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Tampa club owner, Redner files suit over medical marijuana

6/16/17--Strip club and brewery owner Joe Redner is one of the 18,500 card carrying Floridians with the constitutional right to get medical marijuana. Redner is filing suit, saying the Florida Department of Health has a ban on growing your own plant, which he says contradicts the constitutional amendment passed in 2016. He insists it allows patients to have any part of a marijuana plant. Redner believes a successful lawsuit could make it easier for others to get less expensive treatment. Read

Maui Grown Therapies aims to start medical marijuana sales in mid-July

6/17/17--July 17 is the target date for Maui Grown Therapies to begin selling medical marijuana by appointment only to registered patients, pending certification of a testing lab in Hawaii and other state Department of Health approvals. The company plans to offer flowers and an assortment of cannabis-derived products such as oils, tinctures, and capsules to patients signed up on its website and registered in the state medical marijuana program. Read

Health officials propose rules for medical marijuana

6/17/17--Florida health officials have issued their proposed rules to implement the state's constitutional medical marijuana amendment. Last month, the Department of Health outlined a procedure where it would give 15 days' notice before adopting a new rule and the public three days to submit comments. Read

State lists applicants to grow medical cannabis in Pa.

6/14/17--A complete list of companies that want to grow and process medical marijuana in Pennsylvania was released Friday by the state Department of Health. Twelve of the coveted growing permits could be awarded by the end of June, and an announcement of the winners could come as soon as next week. Read

Nevada firm picked to run LSU’s medical marijuana program

6/16/17--Louisiana State University selected GB Sciences, a Nevada-based marijuana company, to operate the school’s medical marijuana program, one of two in the state. GB Sciences is a vertically integrated marijuana firm that specializes in cultivation as well as extraction for medical purposes. Read

More Iowans allowed to use, but not buy, medical marijuana

6/13/17--Iowa passed emergency rules Tuesday to expand the list of medical conditions that allow a patient to use medical marijuana. Iowans diagnosed with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, and other severe or terminal illnesses can start applying for a registration card June 19. However, when cards are issued in August, those patients still won't be able to legally obtain medical marijuana in the state. Read

R.I. governor seeks to triple number of medical marijuana dispensaries

6/14/17--Gov. Gina Raimondo has proposed a plan that could create six more medical marijuana dispensaries in the state while increasing various licensing fees to generate another $1.5 million in general revenue. The governor submitted the budget amendment calling for “no less than six licensed compassion centers” in the state. The existing three centers would each be allowed to operate a second retail-only location, potentially bringing the total number of dispensaries in the state to nine. Read

Attorney John Morgan plans to sue over medical pot law

6/10/17--The Florida Legislature's passage of a bill to enact the state's constitutional amendment expanding the use of medical marijuana has ended one chapter in the battle over setting up regulations for the nascent industry. But, John Morgan, the principal backer of getting the amendment on last year's ballot, said he intends to sue over the law's ban on smoking once Gov. Rick Scott signs the bill. Although Morgan is pleased to see the Legislature pass a bill, he is disappointed that the bill came down to special interests and not patients. Read

Compassion, location may decide medical marijuana issue in Adrian

6/11/17--The Adrian City Commission is discussing the topic of medical marijuana again in an effort to move it forward. It directed the city attorney to draft some possible medical marijuana facilities ordinances for it to consider and adjust, if need be, as state legislators sort out the specifics of the new laws. Read

Columbus changing zoning laws for medical marijuana growers

6/11/17--Columbus is changing zoning laws to accommodate cannabis cultivators, and the city has already signed off on six businesses seeking approval from Ohio to obtain one of the state's 24 medical marijuana grow licenses. A city zoning officials says Columbus plans to allow indoor grow facilities in manufacturing districts. The city also will consider where dispensaries can sell cannabis products in the zoning changes. Read

