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Here are the most and least marijuana-friendly newspapers

7/9/18--A report, published in the journal Preventative Medicine Reports, examining how the press covers cannabis, also revealed which publications have been the most and least weed-friendly. The percentage of marijuana stories with "positive" tones in ten newspapers include, The Columbus Dispatch: 37.1%; The New York Times: 37; The Seattle Times: 35.8%, The Washington Post: 32.4%; The San Francisco Chronicle: 31.9%; Tulsa World: 28.2%; The Tampa Tribune: 21.5%; The Dallas Morning News: 21.2%; The Wall Street Journal: 17.4%; and The Denver Post: 13.8%. Read

Netflix’s Marijuana Show ‘Cooking on High’ Draws Jeers

7/5/18--Netflix has hit a low note with “Cooking on High.” The food series, in which competitors cook marijuana-infused dishes for a pair of judges, has been panned by viewers and critics alike. One Washington Post review slammed ineptitude among the show’s judges. Read

Ricki Lake-produced film Weed the People argues for marijuana use as a cancer treatment

3/10/18--As marijuana use continues to become decriminalized across the United States, doctors, researchers and patients are pushing to make it an accepted part of cancer treatments. The new film Weed the People, executive-produced by Ricki Lake, follows families as they discover the benefits of marijuana for their child’s cancer and chemotherapy. Read

CNN reporter holds joints, lights bong for pot smoker on live New Year’s Eve broadcast

1/2/18--CNN reporter Randi Kaye, sporting large marijuana leaf styled earrings, lit a bong for a pot smoker during a live report from Denver broadcast on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show Sunday night that was hosted from Times Square by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Read

Meet the CEO building a marijuana business news empire

10/16/17--Cassandra Farrington, CEO and co-founder of a brand new marijuana trade newsletter, Marijuana Business Daily, a.k.a., MJBiz Daily, and its mega trade conference, MJBiz Conference and Expo, which was named to Trade Show Executive’s “Fastest 50″ the last two years. With 843% overall growth across its verticals in 2016, MJBiz Daily won accolades as a top media company by Inc., landing on its Inc 5000 list. Farrington says she never dreamed she would be running a company, let alone one in the marijuana industry. Read

Why Hollywood’s marijuana portrayals are out of step with the times

9/15/17--According to a Hollywood Reporter editorial by Andy Williams, co-founder and CEO of Colorado-based retail cannabis chain Medicine Man, much of the entertainment industry still treats legal marijuana as forgettable, as opposed to the most significant drug policy shift of our lifetimes. Williams believes Hollywood writers and directors should be more responsible in their depiction of the legal and regulated cannabis business -- especially since most Americans have never experienced this industry first-hand. Therefore, inaccurate televised depictions only enforces the negative stereotypes that have already been moved beyond in post-prohibition markets. Read

Netflix partners with dispensary to create marijuana strain collection

8/26/17--Netflix has partnered with a dispensary in California to create marijuana strains based on 10 of its original series, including “Orange is the New Black” and “Arrested Development.” According to a press release, each strain was cultivated with the specific shows in mind, designed to complement each title based on their tone. Read

New ‘Potcast’ to dive into how marijuana legalization is changing America

7/25/17--In a new podcast called the "Potcast," a group of journalists will look at how Americans' lives and their communities are being affected by cannabis legalization. The podcast is set to debut in fall 2017 and is hosted and produced by Jenny Kane and Brian Duggan. Based out of Reno, Nev., the Potcast will tell the stories of dealers, doctors, pastors, and grandmothers as they all come to terms with how legal ganja is changing American culture, for better or worse. Read

Americans don’t like the media, but they’re cool with reporters getting high

6/22/17--Drug testing is fairly common for media positions. Yet, drug tests in media strike many observers as odd, given that reporters typically don't do the things traditionally associated with workplace drug testing, like operating heavy machinery or driving buses full of schoolchildren. According to a national survey administered by SurveyUSA, half of Americans said that journalists should be able to use marijuana where it's legal to do so. Thirty-five percent, on the other hand, said newspapers should “punish” journalists who use pot. Read

