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Movement to legalize medical marijuana gains momentum after town hall

8/11/18--The movement to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana took on new momentum Saturday after lawmakers, veterans, and local citizens gathered for a cannabis town hall downtown. Nearly 100 people showed up for the town all at the Indiana State Library. Read

Howie Carr: Legalizing pot is a catastrophic call

8/12/18--Howie Carr of Boston Herald Radio strongly believes that legalizing marijuana is an absolutely terrible idea, and he candidly expresses his reasons why in an editorial published in Boston Herald. Read

Cannabis working group adds to marijuana bylaw

7/6/18--The town’s Cannabis Working Group has made some recommended additions to a proposed general bylaw governing marijuana establishments conducting business in Bourne. The bylaw, which was approved in draft form by the Bourne Planning Board, is to be presented to residents for approval at Special Town Meeting in October. Recommendations made by the Cannabis Working Group included restrictions and enforcement on smoking cannabis in public and the hours of operation for marijuana establishments. Read

Colorado names new director to oversee marijuana in the state

7/5/18--Dominique Mendiola has been named the state’s new director of marijuana coordination. Mendiola, who has worked with the state Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division since 2014, serving as the deputy director, replaces Mark Bolton. As director, Mendiola will manage marijuana policy issues for the state, including interaction between Colorado and the federal government. Read

Nevada legalized marijuana a year ago. So are there more DUIs, ER visits and teens using pot?

7/3/18--Many view the manner in which Nevada has rolled out this new industry as the gold standard. Notwithstanding, there has been an increase in pot-related DUIs, but the sheriff's office is not sure whether the increase is a result of more drivers under the influence of marijuana or more law enforcement testing for the presence of cannabis in a driver's blood system, or both. As far as whether or not schools are seeing more children using more pot, different data is telling different stories. Yet, more kids are going to the hospital for pot related issues, but older populations have seen the largest increase. Read

Colorado survey suggests legal marijuana is attracting homeless people

7/3/18--A new study suggests that more than one-third of homeless jail inmates who have come to the state since 2012 have come, at least in part, because of legal marijuana. The survey of 507 mostly homeless inmates housed in seven city and county jails was aiming to shed light on the claim made largely by law enforcement: that legal marijuana is attracting transient homeless people to Colorado. Read

What we’ve learned from three years of legal marijuana

7/2/18--For the July 1 anniversary of when it became legal to grow and possess the plant, The Oregonian/OregonLive interviewed a range of people who have seen its effects. In short, according to surveys, adult marijuana use is up measurably. Still, the latest data show the overwhelming majority of Oregon adults didn't touch marijuana in the past month. Whereas, teen usage has changed little, surveys show, although public health officials caution that it's too soon to judge legalization's lasting social and health impacts. Furthermore, black market sales, concerns about potency, and worries about big companies edging out local producers are universal for supporters and critics of the industry. Read

Vermont’s legal marijuana era dawns

7/1/18--As of today, recreational use of marijuana is legal in Vermont -- within boundaries of some clear and not-so-clear rules. Vermont becomes the ninth state to legalize marijuana and the first state to do so through its state legislature. The law allows adults to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, two mature and four immature plants. Read

Oregon lawmakers target black market marijuana by boosting beleaguered law enforcement agencies

3/6/18--Oregon legislators want to bust the state’s marijuana black market by giving money to counties with big illegal pot production and little law enforcement. In the recently ended legislative session, state lawmakers approved a bill that will dedicate $1.5 million a year to help local authorities crack down on the illegal mari­juana trade. Read

New England lawmaker pushing for marijuana sanctuary state

3/8/18--Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced that federal prosecutors should go for the jugular of marijuana businesses. Ever since then, there has been a push to create “sanctuary” status for legal marijuana states. Alaska and California want to see this reform. And now, one New England lawmaker is pushing for a marijuana sanctuary state. Read