Medical marijuana approved for 3 additional medical conditions in Connecticut

6/9/17--Medical marijuana has been approved for three new medical conditions, while two others were rejected, Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull announced. Seagull followed the Consumer Protection Department’s Board of Physicians’ recommendations to add hydrocephalus with intractable headache, intractable migraines, and trigeminal neuralgia to the list of conditions for which doctors may certify patients. Read

Medical marijuana delays frustrate patients

6/10/17--Medical marijuana dispensaries are beginning to open in Hawaii, but they're not allowed to sell their products. The state's 17,000 registered patients have been left to grow marijuana plants on their own or buy it on the black market. The delays have been frustrating to potential customers, executives, and employees in the nascent industry. Read

Marijuana dispensary map released by LA’s city controller

6/7/17--Los Angeles city officials have released a map of medical marijuana dispensaries operating within the city to help Angelenos prepare for the legalization on recreational marijuana in the state of California. The interactive map charts the legal status of the dispensaries, noting whether they have received a Business Tax Registration Certificate and whether the City Attorney has filed criminal cases against them. Read

Lawmakers reach agreement on medical marijuana for special session

6/7/16--State lawmakers reached agreement on how to put medical marijuana into effect in Florida. The agreement calls for 10 new growers to be licensed this year, in addition to the seven that already hold a state license under an existing, limited cannabis program. Five of the new licenses would go to previous applicants who were the next-highest-scoring in each of five reasons across the state, and the other five would go to new applicants, including at least one black farmer. Read

Legislature’s special session may produce medical marijuana rules

6/4/17--As Florida lawmakers contemplate revisiting the medical marijuana issue in a special legislative session and reviving a failed effort to establish regulatory guidelines for the voter-approved industry, a system for accessing the treatment is already taking shape. Right now, access to the drug is limited because the industry is in its infancy. But even when the industry starts to grow, many believe the current system — which awards a limited number of business licenses — will make the treatment harder to access and less affordable. Read

Ohio braces for avalanche of marijuana-growing applications

6/4/17--Ohio officials are expecting a flood of applications for medical marijuana grower licenses due by the end of the month. Ohio will issue as many as 12 licenses for large-scale cultivators. Small-scale cultivators competing for another twelve licenses must apply by June 16. Read

Montana may collect $1 million in medical marijuana taxes in first year

6/5/17--State revenue officials are working on the roll-out of the latest medical marijuana program with a tax on the drug — the first of its kind in the state. According to Gene Walborn, deputy director at Montana Department of Revenue, the 4-percent tax could bring in about $750,000, and based on the number of cardholders in May that number could push the state’s tax earnings closer to $1 million. The state is set to collect its first quarterly medical marijuana tax in October. Read

Hawaii medical marijuana dispensaries ready to sell — there’s just one hangup

6/5/17--A year after Hawaii awarded its first eight medical marijuana dispensary licenses, they still cannot sell the drug until the state Health Department certifies laboratories test the quality of the marijuana. Health Department officials say they are working to make sure the dispensaries are safe and secure. They expect the first dispensary to open this summer. Read

Clinton Township to form marijuana committee

5/31/17--Clinton Township is trying to figure out what steps it needs to take as Michigan enacts new medical marijuana laws that go into effect January 1, 2018. Clinton Township is looking at a five-person committee that would gather information about the new medical marijuana law, which creates three classes of medical marijuana growers: those who can grow up to 500 plants, those who can grow up to 1,000 plants, and those who can grow up to 1,500 plants. The law also gives power to local municipalities to choose whether they’ll allow licenses for growers in their community. Read

Del Mar Fairgrounds board cancels medical marijuana festival

5/30/17--The first-ever cannabis festival that was going to be held at Del Mar Fairgrounds has been canceled – for now. The Del Mar Fairgrounds Board of Directors hosted a public meeting to allow citizens and groups to voice their reasons about whether or not the first-ever cannabis festival scheduled for September 23 should be canceled. Ultimately, the decision was to cancel it but board members told organizers they'd reconsider the festival if new guidelines eliminate guests from smoking marijuana at the event. Read

