchen conditions. Read

Washington state says marijuana brownies OK, but no lollipops

TMR_Pocket_Article243_7.23.147/17/14–Marijuana stores in Washington state can sell marijuana in cookies, brownies and other approved baked goods but cannot put the drug in candies, lollipops or food items that might appeal to children, according to newly released rules. The state’s Liquor Control Board published the guidelines on Wednesday for the packaging and labeling of marijuana edibles, and prohibited any products, labels or packaging designed to be especially appealing to children, including lollipops and suckers, gummy candy and jelly beans. Read

Magnetic Resonance Imaging study finds brain abnormalities in regular marijuana users

7/20/14–People who regularly use marijuana show significant abnormalities in areas of the brain associated with motivation and emotion, a team of Swiss researchers has found. The scientists discovered changes in the volume of gray matter — the tissue containing brain cells — in regular marijuana users compared with occasional ones. Read

How marijuana causes paranoia

7/16/14–In what is deemed the largest and most in-depth study of the effects of the main ingredient in marijuana, researchers say they have identified the psychological factors that can lead to feelings of paranoia among users of the drug. The research team, led by Prof. Daniel Freeman of the University of Oxford in the UK, recently published their findings in the journal Schizophrenia Bulletin. Read

Cannabis goes corporate: the first National Cannabis Business Summit

TMR_Pocket_Article239_7.20.147/14/14–Hundreds of cannabis industrialists including entrepreneurs, investors, thought-leaders, and capitalists stood eager to discuss industry challenges and their solutions at the first National Cannabis Business Summit in Denver, Colorado. The National Cannabis Industries Association (NCIA) has organized several professional events, but this was the first one geared to a national discussion in a state with legal cannabis already on the books. Read

Medical Marijuana Inc. announces first quarter 2014 shareholders report

7/8/14–Medical Marijuana Inc., a leading cannabis and industrial hemp industry innovator, today announced the release of its quarterly financial and shareholders report. Product sales increase more than 100% quarter over quarter. The Company had product sales revenues of $4.01 million compared to $1.94 million for the prior quarter. The Company’s first quarter 2014 operating and developmental highlights are presented. Read

The pitfalls of marijuana-related penny stocks

7/21/14–According to Cody Willard, Revolution Investing writer for MarketWatch, every single pot penny stock he has put a warning out about is down 50%-90% in the last five months. He claims to have saved his readers millions of dollars over the last six months as the collective valuations of the stocks he’s warned against dropped by several hundred million dollars. As he continues to caution about the hype surrounding penny stocks, Willard says the best marijuana-related penny stocks to buy now and/or own are none of them. Read

Medical marijuana stocks aren’t worth the price

TMR_Pocket_Article227_7.16.147/10/14–Medical marijuana stocks are back in the news now that Washington state’s first recreational marijuana stores are opening for business, but that doesn’t make medical marijuana stocks safe to invest in. Although there are scores of medical marijuana stocks to choose from, they all tend to share risky characteristics that make them dangerous no matter what happens in Washington state — or Washington, D.C. Read

Georgia governor pushes for marijuana trials

7/15/14–Georgia governor Nathan Deal is calling for trials to test the effectiveness of the marijuana derivative, cannabidiol.  He recently pushed for clinical trials since 23 states and Washington D.C. have already legalized access to medical marijuana. Read

Parents say their son needs medical marijuana

7/14/14–A Savannah, Georgia couple hopes their son can participate in clinical trials. Their two-year-old has Dravet Syndrome, and they feel medical marijuana could help stop his frequent and severe seizures. Coopers parents have seen the benefits of what the drug has done for other children. They’ve called Savannah doctors to sign up. Read

Will attitude shift affect marijuana laws?