California is cracking down on referrals to unlicensed pot shops

3/8/18--California’s marijuana czar has warned a prominent cannabis referral company that invested heavily in legalisation to stop pushing customers towards illegal pot shops. Two months after legal cannabis shops opened in California, the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control said it has contacted more than 900 businesses operating without proper licenses. It has alleged WeedMaps is directing customers to unlicensed pot purveyors, sending a cease-and-desist letter warning the business to stop. Read

Milford marijuana businesses look to what’s next after vote

3/10/18--With the future of their businesses in Milford secured, owners of local facilities that test and grow marijuana say they will now move toward incorporating recreational marijuana into their current medical-based operations. Read

Health Canada criticized over different ‘plain packaging’ for marijuana, tobacco

6/29/18--Health Canada's differing requirements for “plain packaging” on cigarette and marijuana products are upsetting some interest groups who say there needs to be more of a “consistent approach” to the matter. In a press release, Imperial Tobacco Canada said Health Canada’s proposed changes to how cigarettes are packaged don’t align with the requirements they recently announced for marijuana products. Read

City councilors went on a marijuana fact-finding mission in Denver

6/29/18--City councilors praised a two-day visit to Colorado this week, saying it helped provide "invaluable" information on how the council can properly regulate future recreational marijuana businesses here. Four Springfield councilors took part in the trip, meeting with Denver city officials and other stakeholders regarding the marijuana industry in that city. The excursion included multiple meetings and discussions and a visit to a marijuana facility there. Read

Studies examine the impact of marijuana legalization on counties bordering Colorado

2/24/18--The impact of marijuana legalization has been the subject of three recent university studies: "Borders Up in Smoke"conducted by The University of Nebraska at Omaha found that marijuana possession arrests have nearly tripled in seven counties that border Colorado. "Cross-Border Spillover Effects" conducted by Washington State University found that counties bordering Colorado and Washington saw possession arrests jump by an average of 30 percent. And, "Drug Trafficking Under Partial Prohibition" conducted by The University of Oregon found that nearly 12 percent of Washington State's recreational marijuana sales went to out-of-state consumers before Oregon legalized recreation sales in 2014. Read  

Marijuana fuels Trinidad’s revival – and a rise in black market arrests in neighboring states

2/24/18--By numbers compiled by Colorado marijuana regulators, Trinidad is the most stoned city in the Rockies and possibly the planet, with nearly $300 in monthly recreational marijuana sales for every man, woman, and child in Las Animas County. While the city of 8,100 residents is selling marijuana at 15 times the clip of Boulder County, most of the weed is heading south on Interstate 25. It's part of a phenomenon that has drawn the ire of Colorado's neighboring states and has become the subject of a string of recent academic studies - legal marijuana illegally crossing state borders. Read

Denver approves first social marijuana license, allowing vaping and edibles in Lincoln Park coffee shop

2/26/18--The Coffee Joint in Denver received city approval Monday for the nation’s first business license to allow marijuana use by patrons under a 2016 voter-approved initiative. The shop can soon allow customers age 21 or older to vape or consume edibles they bring to the cafe, but will not allow any smoking, and can’t sell any marijuana products on site. Read

Las Vegas Airport installs ‘amnesty boxes’ for discarding marijuana

2/23/18--Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport is adding 10 green “amnesty boxes” for drugs at its facilities. The boxes were installed last week after a county ban went into effect in September barring marijuana possession or pot advertising in the airport in keeping with pre-existing federal law. The hope is that passengers will use the boxes to dispose of weed and other “prescription and recreational drugs” before they go through security at the airport and TSA finds the stash. Read

California initiates enforcement against approximately 500 unlicensed marijuana businesses

2/21/18--Less than two months after California’s legal cannabis industry launched on New Year’s Day, state officials are starting to target hundreds of marijuana companies that are operating illegally without a license. The state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control has sent out about 500 cease-and-desist letters to companies that are doing business but haven’t begun the application process. Read