Orlando’s first medical marijuana dispensary opens on Friday

5/30/17--Knox Medical, the first medical marijuana dispensary in Orlando, is opening its doors to the public. The Winter Garden-based company was approved by the Florida Department of Health to initially sell non-euphoric medical cannabis products that are low in tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, at its locations. Patients who are registered with the state's Compassionate Use Registry will also be able to buy various products offered by Knox Medical. Read 

R.I. marijuana dispensaries would double under legislation

5/27/17--The number of medical marijuana patients in Rhode Island has more than tripled to 17,757 since the first medical marijuana dispensaries opened four years ago. Data provided by the state Department of Business Regulation show Rhode Island has the highest number of patients per allowed number of dispensaries of any state. There is a proposal in play to double the number of dispensaries to six. Proponents say there’s huge unmet demand, while opponents say what’s not being considered is the huge number of plants growing in homes — more than 10 times the number growing in the dispensaries. Read

Lewes medical marijuana dispensary opens

5/16/17--First State Compassion Center in Lewes, Delaware's second medical marijuana dispensary, opened in Sussex County. Located in the mixed-use development Vineyards at Nassau Valley, First State is owned by the same company that launched Delaware's first medical marijuana dispensary in Wilmington two years ago. The facility is operated by retired state trooper Mark Lally, who beat out four other bidders to open Sussex County's first dispensary last fall. Read

Council OKs company’s medical marijuana growing facility

5/25/17--The resolution to recommend and endorse Patient Relief of Ohio for their new marijuana cultivation and growing facility was passed. The company will know by late September if it was awarded the license. If the license is awarded, the facility will begin operations within nine to 10 months. Aside from bringing jobs to the area, many of the council members said the issue of permitting a medical marijuana facility was important for residents who suffer from seizures, need pain relief, or have difficulty eating and becoming weaker as a result of cancer medications. Read

Medical marijuana rules move ahead in Florida

5/25/17--After state lawmakers failed to act, health officials laid out a framework for adopting regulations required by a voter-approved constitutional amendment that could make Florida one of the nation's largest medical-marijuana markets. The Florida Department of Health on issued a “Notice of Regulation Development Procedure” establishing the process the agency intends to use to carry out Amendment 2, approved by more than 71 percent of voters in November. Read

Group hopes to open medical marijuana dispensary in Berks

5/20/17--The group, KeystoneGreenMMJ, is waiting to find out whether or not they will receive a license from the state to open a medical marijuana dispensary in the 4600 block of Penn Avenue in Lower Heidelberg Township. Officials said there are dozens of applicants, but only 10 in the region will be approved. Officials with KeystoneGreenMMJ said they are optimistic. Read

Hearing airs details on medical marijuana dispensary

5/20/17--Geoff Rose, who is doing business as Patient Centric, has proposed using 6,600 square feet of a still-unbuilt structure that the Martha’s Vineyard Commission approved in 2010 for a proposed medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation center in West Tisbury. Yet, questions remain as the project works its way through the commission. A continued public hearing shed light on issues related to security and traffic, as well as the site’s proximity to the West Tisbury School, and state regulations that appear to have caused more confusion than clarity. Read

Keep paying higher fees for medical marijuana users, Arizona judge rules

5/19/17--Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Jo Lynn Gentry has rebuffed efforts by medical marijuana users to force the state to reduce the fees it charges patients. Judge Gentry said she does not dispute that the Department of Health Services is collecting more from medical marijuana users than it needs to administer the program. Read

Md. gets its first licensed medical marijuana grower

5/18/17--Maryland has given its first go-ahead to ForwardGro to grow medical marijuana. ForwardGro is the first of 15 companies vying for growing rights, and Maryland now joins 20 other states where medical marijuana is legal to use. More than 6,000 Marylanders have registered to use medical marijuana, and 275 doctors have registered to recommend the drug. Read