7/13/14–The increasing acceptance of marijuana across America has some in law enforcement concerned it will increase demand for “harder” drugs. Public support for legalizing marijuana use is at an all-time high of 54 percent in 2013, compared with 41 percent in 2009 and 16 percent in 1989, according to Pew Research polling. The shift on marijuana is helped along by a trio of major marijuana lobbying groups — Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project and NORML. Read

Oregon marijuana legalization advocates aim for ‘the new gold standard’

TMR_Pocket_Article221_7.9.147/8/14–One of the country’s leading drug policy reformers visited Oregon Tuesday to make a pitch for legalizing pot, calling the recreational marijuana initiative headed to the November ballot “the new gold standard” of marijuana reform efforts. Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, called Oregon’s effort to legalize marijuana is “the No. 1 priority ” for his New York-based organization. Read

Children’s Hospital sees surge in kids accidentally eating marijuana

4/10/14–The number of children coming into Colorado’s largest pediatric emergency department after accidentally eating marijuana is on pace to more than double last year’s total. According to Michael DiStefano, the medical director of the Children’s Hospital Colorado emergency department, most of the children admitted are between 3 and 7 years old. Read

Kids poisoned by medical marijuana, study finds

5/27/14–Legalizing marijuana may have unintended consequences. Since medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado, more than a dozen young children have been unintentionally poisoned with the drug, researchers report. About half the cases resulted from kids eating marijuana-laced cookies, brownies, sodas or candy. In many cases, the marijuana came from their grandparents’ stash, the investigators said. Read

264 charged with marijuana possession since city council voted to decriminalize

7/21/14–On June 19th, Philadelphia City Council voted to decriminalize the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana, passing a bill introduced by Councilman Jim Kenney. But Mayor Michael Nutter opposes the bill, and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has said that he will continue to make marijuana arrests, even if the bill is signed into law. In the month following the bill’s passing, 264 citizens were charged with the crime. Read

D.C. police prepare for sea change in marijuana laws

7/17/14–A lengthy civic debate over how to handle the most minor of drug offenses culminated at midnight Wednesday when a marijuana decriminalization law passed by the D.C. Council this spring completed a 60-day congressional review period and took effect. The advent of the new law, spurred by reports of stark racial disparities in marijuana arrests, prompts a sea change in how police handle one of the most common violations they encounter. Read

Volcano Vaporizer

6/24/14–In depth operation guide to the Volcano Vaporizer, featuring the Digit, Classic, Easy Valve, and Solid Valve. Video

Canada vending machines pop out marijuana

TMR_Pocket_Article91_5.30.145/26/14–Proprietor Chuck Varabioff hopes to install marijuana vending machines in nursing homes and medical clinics. His business, British Columbia Pain Society, is one of about 400 pot stores — which call themselves medical marijuana dispensaries — in the western Canadian city.  They’re all part of a booming medical marijuana industry that operates in a legal gray zone since a federal court ruling recently overturned Ottawa’s latest attempt to regulate its distribution. Read

Colorado Springs businesses sprout from marijuana legalization

7/15/14–For starters, marijuana businesses demand a variety of services and products, creating an economic boost across sectors, said Phyllis Resnick, lead economist at the Colorado Futures Center at Colorado State University. Manufacturing and real estate are two areas that have been particularly affected, she said. Colorado Springs’ medical marijuana industry, coupled with legal recreational possession and use, have been enough to spawn a number of ancillary businesses. Read

Washington medical marijuana grower opens farm to tours

6/14/14– Tom Lauerman decided to turn his small marijuana grow into a commercial one. He is opening up his medical marijuana farm to visitors, hoping Washington’s nascent cannabis tourism industry is a boon to growers. For now, Washington state’s tourism industry is taking a cautious approach to the potential for marijuana-related tourism. The issue of where the shops can locate remains controversial. Read

The number of marijuana dealers in the United States

7/16/14–According to the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 29.7 million Americans 12 or older had smoked marijuana within the past year. Additionally, based on FBI statistics, there were about 94,900 arrests for marijuana sale or manufacturing in 2011. And while this number accounts for the entire marijuana production apparatus in the U.S. — at all steps in the chain, from producers to major traffickers to low-level part-timers — exact calculations are difficult to report. Read

Marijuana use among youths is increasing

7/13/14–A recent News-Leader article presented information from Springfield Public Schools about drug use in the district, with particular focus on an increase in marijuana-related incidents in the middle and high schools. Beyond Springfield, national studies show that marijuana use now exceeds cigarette use among eighth-, 10th- and 12th-graders, and 6.5 percent of all 12th-graders are daily marijuana users. Read

