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Maryland is mired in a medical-marijuana morass

8/8/17--Three years after Maryland's medical marijuana program was approved, the state’s legal pot program is still earthbound. It is not only the listless pace the program is moving in but also the signs of self-dealing and shady connections that have given the project a scent of mismanagement and corruption. Read

This former minister expects to make $22 million next year selling marijuana

8/9/17--Despite former minister Dan Osborne's personal views, he is heavily invested in marijuana. He has already spent $16 million building indoor growing facilities in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. His company, CLC Brand Labs, which he founded in 2016, sells marijuana to medical dispensaries. He also plans to sell to recreational retailers when recreational marijuana becomes legal. Osborne expects his growing facilities to reap $22 million in 2018. Read

New Jersey medical marijuana panel proposes 43 conditions

8/4/17--New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel has recommended that the state’s health department add 43 conditions to the list of illnesses that would qualify patients to receive medical cannabis cards. Many of the suggested additions are variations of the same condition, including several categories of chronic pain, anxiety, migraines, and fibromyalgia, among others. Other conditions recommended by the panel include arthritis, autism, asthma, opiate-use disorder, and irritable bowel syndrome. Read

Maryland’s highest court rules in medical marijuana case

7/28/17--Finalists seeking licenses to grow medical marijuana in the state can defend their interests in a legal challenge over how they were chosen, Maryland's highest court ruled Friday. The Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling that barred the finalists from involvement in the case. Read

South Floridians could pay more for medical marijuana

7/30/17--South Floridians could have to pay more than other Floridians for medical marijuana after the state awards five new grower licenses in the next week. Currently, prices range from about $74 to $90 for a 600mg cartridge of marijuana extract meant to fit into a vape pen. Costs can vary depending on seller. Read

Delaware’s medical marijuana Robin Hood or convicted drug dealer?

7/28/17--Jessica Andreavich is considered by some to be the Robin Hood of Delaware's medical marijuana community, but to law enforcement and others, she is a drug dealing felon who gamed the system. Andreavich believes the state dispensary charges patients too much for the product, and she has made it her mission to make medical marijuana more affordable for the poor. Read

Burlington bakery-bar branches into CBD oil confections

7/18/17--Monarch and the Milkweed is now offering two flavors of truffles containing 20 milligrams of CBD, "Strawberry Blonde," a vanilla/strawberry flavor, and "Andy's Mints," similar to a peppermint patty. Andrew LeStourgeon, the chef-owner of Monarch and the Milkweed, says he plans to add more flavors, and to have three to five available on any given day. Read

Price hike in marijuana causing some medical patients to buy cannabis on Nevada streets instead

7/14/17--The price hike in marijuana is causing some patients to turn back to the streets to buy medicine. To offset the rising cost of marijuana, many dispensaries across the valley say they are offering front of the line incentives and discounts for patients to ensure their business. Read

State sets tentative timeline for medical marijuana system

7/11/17--State health officials have set a tentative timeline for establishing a medical marijuana industry in North Dakota, with a goal of having the drug available to patients next spring. Read

First medical marijuana store in Jacksonville opens

7/12/17--Trulieve, the first medical marijuana store in the region, has opened its doors to the public in Jacksonville on Beach Boulevard. This is the eighth store the company has opened in Florida less than a year since opening the first. Read

No immediate fix planned for Ohio medical marijuana testing lab rule

7/12/17--Concerns are fueling about the possibility of Ohio's medical marijuana program not being operational before September 2018. Patients, business owners, and advocates are particularly concerned about who will test the marijuana since all medical marijuana products must be tested for safety and potency before sale, per state law. Read

Governor expands medical marijuana access with SB 24

7/13/17--Gov. John Carney signed into law Senate Bill 24, which will expand access to medical marijuana treatment for Delaware veterans, and other Delawareans, with post-traumatic stress disorder. The bill removes the requirement that a psychiatrist must authorize a patient with PTSD to access medical marijuana — making the process consistent with patients with other debilitating conditions treatable by medical marijuana in Delaware. Read

Holly considers medical marijuana facilities

7/13/17--The Holly Village Council held its second study session on the matter of whether to allow medical marijuana facilities in its community. A public hearing will take place at the Aug. 22 Village Council meeting. If Holly Village were to allow medical marijuana facilities, the community would not only get $5,000 per license issued, they would also receive a significant amount of funds via the 3 percent excise tax. Yet, the council is split at this point. Apparently, there are a few on board and a couple that are dead set against it. Read