A beginner’s guide to marijuana use in Alaska

6/28/18--Marijuana.com developed a beginners guide outlining the legalities of marijuana use in Alaska since Alaskan voters approved the Alaska Marijuana Legalization Initiative, or Measure 2, by 53 percent in November 2014, allowing adults 21 and over to cultivate, possess, and use cannabis for personal use, as well as legalizing the manufacture, sale, and possession of cannabis paraphernalia. Read

Massachusetts crafts ‘social equity’ program to help minorities and drug offenders enter marijuana industry

6/26/18--Massachusetts is making plans to launch the nation's first statewide "social equity" program to help minorities and people convicted of drug offenses work in the legal marijuana industry. Massachusetts state law requires the Cannabis Control Commission to promote full participation in the industry by people disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition and enforcement. The commission is already giving priority in review of licensing applications to "economic empowerment" applicants who come from areas and groups that have been overly affected by marijuana arrests. Read

Companies exploit marijuana “gifting” loophole to skirt regulations

2/1/18--Retail marijuana stores are months away from opening in Massachusetts, but some companies have been quietly operating for more than a year, selling and delivering marijuana via a legal loophole that exists in nearly every state that has legalized recreational marijuana use. Read

Blumenauer blasts Oregon U.S. Attorney on pot stance

1/12/18--U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon, Oregon's leading marijuana advocate in Congress, took exception to a Friday opinion piece penned by Billy Williams, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon. The rebuke came in response to Williams voicing a range of concerns about marijuana production, sales, and black marketing in Oregon. Read

Gov. Scott says he will sign marijuana bill

1/11/18--Gov. Phil Scott intends to sign the marijuana legalization bill, he said Thursday at his first news conference since the final version of the bill cleared the House and Senate. H. 511 would remove all state penalties for adults who possess up to one ounce of marijuana and two mature or four immature plants. The bill does not allow any retail sales for the drug or generate new tax revenue. It would take effect July 1. Read

Vermont senate passes bill to legalize marijuana use

1/10/18--Vermont's senate passed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana use, which would make the state the first in the nation to do so through the legislative process rather than a ballot initiative. Republican Gov. Phil Scott is expected to sign the bill, which passed the Democratic-controlled Senate by a voice vote. Read

Colorado politicians ignore major pot problems

1/10/18--According to an published editorial by the Colorado Springs Gazette Editorial Board, Gov. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., and Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., don't seem to care much about the toll recreational marijuana imposes on Colorado. Each reacted with righteous indignation to the Trump administration's decision to rescind the Obama administration's lax pot policies. Read

OLCC finds Portland marijuana shops selling to minors: ‘These results are unacceptable’

1/10/18--State inspectors checked seven Portland marijuana retail shops in late December, and they say four failed to adequately stop the sale of cannabis to a minor. Sale of marijuana products to anyone under the age of 21 is a violation that for a first offense could result in a 10 to 30 day license suspension, or a fine of $1650, depending on whether or not the sale is intentional. Read

Former federal prosecutor buys California’s first legal cannabis

1/1/18--Henry Wykowski, a former federal prosecutor turned legal mastermind of the marijuana industry, bought the Golden State’s first legal bag of marijuana, but he didn’t wait in line for hours to purchase it. Wykowski is Harborside’s tax attorney, so the purchase opportunity was a sort of gift from client to counsel for years of effective service. Read

Legal weed isn’t the boon small businesses thought it would be

12/29/17--The data behind the first four years of legal pot sales, with drops in retail prices and an increase in well-funded cannabis growing operations, shows a market that increasingly favors big businesses with deep pockets. As legal weed keeps expanding, pot prices are likely to continue to decline, making the odds of running a profitable small pot farm even longer. Read

‘Where are all the people?’ Capital crowds modest as California starts selling legal pot