National marijuana report card – Michigan gets C-

7/10/14–The state of affairs in Michigan’s medical marijuana program earned a C minus grade on a national report card issued by Americans for Safe Access (ASA) yesterday. The State Report Card was issued as part of a White Paper titled, “Medical Marijuana Access In The U.S.,”released on July 7. Read

Skepticism about marijuana’s medical benefits

7/9/14–According to an article in Forbes written by contributor Peter Lipson, if we are going to treat pot as medicine, it will have to do a better job at proving itself worthy of that title. He further states, “There are plenty of prescription medicines of questionable benefit and with the potential to harm. Some are worse than useless, despite being legal, and some are nearly miraculous. Where does cannabis fit in? The science so far doesn’t look good. At this point, despite thousands of studies, there is very little evidence that cannabis is good for any specific medical condition.” Read

AP correction: Marijuana research-professor fired

7/21/14–In a story July 18 about marijuana researcher, Suzanne Sisley, who was fired from the University of Arizona, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the university is looking for a new researcher who can raise more money. The study is already funded. A corrected version of the story: Professor aims to resume research on pot and PTSD. Firing of Arizona professor highlights difficulty of US research into medical marijuana. Read

Marijuana researcher appeals University of Arizona’s firing

TMR_Pocket_Article242_7.22.147/17/14–A University of Arizona researcher who claimed she was dismissed after she lobbied for her study of marijuana for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder is fighting to get her job back. Sue Sisley has filed a formal appeal with the University of Arizona asking that she be reinstated as assistant professor with the Department of Psychiatry, assistant director of the Arizona Telemedicine Program and as a researcher. And a petition to bring back Sisley so far has collected more than 31,000 signatures. Video

Marijuana delivery: Is capitalism turning us into the laziest people on Earth?

7/17/14–As reported by LA Times’ David Pierson, mobile marijuana businesses now number in the hundreds across Southern California. Nationwide, marijuana delivery services have nearly tripled in three years, from 877 to 2,617, according to Weedmaps, a Yelp-like online directory for marijuana businesses. Although services offering the convenience of marijuana by phone (or text or email) aren’t legal, the increasingly high numbers indicate steady use of the service and considered by Pierson to be another way capitalism is conspiring to turn Americans into the laziest and most indolent people on Earth. Read

L.A. marijuana farmers market ordered to temporarily shut down

7/15/14–A farmers market for medical marijuana users has been temporarily shut down after an L.A. County Superior Court judge agreed to halt operation of the Boyle Heights cannabis marketplace. The judge’s ruling Tuesday grants a temporary restraining order filed by Los Angeles City Atty. Mike Feuer, who sought to stop the California Heritage Market operations because he said it didn’t comply with the city’s law for marijuana dispensaries. Read

What the health board’s doing about medical marijuana

7/16/14–New rules for the medical marijuana program in Colorado are under consideration by the state Board of Health Wednesday. The board is looking at new rules to limit high-volume caregivers, and setting guidelines for marijuana-related research grants awarded by the Health Department. Read

Colorado marijuana audits receive national recognition

TMR_Pocket_Article187_6.24.146/22/14–The Colorado Office of the State Auditor is being recognized as one of the best in the country, with national awards for its work auditing the state’s medical marijuana regulatory system last year. The National State Auditors Association gave Colorado its Excellence in Accountability Award in the large performance-audit category, which is given to only one winner each year for government auditing excellence. Read

Understanding new medical marijuana laws

6/25/14–The first Medical Cannabis Symposium is designed to help medical professionals understand how marijuana can help treat health problems. Many Connecticut pharmacists and doctors gathered at the Aqua Turf in Southington Wednesday to learn about the medicinal use of cannabis, and what they need to know when consulting patients. Read

Medical marijuana requests on the rise

6/13/14–Medical marijuana prescriptions have been available since 2012 in Connecticut, but Dr. Corey Jaquez says back then, he would only see one to two requests per week. These days, business is booming with as many as 14 consultations each week. Read

Washington DC looks to throw MMJ businesses a lifeline

6/13/14–Lawmakers in Washington DC are poised to loosen the city’s restrictive medical marijuana program, which would provide a lifeline to local cannabis businesses that are struggling to survive. Read

