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Inside story on Uruguay, where the government is your weed dealer

7/10/17--Uruguay is the world’s first country to fully legalize the production, sale, and consumption of marijuana. However, under its strict rules, there will be no Amsterdam-style smoking cafes, and foreigners won’t have access to the national stash. Nor will there be shops selling ganja candies, psychedelic pastries, or other edible derivatives. Instead, Uruguay’s government has developed a legalization model whose apparent goal is to make marijuana use as boring as possible. Read

Amid heavy demand at Nevada marijuana shops, gov gives go-ahead for emergency rule on distribution

7/10/17--Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has authorized state regulators to consider an emergency regulation that would allow officials to determine whether the state has enough marijuana distributors to keep its retail shops supplied. Sandoval’s approval came after dispensaries across the state reported higher than expected demand for marijuana since recreational sales of the drug became legal in Nevada. Read

INDVR Lipstick and Mascara vape pens designed with discretion, not feminism, in mind

7/10/17--Cannabis is realizing a feminist revolution that is gendering previously non-gendered objects such as the vaporizer, and new Lipstick and Mascara vapes from Colorado-based INDVR are byproducts of this revolution. According to INDVR vice president PJ Rinker, the company saw a huge women-specific market going untouched, and he further explained that the Lipstick and Mascara are aimed at the woman “who doesn’t necessarily want to proclaim that she’s a stoner but wants to have that ability to use the product any place, any time, without being ridiculed or thought of as anything less.” Read

Op-ed: DEA position statement on CBD, hemp, and Farm Bill “reckless and illegal”

7/7/17--In an op-ed piece published in The Cannabist, Joel Stanley, CEO of Stanley Brothers, addresses an opinion statement released by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration that he says not only contradicts federal law, but its very issuance is also illegal. The statement was released in response to The Cannabist’s ongoing reporting on cannabidiol (CBD). Stanley comments that the statement violates the expressed intent of Congress. Furthermore, the opinions expressed by the DEA in the statement show that the agency is choosing which laws it would like to apply to hemp, CBD, and Charlotte’s Web. Read

Creator of Toker Poker accessory alarmed by drug bust’s matching code name

6/29/17--Matt and Leslie Bodenchuk, the Colorado entrepreneurs behind the all-in-one smoker’s accessory, Toker Poker, are wondering about the long-term impact on their business as a result of the largest illegal marijuana trafficking ring being referenced by investigators under the same name. The drug trafficking organization was nicknamed ‘Operation Toker Poker’ because the defendants are alleged to have been trafficking marijuana, and many of them used to play poker together in high school.” Read

Workers’ comp insurance firm drops all 7 of Hawaii’s medical marijuana dispensaries over fear of feds

6/29/17--Hawaii’s largest workers’ compensation insurer is canceling insurance policies for seven medical marijuana dispensaries preparing to open this summer. The company said its board of directors unanimously agreed to the decision after two independent legal opinions determined it would have “potential exposure for criminal liability” based on federal law. Read

Forbidden medicine: Caught between a doctor’s CBD advice and federal laws

6/20/17--The Cannabist’s special report “CBD, TBD” explores a regulatory and legal landscape pockmarked by federal-state conflicts, national drug policy, pioneering research efforts, and disparate avenues toward the compound’s full legalization. The Cannabist presents the first installment in an ongoing series featuring a man on a quest to help his epileptic sister with cannabidiol who is stymied by the system. Read

Advocates are inspiring members of Congress to champion national CBD oil legalization

6/26/17--Paige Figi, founder and executive director of the Coalition for Access Now, a national nonprofit organization that lobbies on behalf of hemp and CBD legalization, is one of several advocates who has thrown her weight behind efforts in Congress to remove CBD — and plants rich in cannabidiol and low in intoxicating THC — from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Some organizations and institutions remain bound by the Controlled Substances Act, even in states where medical marijuana is legal. Read

Right now, there’s no way to know what’s in your California weed

6/20/17--To prevent state-mandated testing problems in California, industry experts at a recent public hearing in San Jose urged reforms to draft regulations by the state’s Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation. They urged the creation of “pre-testing” labs so that producers would know, early on, if their product is contaminated. They asked that the failed product be returned, not destroyed, so they could fix it. They also sought small-batch testing and adequate staffing. Read

Utah told scientists to study medical marijuana before they would legalize it

6/20/17--Utah lawmakers gave state colleges and other institutions a green light to study the medical impacts of the drug with the hope of having comprehensive data by next year. However, the studies would likely take years, requiring scientists to navigate layers of bureaucracy that can delay and even discourage research. The slowdown is due to marijuana being considered a Schedule I drug by the federal government. Read