1/1/18--Nine Sacramento dispensaries obtained the state and city permits needed to sell recreational marijuana by the time the legal market opened on New Year’s Day. Many of the first buyers were long-time users, not cannabis rookies. Some said they had been buying marijuana on the street and were happy to be able to walk right into a regular store and buy it legally. Read

Medical marijuana users flock to dispensaries ahead of new pot regulations

12/29/17--The countdown to cannabis legalization is underway in California and Harborside in Oakland is seeing a rush of customers before new regulations go into effect. More than 1,000 customers are estimated to have visited Harborside on Friday and the business expects bigger crowds on Monday. Read

Legal marijuana: Medley of agencies tasked with enforcing laws

12/29/17--Licensed businesses around California can begin legally growing and selling marijuana for recreational use Monday, and a hodgepodge of enforcement agencies will be trying to make sure they adhere to a slew of new pot laws. Three state agencies will issue a combined 19 types of permits to growers, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. Each agency has enforcement officers tasked with cracking down on unlicensed operators. Read

China says marijuana legalization to blame for US opioid crisis

12/28/17--According to Yu Haibin of the China National Narcotics Control Commission, the United States should look within to cut down demand for opioids which are fueling its deadly drug crisis rather than stressing unsubstantiated claims that China is the major source of these chemicals. Read

Black market weed could take off after California legalization

12/28/18--California is set to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and the high taxes on pot sales may have a big side effect by fueling the already-massive black market. Read

New marijuana laws in 2018

12/27/17--On January 1st, a few new laws will take effect in Colorado. Some of those will change how some things are done in the marijuana industry in regards to research, growing, testing, and labeling. Read

10 Sweet Leaf marijuana dispensary employees formally charged in ‘looping’ scheme

12/28/17--Ten employees arrested earlier this month in a sweep of Sweet Leaf marijuana dispensaries in Denver and Aurora have been formally charged with varying degrees of marijuana distribution. Five of those charged face felony charges of marijuana distribution of more than four ounces, while the other five face misdemeanor charges for distribution of more than one ounce. Read

See a map of all the legal pot farms in the Sacramento region

12/11/17--More than 150 pot farms have been permitted in the capital region in the last year. All of them are located in the city of Sacramento and Yolo County, the only jurisdictions that have approved commercial pot farming in the region. Read

Legal pot: Canada will sell marijuana in liquor stores

12/9/17--One province in Canada has decided to sell its marijuana in liquor stores. Nova Scotia, a province on Canada’s eastern shore, announced on Thursday that the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp., its sole alcohol distributor, would sell the drug in its stores and on its website once Canada legalizes weed in July of next year. Read

Supes OK limited commercial cultivation of marijuana

12/10/17--It will soon be OK to grow marijuana for commercial purposes in unincorporated San Mateo County if it's grown in a greenhouse, according to an ordinance given preliminary approval Dec. 5 by the Board of Supervisors. Under the ordinance, growers must get a license from the county, which will permit them to grow the marijuana on unincorporated land that is either zoned for or commonly used for agriculture. Applicants must pass a criminal background check. Read

By legalizing recreational marijuana sales, LA will ‘set the tone for the rest of the country’

12/8/17--Los Angeles is on its way to legalizing recreational marijuana after the City Council unanimously approved a framework to regulate sales of the drug. Los Angeles will also be among the first California cities to establish a legal framework for selling the drug once sales officially become legal at the state level starting January 1. Read

Here are the benefits of obtaining your medical marijuana card in 2018

11/30/17--Proposition 64 has legalized recreational marijuana use in California, and the initiative is laced with restrictions.  and a closer look reveals several major benefits of getting a medical marijuana card in 2018. In fact, now’s the best time to get one. Berkeleyside reveals several major benefits of getting a medical marijuana card in 2018, and says that now is the best time to get one. Read