Swedish Covenant wants to dispense medical marijuana

7/21/14–Medical marijuana will soon be legally distributed in Illinois, and officials at Swedish Covenant Hospital on Chicago’s North Side say their pharmacy deserves to be among the dispensaries. They say marijuana could benefit patients with cancer and other serious maladies, and that hospital pharmacists already dispense drugs that that are much more potentially dangerous than cannabis. Read

Lawmakers expected to finalize medical pot rules today

7/16/14–State lawmakers have set final rules to allow medical marijuana in Illinois, opening the door for patients to apply for ID cards this fall and to start purchasing legal cannabis by next spring. Read

Managing medical marijuana’s growing pains

6/7/14–An empathy for people battling illnesses and an ability to navigate through controversy will serve Patricia Rosi well as she manages half of Maine’s medical marijuana dispensaries. Read

Dispensaries demystified: Shedding light on Maine’s growing medical marijuana industry

TRM_Pocket_Article121_6.6.146/3/14–In 1999, Maine became one of the first states in the country to legalize the medical use of marijuana, but for more than a decade there was no system in place for patients to obtain it. However, now all eight medical dispensaries are up and running, but many Mainers still do not understand what they are and what they do. Read

Dennis marijuana tax may go up in smoke

7/22/14–Dennis voters at Town Meeting approved a 5 percent tax on marijuana sold at dispensaries. A home rule petition was needed for the tax to go into effect and it was sent to the Legislature’s joint committee on revenue July 8. State Rep. Cleon Turner, D-Dennis, who filed the bill on behalf of the town said that while he thinks it makes sense for towns to have a way to recoup any expenses spent on things such as increased police patrols, should they be needed, he’s doubtful the tax will ever become a reality. Read

Medical Marijuana 101: Massachusetts doctors head to the classroom

6/23/14–Doctors, lobbyists and advocates for medical marijuana gathered for the Massachusetts Medical Society’s first continuing education course on the use of marijuana to treat medical issues. Some of the roughly 80 physicians at this course came because, as of July 1, they will need to complete a continuing education course in marijuana for medical purposes if they want the option of certifying patients. Others came because they’ve already been asked to sign the forms and don’t feel prepared. Read

Dispensary solution on horizon in Michigan?

7/17/14–Michigan lawmakers could be close to approving a solution to the state’s medical marijuana problems. The state Senate on Wednesday advanced two bills to the floor. One bill would legalize medical marijuana dispensaries, while the other would approve edibles products. If the bills pass, they would help rejuvenate Michigan’s battered MMJ industry. Read

Senate panel OKs marijuana proposals

7/17/14–The full Senate will take up bills in the fall dealing with medical marijuana, but it is likely they’ll make several changes to the legislation that would allow dispensaries and the sale of marijuana-infused products to patients with medical marijuana cards. The Senate Government Operations Committee voted 3-1 Wednesday to approve the two bills, but Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, predicted the measures will look much different when they come up for a vote in the full Senate, probably in September. Read

Vegas suburb proves popular with dispensary hopefuls

7/18/14–The Las Vegas suburb of Henderson received 28 applications for medical marijuana business licenses by the July 17 deadline – nearly three times the number it initially anticipated. Officials expected to receive 10 to 15 applications for dispensary, cultivation and production licenses, according to Bristol Ellington, the assistant city manager. Read

Fernley bans medical marijuana facilities

7/15/14–The Fernley City Council voted on July 9 to prohibit all medical marijuana facilities within the city limits. The action came at the end of a lengthy discussion at a special meeting to consider regulations for the growth, manufacture and/or dispensing of medical marijuana in Fernley. Read

Hope Township medical marijuana advocate to rally in Trenton

TMR_Pocket_Article241_7.21.147/17/14–A Warren County advocate for medical marijuana plans to return today to the New Jersey State House in Trenton to call for changes to the state’s medical marijuana program. To call attention to what she sees as needed changes, Jennie Stormes, a registered nurse from Hope Township, organized a Jax’s Cannabis Journey rally for 11 a.m. at the State House. Read