Oahu-based Aloha Green Holdings harvests first medical marijuana crop

5/16/17--Aloha Green Holdings is the first medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii to harvest its first crop. The Oahu-based dispensary is now waiting for the certification of an independent laboratory to conduct required product safety testing. As soon as a testing laboratory is certified by the DOH, Aloha Green will announce plans to begin retail dispensary operations. Read

Medical marijuana a booming industry in NM

5/15/17--Customers, sales revenue, and dispensaries have exploded the past year with more than 40,000 people now signed up to purchase medical marijuana in New Mexico. Since Jan. 1, some 8,000 New Mexicans obtained a state-issued license that allows them to legally buy pot, pushing patient enrollment to 40,432 in April. With the recent growth spurt, enrollment has increased by 84 percent since March 2016. Read

Health officials look to halt smokable marijuana

5/15/17--The Florida Department of Health on Monday ordered Trulieve, a medical-marijuana operator, to stop selling a “whole flower” product sold for use in vaporizers but can easily be smoked in pipes, bongs, or joints — all off-limits to patients under Florida’s current medical-marijuana laws. Current law bans “smoking” of medical marijuana but includes an exception that allows patients to use vaporizers to consume cannabis products. Read

Minnesota’s medical marijuana providers have lost a combined $11 million

5/15/17--Minnesota Medical Solutions and LeafLine Labs, two of Minnesota's licensed medical marijuana manufacturers, have lost a combined $11 million in just two years of sales. Continuing losses hint at systemic problems with the state’s tightly regulated program despite a recent expansion that allowed thousands more patients to buy the medication. Read

Economic impact of medical marijuana grow operations could be revealed Monday

5/12/17--Youngstown Ward 4 City Councilman Mike Ray believes the companies that want to cash in on growing medical marijuana in the city of Youngstown will likely detail how their operation could boast economic benefits for the city, including the number of jobs each would create should they receive permit approval. Read

Legislature OK’s numerous changes to marijuana dispensary law

5/13/17--Lawmakers recently passed House Bill 1488, an omnibus measure that aims to enact several changes to the marijuana dispensary law, while also mitigating a delay in implementation of the state’s marijuana dispensary system. Read

Philly mayor calls for sale of marijuana in state-run liquor stores

5/12/17--Mayor Jim Kenney believes that Philadelphia could reduce crime while filling its coffers if it legalizes marijuana and regulates it like alcohol. While Pennsylvania hasn’t legalized marijuana, Kenney said the commonwealth’s hundreds of state-run liquor stores could easily double as pot dispensaries if the state passed legislation to that effect. Read

New Electric Kanna Karnival event seeks to normalize medical marijuana

5/12/17--The two-day Electric Kanna Karnival, a new festival at Auto City Speedway, aims to bring a carnival atmosphere, and organizers hope an acceptance of medical marijuana usage. Tony Butler, the event's organizer, said carnival rides are part of the gathering as well as medicating areas for those with their medical marijuana cards. Additionally, a doctor will be on hand to provide certifications and recertification. The event is open to those 18 years of age and older. Read

Retirees on St. Pete Beach have big plans for the medical marijuana industry

5/12/17--Tom Murphy and Michael Welch, two of the founders of Gulf Coast Canna Meds, a burgeoning medical marijuana company in St. Petersburg, want to distribute cannabis products to patients in Florida. They're just one of many groups in Florida eager to be part of this growing new medical industry. Medical marijuana is projected to become a $1 billion industry in Florida within the next three years, but only seven companies have been licensed by the state to produce, cultivate, and sell it. Read

Medical marijuana facility plans aired

5/12/17--Janet Breneman, the spokesperson for a group proposing a medical marijuana growing facility, envisions an operation that would cultivate strains of medical marijuana for patients who have epilepsy and rheumatoid arthritis, among other ailments. She addressed a packed room of about 125 Green Camp township and village residents interested in hearing the proposal. Questions from the crowd ranged from concerns about security to how money generated by the operation would be used by the township. Read