Santa Barbara City Council to allow 5 recreational marijuana storefronts

11/26/17--The Santa Barbara City Council took several steps toward regulating the location of recreational marijuana storefronts and wholesale grow centers. Although it must still approve an ordinance, the council appears to be moving toward allowing five recreational storefronts, an unlimited amount of wholesale cultivation centers, and up to six plants for personal use at home, with only one allowed outdoors. Read

Mass. is getting one step closer to legal marijuana sales

11/21/17--The Cannabis Control Commission is pushing to write a first draft of new rules permitting the legal sale of marijuana in Massachusetts by the end of the year. Among numerous details, the commission plans to spell out the criteria for winning dispensary licenses, rules for marijuana consumption bars, and a plan for ensuring diversity in the industry. Read

Implementing legalized marijuana needs to give protecting public health higher priority

11/10/17--A letter written by Stanton A. Glantz, PhD, director of Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, sent to the San Francisco supervisor who is sponsoring legislation on how to implement legalized marijuana in San Francisco, urges her to keep public health issues in mind. So far, the health community has been all but absent from the public discussion (except Americans for Nonsmokers Rights). Read

The sad anniversary of Big Commercial Pot in Colorado

11/11/17--This week marks the fifth anniversary of Colorado's decision to sanction the world's first anything-goes commercial pot trade. According to a published commentary in the Washington Examiner by The Gazette editorial board, commercial pot's five-year anniversary is an odious occasion for those who want safer streets, healthier kids, and less suffering associated with substance abuse. Experts say the worst effects of widespread pot use will culminate over decades. Read

New marijuana grow op is offering free, full facility tours

11/9/17--Seed & Smith’s Denver grow facility is offering free, full facility tours. The company’s grow facility tours take visitors on a journey through every stage of the production process. Whether the final product is flower or concentrate, the entire life-cycle of cannabis is on display. They’re the first company to give the public such an extensive glimpse into a process that’s usually closely guarded and kept under wraps—a vestige, perhaps, of the era of prohibition. Read

Marijuana tax revenue grows again

11/1/17--Alaska is continuing to make more money from marijuana, according to new figures from the Alaska Department of Revenue. The state collected $723,757 in taxes from marijuana farms in September, according to excise tax director Kelly Mazzei. Marijuana revenue has risen every month of 2017, climbing from $107,527 collected in January. According to preliminary figures for October, Alaska could collect more than $1 million when that tally is finalized at the end of November. Read

Marijuana in casinos? Not until federal law changes, Vegas congresswoman says

11/2/17--Congresswoman Dina Titus voted for the marijuana legalization measure on Nevada’s ballot a year ago. Since then, she has been fighting on Capitol Hill to get the federal government to respect the decision she and a majority of her constituents made to end prohibition. Titus says she is hopeful that shifting poll results on legalization and the growing number of changing state laws will make Congress come around soon. Read

Fears mount for California MMJ patients over “cannabis deserts”

10/31/17--With California on the verge of creating a cannabis market worth an estimated $7 billion by 2025, medical marijuana advocates are sounding the alarm that legalization is having the unintended consequence of cutting off scores of patients from their medicine. The local-rights language of California’s Proposition 64, which legalized adult use and sales of recreational cannabis starting Jan. 1, has prompted more cities and counties to temporarily or permanently ban commercial cannabis operations — including those for medical marijuana — effectively creating large “cannabis deserts” across the state. Read

The smell of marijuana on a local high school campus comes from growers, not smokers

10/31/17--Students and teachers of Carpinteria High School are affected by the smell of marijuana grown legally in greenhouses on property nearby. In addition to possible adverse health effects, there is also an expressed concern about the temptation at risk kids may experience. Although politicians have talked about regulating the distance pot can be grown near schools, parents and politicians will have to work together to combat this issue. Read