High Times is sold to group that includes son of Bob Marley

6/1/17--High Times has been acquired by a group of investors that includes Damian Marley, son of the reggae star Bob Marley. The group, led by Adam Levin, the founder of the investment firm Oreva Capital, bought a controlling interest at a price that values the magazine at $70 million. Read

Vox uses Times Square death as attack on alcohol, turns out driver was on drugs

5/24/17--Soon after an impaired driver killed an 18-year-old-girl in Times Square May 18, Vox writer and pro-marijuana supporter German Lopez wrote a think piece condemning drunken driving and criticizing the media for disproportionately covering terrorism. But, after the story was published, the driver told police he was high on PCP-laced marijuana, not drunk. Lopez’s story was updated to report this fact but Vox has yet to publish a follow-up article highlighting the dangers of driving high. Read

The Cannabist honored with journalism awards for health, business coverage

4/24/17--The Cannabist reporter Alicia Wallace, who covers national business and policy matters along with Colorado-based topics, was recognized for her in-depth reporting, including PTSD in Colorado and lawn-and-garden giant Scotts Miracle-Gro expanding into cannabis sector. The Denver Post, which oversees The Cannabist, also picked up a number of awards for topical marijuana coverage. Read

Canada, but not Jeff Sessions, moves boldly on marijuana

4/15/17--Although many Americans and Canadians believe marijuana should be legal, the governments of the two countries appear to be moving in very different directions. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is a staunch opponent of legalization, recently ordered a review of an Obama-era policy under which the federal government agreed not to interfere with state laws on marijuana, as long as the states took steps to regulate its distribution and use. Sessions’s apparent goal is to make Washington the ultimate authority. Read

Ganjapreneur podcast host transitions to new show

2/14/17--Shango Los, host of the podcast Ganjapreneur, is recording a new show in his home studio. Although he loved working with Ganjapreneur, after 54 episodes Los decided to start his own podcast called Shaping Fire. The new show focuses on cannabis innovation and disruption, something Los has been particularly passionate about and has followed since the early days of Washington’s legal recreational market. Read

Big Pot: The commercial takeover of marijuana

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-10-38-50-am11/6/16--CBS News set out to travel to five states and Canada to interview people on all sides of the issues -- from consumers to sellers, lobbyists to elected representatives to address questions about how legal pot should be marketed, sold, and regulated, in addition to what kind of businesses will dominate, how the product will be changed, and above all, how anyone can be sure the dream of legal marijuana won’t turn into a nightmare. Read

Cannabist surpasses High Times in unique visitors for first time

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-9-04-18-pm10/12/16--The Denver Post’s digital properties in August continued their pattern of month-over-month and year-over-year gains, according to digital analytics firm comScore. The organization attracted 6.739 million unique visitors for the month, up 52.8 percent year-over-year and the third consecutive month of growth. Read

Reporter who quit job to focus on marijuana advocacy faces jail time

fb-square-english-spanish10/3/16--Former Alaska television reporter Charlo Green, who became a viral sensation in 2014 after quitting her job to advocate for the legal use of marijuana, faces 14 offenses and 54 years in prison for allegedly running an illegal marijuana shop. Read

Former Daily News gossip columnist launches all-marijuana website

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-8-51-50-pm9/27/16--Former Philadelphia Daily News gossip columnist Dan Gross launched ElevatedNation.com, the first website to focus on the region’s nascent marijuana industry. Read

Why legalizing marijuana could solve some of America’s problems

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-8-15-06-am9/8/16--According to an Alternet article, both the Republican and Democrat parties have recognized the value of cannabis, at least medically. However, there is bigger picture. Legalizing cannabis could be the solution to America’s social, economic and even some foreign problems. Read

High Times makes major move into marijuana media, signs with UTA

the print and digital magazine that has been covering cannabis for more than 40 years, recently signed an agreement with United Talent Agency. The partnership is a first for both High Times and UTA. Never has a major Hollywood talent agency teamed up with a business in the cannabis industry. Read