Patient advocates call for equal access to medical marijuana dispensaries

7/14/17--Patient rights advocacy groups like the Ohio Rights Group and the Ohio Patient Network fear that the current proposal will leave some patients traveling long distances outside of the counties they live in. The concerns were amplified by recent issues in Nevada, where the first two weeks of recreational sales have nearly depleted supplies at some dispensaries. Ohio patients hope that their state will learn from the precedents set by other states. Read

Pittsburgh City Council told getting medical marijuana will not be simple

7/13/17--Members of the Pittsburgh City Council were told that medical marijuana will not be easy for the medically eligible to receive. According to PA Sen. Daylin Leach of Montgomery County, who co-authored the bill, the first challenge is getting enough doctors certified to recommend medical marijuana. The doctor’s recommendation, which may include dosage and types of medical cannabis, leads to a state medical marijuana card. Read

First look at Toledo’s proposed medical marijuana grow facility

7/12/17--Plans for a medical marijuana facility in Toledo were submitted in June to the Toledo-Lucas County plan commission for the 23-plus acre site. The proposed site would have one building, surrounded by lots of landscaping, a few small parking lots, and one driveway off Cassandra. The exact owners of the facility were not determined at the time this article was published. Read

Medical marijuana committee disbanded

7/5/17--Following several highly emotional, controversial meetings with dozens of township residents voicing opposition, the Coldwater Township Board put an end to its Michigan Medical Marijuana study committee without a report. Read

State identifies medical pot applicants

7/5/17--More than 180 applicants have applied for 24 state medical marijuana cultivator licenses, the Ohio Department of Commerce announced. Potential cultivators had until Friday to apply for a license that will be needed to grow medical marijuana legally in Ohio. Dayton Daily News revealed all applicants for cultivation license. Read

Some marijuana-derived treatments aim to soothe skittish pets

7/4/17--CBD has drawn a lot of attention in recent years from neurologists and other researchers intrigued by hints that the chemical might prove helpful to people, and now there is a growing interest in CBD's therapeutic potential for pets. Still, cannabis therapies for pets fall into a legal gray zone. None of the cannabis-derived products for pets are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Read

Here’s the complete list of where Pennsylvania’s 52 medical marijuana dispensaries will be

6/29/17--State regulators on announced the 27 entities that have been selected to operate dispensaries under Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law, a program expected to be up and running next year. The Health Department said not all of them are currently opting to run three locations, so for now there will be 52 dispensaries scattered around the state. The entities that were issued permits will have six months to become operational and can begin providing the drug to patients. Read

Workers’ comp insurance firm drops all 7 of Hawaii’s medical marijuana dispensaries over fear of feds

6/29/17--Hawaii’s largest workers’ compensation insurer is canceling insurance policies for seven medical marijuana dispensaries preparing to open this summer. The company said its board of directors unanimously agreed to the decision after two independent legal opinions determined it would have “potential exposure for criminal liability” based on federal law. Read

Montana agencies preparing for changes in medical marijuana program

6/28/17--One of the biggest changes in Montana’s medical marijuana program will be a new tax on marijuana providers – 4 percent of gross sales for the first year and 2 percent after that. The money will be used to administer the state’s medical marijuana program. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services is also adopting emergency rules, a limited set of rules that clarify how much marijuana cardholders can possess, in addition to creating the initial frameworks for testing laboratories, and the production of marijuana derivatives. Read

What black farmers actually qualify to grow medical marijuana?

6/27/17--Florida is looking to even the playing field for farmers of color when it comes to growing medical marijuana, but many farmers -- let alone black farmers -- may not qualify to become a new licensee under strict requirements to be considered for a spot on the medical marijuana growing roster. To cash in on medical marijuana, black farmers must meet an extremely narrow set of criteria that could shut many of them out completely. Read

Pennsylvania defends decision on medical marijuana permit

6/27/17--Pennsylvania health officials are standing by their decision to award a medical marijuana grower's permit to a company whose affiliate in Minnesota had two ex-executives charged with smuggling a half-million dollars' worth of the drug across state lines. Read

Medical marijuana cardholders may not purchase firearms

6/28/17--According to a spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (AFT), people who obtain medical marijuana cards cannot legally purchase firearms from a federally licensed dealer. The ATF says the card gives a dealer "reasonable cause to believe" the person uses marijuana and should be denied a firearm. Read

Akron approves 5 medical marijuana cultivation plans for conditional use

6/27/17--Akron City Council has approved, for conditional use, five plans to cultivate medical marijuana in Akron. Akron requires residents to be approved for both conditional and provisional use to grow medical marijuana. With conditional use approval in hand, only applicants awarded licenses by the state will apply for provisional use. Read