Iowa looks to team up with Minnesota for medical marijuana

5/12/17--Top state lawmakers are trying to work out a system allowing Iowa residents to start buying medical marijuana oils and pills in Minnesota. The bill specifically allows Iowa residents to buy their supply from Minnesota and directs state regulators to contract with two licensed manufacturers in that state. Read

Sales growth at Maine’s medical marijuana dispensaries slows drastically

5/12/17--Medical marijuana sales at Maine’s eight dispensaries are growing at the slowest rate since the first one opened in 2011. However, growth on the caregiver side of the market appears to be surging, possibly topping dispensary sales. Timothy Smale, president of the Maine Dispensary Operators Association, attributed the slower growth to patients deciding not to renew their medical certifications, and turning to the thriving black market to find cheaper marijuana products. Read

Old Dow factory could be repurposed for pot

5/6/17--A former Dow Chemical factory near Bay City could become a home for medical marijuana. Officials in Bangor Township say they’ve been asked to support this project involving growing medical marijuana for dispensaries around the state. The township isn’t identifying the potential owner, who might invest millions of dollars. Read

New York State medical marijuana program

5/2/17--New York State releases the public list of consenting medical marijuana program practitioners. This list, however, does not include all of the practitioners registered with the Department to certify patients for medical marijuana, only those practitioners who have consented to be listed on the Department's public website. Additional registered practitioners have either not consented to have their information listed, or have consented to only being listed within the Department's Health Commerce System (HCS). Read

John Morgan after medical marijuana legislation dies: Ben Pollara ‘f*cked’ the patients

5/7/17--Florida Legislature failed to agree on rules to enact the medical marijuana amendment supported by 71 percent of Florida voters last November. According to Orlando trail attorney John Morgan, the blame for the collapse of this deal lies squarely on the shoulders of Ben Pollara, a South Florida Democrat who works in both political and policy arenas. Morgan says that rather than working toward a bill that would have allowed patients unfettered access to the burgeoning medical marijuana market, Pollara deployed the lobbyists. Read

Florida’s medical marijuana deal goes up in smoke

5/6/17--Unable to bridge a gap over how many marijuana dispensaries the state should have, Florida lawmakers failed to pass legislation that would have created a framework to carry out a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana for a wide variety of patients. Read

New York medical cannabis lawsuit, Vermont MMJ expansion & Texas’ preliminary CBD licensees

5/5/17--Marijuana Business Daily presents some of the notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week, including New York medical marijuana dispensaries filing suit to prevent new competitors, Vermont lawmakers approving expanding the state’s MMJ program, and Texas awarding three preliminary licenses for its CBD program. Read

Pennsylvania releases list of applicants to grow or process medical marijuana

4/27/17--Hundreds of applicants have asked for licenses to grow or sell medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. The flood of applications illustrate the massive interest in getting in on the ground floor of the potentially lucrative medical marijuana industry, which some advocates hope will be the first step toward broader legalization of the drug. Only 12 growing permits will be granted statewide. Read

After years of restrictions, revised Montana medical marijuana regulations underway

4/25/17--A bill endorsed by the Montana House attempts to regulate the medical marijuana industry after voters last November approved lifting restrictions that severely limited distribution of the drug. The measure requires state officials to track marijuana in the state from seed to sale, to protect against the drug being sold on the black market. It also requires nurseries and distributors to be licensed, marijuana to be tested, and registered users to have photo identification cards. Read

Colorado bill adding PTSD to medical marijuana list heads to gov’s desk

4/25/17--A bill to add PTSD to the list of Colorado’s medical marijuana qualifying conditions is headed to the governor’s desk. Proponents argue that having PTSD as a qualifying condition opens an honest dialogue between doctors and patients. Yet, members of the medical community frequently caution that more qualified research is needed to determine the effectiveness and any health risks associated with using medical cannabis to treat a complex psychological condition. Read