Medical marijuana advocates hoping to light up barred from Christie town hall

TMR_Pocket_Article200_7.2.147/1/14–Gov. Chris Christie was confronted with waves of protesters who focused on his state budget moves at his latest town hall today. Scott Waselik, of Sparta, said he and several other medical marijuana advocates were barred from entering Christie’s town hall at the Caldwell Community Center where they planned to stage “a more aggressive approach” to call attention to their cause. Read

Medical marijuana: Lawmakers may back clinical trials

7/12/14–Medical marijuana may be signed into law in New York state, but the battle continues. Many families aren’t happy about the fact that it will still take another year and a half until forms of medical marijuana can be put into the hands of patients who need it. State lawmakers are pushing to speed up and expand the clinical trials for medical marijuana in New York State. Read

New York’s new medical marijuana law is the worst in the US

TMR_Pocket_Article225_7.10.147/10/14–On July 7, New York became the 23rd US state to legalize medical marijuana, but many of those who for years pushed for medical marijuana legalization are complaining that the new law falls far short of what the state’s thousands of patients seeking the drug need. Only 10% of patients who could use medical marijuana have the right diseases to qualify for it. Read

Dispensary owners meet with state officials to air complaints, ask questions

TMR_Pocket_Article205_7.2.146/28/14–More than 100 medical marijuana dispensary representatives gathered in downtown Portland Saturday to complain, question and comment on the new law governing retail sales of medical cannabis. For more than two hours, dispensary owners, their employees and marijuana growers peppered Tom Burns, the dispensary program director, with detailed questions about how to meet the state’s 31 pages of rules. Read

Medical marijuana in Oregon: State program prone to exploitation, abuse, report says

6/16/14–Marijuana use, cultivation and black market trafficking remain “pervasive” in Oregon, a trend fostered by Mexican drug cartels, Asian gangs and the state’s own medical marijuana program, a new law enforcement report concludes. Read

A spike in medical marijuana prices could boost black market sales

6/5/14–In New Mexico, there’s concern over proposed changes to the medical marijuana program. Concerns include the worry that increased licensing fees will lead to a spike in prices, forcing some patients to buy their supply on the streets. Read

Chafee signs legislation that changes Rhode Island’s medical marijuana law

7/9/14–Legislation that amends Rhode Island’s medical marijuana law, resetting the amounts of marijuana that can be grown in some settings and establishing new regulatory mechanisms, has been signed by Governor Chafee. Read

Advocates for medical marijuana patients criticize proposed changes to R.I. law

6/4/14–Advocates for people with debilitating conditions who use medical marijuana criticized proposals Tuesday to reduce the number of plants a caregiver can possess in Rhode Island, asserting it fails to consider the amount required to produce the oils and tinctures that effectively manage patients’ pain. Read

Seattle police uncover historic marijuana grow operation

6/4/14–Seattle police on Tuesday uncovered one of the largest marijuana grow operations in recent memory, but after they confiscated most of the 2,663 plants, officers let the grower go. After getting several complaints from neighbors about “an overwhelming smell” of marijuana coming from a home and warehouse in West Seattle, police served a search warrant on the property. Read

Puyallup man charged in marijuana lab explosion

TMR_Pocket_Article78_5.27.145/22/14–A Puyallup man charged with exploding a marijuana drug lab outside his home told police he was working for a local medical marijuana company, according to court documents. Seth Cleek, 20, pleaded not guilty Thursday to unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance and first-degree reckless burning. Read

Defending proper science and evidence

6/30/14–Professor Stanton Glantz prepared a response-letter (and recruited 129 signatories) urging the WHO to treat e-cigarettes as tobacco products and attempted a scientific critique of e-cigarettes (EC). Read

Gov. Nixon vetoes legislation that would have jeopardized public health

7/15/14–With long-term effects of e-cigarettes unknown, health groups say loopholes for e-cigarettes would put public health at risk. Gov. Jay Nixon today vetoed Senate Bill 841, legislation favored by the tobacco industry and sellers of electronic cigarettes, which would have jeopardized public health by exempting these new products from existing laws and taxes on traditional tobacco cigarettes. Read