Texarkana prepares for medical marijuana businesses

6/28/17--Texarkana, a city in southwest Arkansas, is creating a legal structure to accommodate medical marijuana entrepreneurs who are approved for state licenses. Texarkana officials are working to establish zoning and permit rules for the medical marijuana businesses. Read

Cincinnati considers allowing medical marijuana businesses

6/26/17--Cincinnati officials this week will consider whether the city should join those allowing medical marijuana cultivation as the state begins to permit it by issuing a dozen licenses for smaller cultivation sites and another dozen for larger operations. Read

Licensed marijuana growers in PA might have weed, but they still can’t get s bank account

6/26/17--Although Pennsylvania has legalized medical marijuana, it's still illegal at the federal level. Therefore, all of the proceeds from growing, producing, or selling it are illegal as far as the federal government is concerned. As a result, banks that accept proceeds for such activity are at risk of federal prosecution. More specifically, banks that accept cannabis-related income as a deposit could face criminal charges, including money laundering. Read

Arkansas to accept medical marijuana card applications

6/25/17--Arkansas is prepared to accept applications from potential patients, growers, and distributors. Beginning Friday, the state Medical Marijuana Commission will accept applications from those hoping to grow or supply marijuana, while the Health Department will take applications from those hoping to benefit from the first marijuana-as-medicine program in the state. The application periods will run until Sept. 18. Read

Medical marijuana contract will give LSU at least $3.4M

6/22/17--The first medical marijuana production deal struck in Louisiana is expected to bring the state's flagship university at least $3.4 million over five years. In its bid offer, the contractor agreed to pay that amount or 10 percent of gross receipts, whichever is higher, to the LSU Ag Center for permission to grow medical marijuana. Las Vegas-based GB Sciences Inc. also has agreed to a $500,000 annual contribution for research. Read

John Morgan: I’ll sue for smokeable marijuana, and I’ll win

6/21/17--John Morgan says it’s a patient’s right to be able to smoke marijuana, and he is prepared to sue Florida over the state’s newest medical marijuana regulations, which prohibit smoking the drug outright. Gov. Rick Scott said he would “absolutely” sign the Florida legislature’s proposal to regulate the state’s booming medical marijuana industry, and Morgan said he's ready to head to court as soon as Scott’s signature hits the bill. He is confident he will emerge victorious. Read

What Florida medical marijuana will look like under proposed rules

6/19/17--Florida health officials have issued their proposed rules to implement the state’s constitutional medical marijuana amendment. The regulations that were released on Friday by the Department of Health pick up the framework from the bill passed on June 9 by the State Legislature during a special session. Last month, the Department outlined a procedure where it would give 15 days’ notice before adopting a new rule and the public three days to submit comments. Read

Arkansas just opened door to get into state’s brand-new marijuana industry

6/19/17--Applications are now available for those who want to sell or grow medical marijuana in Arkansas under a new constitutional amendment legalizing the drug for some patients. The Medical Marijuana Commission posted the applications for licenses to operate medical marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries. The commission is expected to accept applications from June 30 to Sept. 18. Read

CA lawmakers approve merger of rec, MMJ regulatory systems

6/16/17--The California legislature approved a state budget plan that includes a proposal from Gov. Jerry Brown to merge the regulatory systems for both medical and recreational marijuana businesses. The new system will allow California marijuana retailers to sell both rec and medical at the same physical storefront. Read

Vegas MMJ grower begins trading on Canadian Stock Exchange

6/19/17--Friday Night Inc., a Canadian company that owns a medical marijuana cultivator and CBD company in Las Vegas, has started trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange, a move that could make it easier for other U.S. plant-touching companies to list in Canada. Friday Night Inc. previously traded on the TSX Venture Exchange – the junior exchange of the Toronto Stock Exchange – under the name QuikFlo Health. Read

Florida could someday be home to massive medical marijuana businesses

6/19/17--Primed to become one of the nation’s most lucrative medical marijuana markets once it’s up and running, Florida’s program will license just a handful of businesses to produce, process, and distribute all MMJ sold in the state. Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he “absolutely” intends to sign the medical marijuana bill. This will bring to 17 the total number of companies authorized to produce and dispense full-strength medical cannabis across the state, and the maximum number of dispensaries will increase to 425. Read