Legislature sends marijuana regulation bill to LePage, who may kill it

10/23/17--The Maine Legislature endorsed a plan to regulate the state’s new recreational marijuana market to set up a state licensing system for cultivators, stores, marijuana product manufacturers and testers. It passed in both chambers and went to Gov. Paul LePage, but it fell short of the two-thirds threshold in the Maine House of Representatives needed to override an expected veto from the governor. Read

Future of new Maine marijuana laws uncertain after initial votes by lawmakers

10/23/17--A legislative effort to rewrite the Maine recreational marijuana sales law so far lacks enough votes in the House to become law. The Maine House voted 85-53 on Monday evening on comprehensive regulations backed by the Legislature’s marijuana implementation committee. But the bill will likely need at least 101 votes in the House to become law. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk for consideration. Read

Fundraiser for burned marijuana farms shut down

10/25/17--The wildfires scorching Northern California have burned down at least 34 marijuana farms, just as the state prepares to launch a legal recreational marijuana industry. An attempt to crowdfund money online for farmers in Sonoma and Mendocino counties has been shut down by payment provider WePay. Now affected growers will have to find other ways to cover their losses. WePay did point to a potential workaround for future fundraisers. Read

Adult-use marijuana bill carefully crafted to make new industry, Maine communities safer

10/21/17--Seventeen lawmakers from both parties agreed to help shape Maine’s adult-use marijuana industry as members of the Joint Select Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee for the 128th Legislature. The draft bill, known as LR 2395, An Act to Amend the Marijuana Legalization Act, makes critical changes to the original referendum while protecting the core tenets of the law as passed by Maine voters. Read

Uruguay to produce medical marijuana for export

10/16/17--International Cannabis Corporation will produce Uruguay's first batch of medical cannabis oil for export in December, according to Alejandro Antalich, the company's chief executive. Exporting cannabis oil would mark a new first for Uruguay, a small South American nation that in 2013 became the first country in the world to legalize marijuana from its cultivation to distribution. Read

LA proposes limiting who can appeal marijuana dispensary licenses

10/13/17--The Los Angeles City Council is considering legislation that would only allow individuals who work, live, or own property within 500 feet of a marijuana dispensary business to appeal the dispensary’s license. The policy may affect Westwood, which has several medicinal marijuana dispensaries, if those dispensaries choose to sell recreational marijuana once it becomes legal in January. Read

Marijuana crop is burning in the California wildfires

10/14/17--Fatal fires that have consumed nearly 200,000 acres in Northern California are taking a toll on recreational marijuana. Many of the region’s farms, including those that harvest cannabis, have been scorched, including those in Sonoma County and in Mendocino County, the center of California’s marijuana industry. Mendocino is one of three California counties that comprise Emerald Triangle, where much of the United States’ marijuana is produced. Read

Proposed ban on smoking, vaping for Denver’s 16th Street Mall discriminates homeless

10/12/17--The Denver City Council’s safety, housing, education, and homelessness committee approved moving the “Breathe Easy” ordinance along for consideration by the entire council. The measure, introduced by council president Albus Brooks, would ban all forms of traditional tobacco smoking and the use of vaporizers and e-cigarettes on the high-traffic, public mall. The measure has support from medical professionals, downtown property owners, and business groups. Read

Marijuana crop is burning in the California wildfires

10/13/17--Fatal fires that have consumed nearly 200,000 acres in Northern California, devastating the region’s vineyards particularly in Napa and Sonoma Counties, are also taking a toll on a recreational marijuana. Many of the region’s farms, including those that harvest cannabis, have been scorched, including those in Sonoma County and in Mendocino County, the center of California’s marijuana industry. Read

Marijuana bill would let communities decide on allowing recreational pot businesses

10/10/17--According to attorney Amy Tchao of Drummond Woodsum, a last minute change to a proposed legislative rewrite of the Marijuana Legalization Act would make moratoriums and bans on recreational marijuana operations superfluous. The change would require cities and towns to approve adult-use cannabis operations, not forbid them, Woodsum said. Read