Creating standards for cannabis industry gets ASTM International board approval

4/25/17--ASTM International, a century-old standards organization, gave the official go-ahead to establish a standards-writing committee for the cannabis industry, officials announced. ASTM’s board of directors approved the formation of Committee D37, a group that will develop standards for cannabis, its products and processes. Read

Report: Medical marijuana patients outspent adult-use three to one last year

4/25/17--Medical patients made up a sizable portion of the market for marijuana in the U.S. last year, spending three times more money on the crop than recreational users, according to a report from New Frontier Data. Recreational customers last year spent an average of $49 on each transaction compared to patients who spent $136 on average, the report shows. To get those results, New Frontier said it accessed online ordering and loyalty information from markets such as Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, and California. Read

Medical marijuana tax, tracking bill awaits governor’s signature

4/25/17--A signature from Montana Governor Steve Bullock is needed in order for a tax on medical marijuana providers becomes law in the state. The proposed tax on gross sales would start out at 4 percent in July and drop down to 2 percent a year later, funding state regulation over the industry. Read

Cannabis experts join True Leaf team for final marijuana licensing review stage

4/24/17--True Leaf Medicine Inc. (True Leaf), a division of True Leaf Medicine International Ltd., has engaged a number of cannabis experts to guide the company through the final stage in Health Canada's review of its application for a license to produce marijuana in Canada. They will be working with True Leaf over the next few weeks to prepare a review package for submission to Health Canada under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) application process. Read

Activists say more access to medical marijuana needed

4/23/17--Even though it is now legal, activists say there are still many obstacles in place that keep people from gaining access to medical marijuana. According to Wendy Hart, treasurer of the Western New York Chapter of NORML, physicians don't have current information about the research that's been done and the facts that have been proven. Doctors and patients are in the dark, and they're scrambling for information. Read

The medical cannabis doctor is in, in Westminster

4/22/17--According to Dr. Paul Davies, chairman of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, cannnabis is expected to be in the hands of Maryland patients by the end of the summer. However, those who have followed Maryland's efforts to provide access to legal medical cannabis may take Davies' optimism with a grain of salt, yet there are fairly concrete signs that medical cannabis is truly imminent this time around. Read

Medical marijuana cultivation rules seek a balance

4/24/17--Ohio rules for getting growers’ licenses were finalized April 17, and application forms were released Friday. The issue to watch is whether certain regulations will curb the program’s ability to get an adequate supply of medical cannabis to patients. Regulators say the rules balance access with public safety and can be revisited later. Read

Maui medical marijuana dispensary opens offices on Oahu

4/22/17--Pono Life Maui’s chief executive officer Michael Takano announced that the company will focus its efforts on the Oahu and Maui communities, given the large number of currently certified patients in Hawaii’s Medical Marijuana Registry Program that are concentrated in both counties, along with the number of tourists who share their time between both islands. Read

Medical marijuana home deliveries expand to NYC, Long Island

4/21/17--Vireo Health, a medical marijuana company in Albany, is set to roll out a home delivery service to patients in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and parts of Suffolk County who suffer from debilitating diseases, such as cancer and Lou Gehrig's disease. Read

What’s the future of Ohio medical marijuana?

4/20/17--Although it's been five months since lawmakers approved medical marijuana for Ohioans, it may take another eighteen months before it's available. Regulations need to be established for cultivators, dispensaries, testing labs, patients, caregivers, and doctors by the Ohio Department of Commerce and Ohio Board of Pharmacy as a requirement by law to take all actions necessary to ensure that Ohio's Medical Marijuana Control Program is fully operational no later than September 8, 2018. Read

Pa. awards $10.4M contract to track medical marijuana

4/21/17--MJ Freeway, a Denver-based software company, was awarded a $10.4 million contract on Thursday to track all of Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis commerce from seed-to-sale, while also creating a registry for patients, caregivers, and practitioners to participate in the state's medical marijuana program. Read