Medical cannabis could be harder to access

6/18/17--U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions is working to make medical marijuana harder to access throughout the nation. On Monday, a letter was released where he proposed undoing federal medical marijuana protections currently in place. Chris Stone, the CEO of HCI Alternatives, a medical cannabis dispensary, said they serve around 500 patients a month. He worries that if Sessions is able to have legalization of marijuana revoked, his patients will rely on other relief methods like opioids. Read

Tampa club owner, Redner files suit over medical marijuana

6/16/17--Strip club and brewery owner Joe Redner is one of the 18,500 card carrying Floridians with the constitutional right to get medical marijuana. Redner is filing suit, saying the Florida Department of Health has a ban on growing your own plant, which he says contradicts the constitutional amendment passed in 2016. He insists it allows patients to have any part of a marijuana plant. Redner believes a successful lawsuit could make it easier for others to get less expensive treatment. Read

Maui Grown Therapies aims to start medical marijuana sales in mid-July

6/17/17--July 17 is the target date for Maui Grown Therapies to begin selling medical marijuana by appointment only to registered patients, pending certification of a testing lab in Hawaii and other state Department of Health approvals. The company plans to offer flowers and an assortment of cannabis-derived products such as oils, tinctures, and capsules to patients signed up on its website and registered in the state medical marijuana program. Read

Health officials propose rules for medical marijuana

6/17/17--Florida health officials have issued their proposed rules to implement the state's constitutional medical marijuana amendment. Last month, the Department of Health outlined a procedure where it would give 15 days' notice before adopting a new rule and the public three days to submit comments. Read

State lists applicants to grow medical cannabis in Pa.

6/14/17--A complete list of companies that want to grow and process medical marijuana in Pennsylvania was released Friday by the state Department of Health. Twelve of the coveted growing permits could be awarded by the end of June, and an announcement of the winners could come as soon as next week. Read

Nevada firm picked to run LSU’s medical marijuana program

6/16/17--Louisiana State University selected GB Sciences, a Nevada-based marijuana company, to operate the school’s medical marijuana program, one of two in the state. GB Sciences is a vertically integrated marijuana firm that specializes in cultivation as well as extraction for medical purposes. Read

More Iowans allowed to use, but not buy, medical marijuana

6/13/17--Iowa passed emergency rules Tuesday to expand the list of medical conditions that allow a patient to use medical marijuana. Iowans diagnosed with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, and other severe or terminal illnesses can start applying for a registration card June 19. However, when cards are issued in August, those patients still won't be able to legally obtain medical marijuana in the state. Read

R.I. governor seeks to triple number of medical marijuana dispensaries

6/14/17--Gov. Gina Raimondo has proposed a plan that could create six more medical marijuana dispensaries in the state while increasing various licensing fees to generate another $1.5 million in general revenue. The governor submitted the budget amendment calling for “no less than six licensed compassion centers” in the state. The existing three centers would each be allowed to operate a second retail-only location, potentially bringing the total number of dispensaries in the state to nine. Read

Attorney John Morgan plans to sue over medical pot law

6/10/17--The Florida Legislature's passage of a bill to enact the state's constitutional amendment expanding the use of medical marijuana has ended one chapter in the battle over setting up regulations for the nascent industry. But, John Morgan, the principal backer of getting the amendment on last year's ballot, said he intends to sue over the law's ban on smoking once Gov. Rick Scott signs the bill. Although Morgan is pleased to see the Legislature pass a bill, he is disappointed that the bill came down to special interests and not patients. Read

Compassion, location may decide medical marijuana issue in Adrian

6/11/17--The Adrian City Commission is discussing the topic of medical marijuana again in an effort to move it forward. It directed the city attorney to draft some possible medical marijuana facilities ordinances for it to consider and adjust, if need be, as state legislators sort out the specifics of the new laws. Read

Columbus changing zoning laws for medical marijuana growers

6/11/17--Columbus is changing zoning laws to accommodate cannabis cultivators, and the city has already signed off on six businesses seeking approval from Ohio to obtain one of the state's 24 medical marijuana grow licenses. A city zoning officials says Columbus plans to allow indoor grow facilities in manufacturing districts. The city also will consider where dispensaries can sell cannabis products in the zoning changes. Read

Medical marijuana approved for 3 additional medical conditions in Connecticut

6/9/17--Medical marijuana has been approved for three new medical conditions, while two others were rejected, Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull announced. Seagull followed the Consumer Protection Department’s Board of Physicians’ recommendations to add hydrocephalus with intractable headache, intractable migraines, and trigeminal neuralgia to the list of conditions for which doctors may certify patients. Read

Medical marijuana delays frustrate patients

6/10/17--Medical marijuana dispensaries are beginning to open in Hawaii, but they're not allowed to sell their products. The state's 17,000 registered patients have been left to grow marijuana plants on their own or buy it on the black market. The delays have been frustrating to potential customers, executives, and employees in the nascent industry. Read

Marijuana dispensary map released by LA’s city controller

6/7/17--Los Angeles city officials have released a map of medical marijuana dispensaries operating within the city to help Angelenos prepare for the legalization on recreational marijuana in the state of California. The interactive map charts the legal status of the dispensaries, noting whether they have received a Business Tax Registration Certificate and whether the City Attorney has filed criminal cases against them. Read

Lawmakers reach agreement on medical marijuana for special session

6/7/16--State lawmakers reached agreement on how to put medical marijuana into effect in Florida. The agreement calls for 10 new growers to be licensed this year, in addition to the seven that already hold a state license under an existing, limited cannabis program. Five of the new licenses would go to previous applicants who were the next-highest-scoring in each of five reasons across the state, and the other five would go to new applicants, including at least one black farmer. Read

Legislature’s special session may produce medical marijuana rules

6/4/17--As Florida lawmakers contemplate revisiting the medical marijuana issue in a special legislative session and reviving a failed effort to establish regulatory guidelines for the voter-approved industry, a system for accessing the treatment is already taking shape. Right now, access to the drug is limited because the industry is in its infancy. But even when the industry starts to grow, many believe the current system — which awards a limited number of business licenses — will make the treatment harder to access and less affordable. Read

Ohio braces for avalanche of marijuana-growing applications

6/4/17--Ohio officials are expecting a flood of applications for medical marijuana grower licenses due by the end of the month. Ohio will issue as many as 12 licenses for large-scale cultivators. Small-scale cultivators competing for another twelve licenses must apply by June 16. Read

Montana may collect $1 million in medical marijuana taxes in first year

6/5/17--State revenue officials are working on the roll-out of the latest medical marijuana program with a tax on the drug — the first of its kind in the state. According to Gene Walborn, deputy director at Montana Department of Revenue, the 4-percent tax could bring in about $750,000, and based on the number of cardholders in May that number could push the state’s tax earnings closer to $1 million. The state is set to collect its first quarterly medical marijuana tax in October. Read

Hawaii medical marijuana dispensaries ready to sell — there’s just one hangup

6/5/17--A year after Hawaii awarded its first eight medical marijuana dispensary licenses, they still cannot sell the drug until the state Health Department certifies laboratories test the quality of the marijuana. Health Department officials say they are working to make sure the dispensaries are safe and secure. They expect the first dispensary to open this summer. Read

Clinton Township to form marijuana committee

5/31/17--Clinton Township is trying to figure out what steps it needs to take as Michigan enacts new medical marijuana laws that go into effect January 1, 2018. Clinton Township is looking at a five-person committee that would gather information about the new medical marijuana law, which creates three classes of medical marijuana growers: those who can grow up to 500 plants, those who can grow up to 1,000 plants, and those who can grow up to 1,500 plants. The law also gives power to local municipalities to choose whether they’ll allow licenses for growers in their community. Read

Del Mar Fairgrounds board cancels medical marijuana festival

5/30/17--The first-ever cannabis festival that was going to be held at Del Mar Fairgrounds has been canceled – for now. The Del Mar Fairgrounds Board of Directors hosted a public meeting to allow citizens and groups to voice their reasons about whether or not the first-ever cannabis festival scheduled for September 23 should be canceled. Ultimately, the decision was to cancel it but board members told organizers they'd reconsider the festival if new guidelines eliminate guests from smoking marijuana at the event. Read

Orlando’s first medical marijuana dispensary opens on Friday

5/30/17--Knox Medical, the first medical marijuana dispensary in Orlando, is opening its doors to the public. The Winter Garden-based company was approved by the Florida Department of Health to initially sell non-euphoric medical cannabis products that are low in tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, at its locations. Patients who are registered with the state's Compassionate Use Registry will also be able to buy various products offered by Knox Medical. Read 

R.I. marijuana dispensaries would double under legislation

5/27/17--The number of medical marijuana patients in Rhode Island has more than tripled to 17,757 since the first medical marijuana dispensaries opened four years ago. Data provided by the state Department of Business Regulation show Rhode Island has the highest number of patients per allowed number of dispensaries of any state. There is a proposal in play to double the number of dispensaries to six. Proponents say there’s huge unmet demand, while opponents say what’s not being considered is the huge number of plants growing in homes — more than 10 times the number growing in the dispensaries. Read