Recent cases raise questions about cannabis regulation corruption, ethics

6/21/17--Recent cases in Colorado and Washington are the first known instances of current or former pot regulators being accused of having improper dealings with the industry. The two recreational marijuana states are the nation’s oldest, approving legal weed in defiance of federal law in 2012. A pair of cases several years into the legal-weed experiment casts a dark cloud over all marijuana regulators and fuel old fears about the criminal element’s influence. Read

What Florida medical marijuana will look like under proposed rules

6/19/17--Florida health officials have issued their proposed rules to implement the state’s constitutional medical marijuana amendment. The regulations that were released on Friday by the Department of Health pick up the framework from the bill passed on June 9 by the State Legislature during a special session. Last month, the Department outlined a procedure where it would give 15 days’ notice before adopting a new rule and the public three days to submit comments. Read

Arkansas just opened door to get into state’s brand-new marijuana industry

6/19/17--Applications are now available for those who want to sell or grow medical marijuana in Arkansas under a new constitutional amendment legalizing the drug for some patients. The Medical Marijuana Commission posted the applications for licenses to operate medical marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries. The commission is expected to accept applications from June 30 to Sept. 18. Read

Hemp producers in North Dakota holding back amid CBD controversy

6/19/17--As North Dakota’s hemp industry grows, legal questions have kept producers from making one of the crop’s most desirable products. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive substance derived from cannabis plants, but the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration considers most cannabidiol to be a Schedule I illegal drug. The hemp industry argues that cannabidiol derived from hemp is legal because of the 2014 Farm Bill, which allowed for states to set up industrial hemp production. Read

Pot shop finds a way around a Colo. ski town’s weed sales ban

6/16/17--Dan Volpe, who owns Serene Wellness dispensaries, fought for nearly a year to win final approval to open a pot shop in the bud-bereft town of Winter Park. Now he’s ready to open in the Valley Hi Motel. Grand County’s three-member board of commissioners approved Volpe’s plan for recreational marijuana sales at Valley Hi in August. Winter Park vowed a fight, even securing a restraining order preventing the commissioners from voting on the proposal. Read

Former marijuana enforcement officer, entrepreneur indicted in trafficking ring

6/13/17--Former Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) officer Renee Rayton and Denver-based marijuana entrepreneur Scott Pack, both already the target of fraud allegations, were indicted in connection with a suspected massive illegal marijuana trafficking ring that operated throughout the state. Pack, whose businesses hold 14 marijuana licenses, played a “pivotal” role in the Stonehouse drug-trafficking organization responsible for illegally producing and selling millions of dollars worth of marijuana across state lines, according to the grand jury’s indictment. Read

Kansas police seize CBD oil made in Missouri, citing ‘zero tolerance’ anti-marijuana laws

6/12/17--Vince Sanders, Missouri hemp oil supplier and owner of CBD American Shaman, said he’s making a special product line for Kansas after police seized the supply of a retailer because it contained trace amounts of THC. They cited Kansas’ “zero tolerance” anti-marijuana laws in seizing his product last month. Sanders is working on making a separate set of products, on separate equipment, to ensure there’s no trace of it. Read 

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, staunch marijuana legalization supporter, to run for Colorado governor

6/12/17--U.S. Representative Jared Polis plans to join the race for Colorado governor this week. Polis is a founding member of Congress’ Cannabis Caucus, a bipartisan group dedicated to promoting and protecting the marijuana industry. In joining the race for governor, the Boulder Democrat will advocate a vision for Colorado that tests how far to the left the state has shifted politically in the last decade. Read

How to avoid the allure of junk food when you’re a cannabis-loving traveler

6/8/17--Holly Alberti, founder of Healthy Headie Lifestyle, shares her secrets for eating well on the cheap while traveling. Her philosophy, both personally and with the business, is about conscious consumption. Alberti says that because she needs cannabis to help with digestion, she tends to pack marijuana tinctures and/or concentrates while traveling. Another way Alberti deals with cravings for fatty junk food while using marijuana is by choosing her strain wisely. Read

Nor Cal Cannabis Cup draws major crowds in anticipation of recreational sales

6/9/17--High Times Nor Cal Cannabis Cup featured hundreds of product booths hawking everything from vape cartridges to cannabis infused cotton candy. The cutting edge in the industry, according to the experts at High Times, is in concentrates, extracts, and edibles, all of which were in abundant supply on the sprawling fairgrounds. Read

Hemp products booming, but U.S. farmers hampered by its Schedule I status

6/8/17--Recent estimates by the advocacy group Vote Hemp and the Hemp Business Journal calculated the total retail value of all hemp products sold in the U.S. last year to be at least $688 million. However, according to Vote Hemp president Eric Steenstra, misguided drug policy still prevents farmers from cultivating hemp at the scale needed to meet consumer demand, so instead nearly all the hemp to supply the U.S. market is imported. Read

Colorado toughens up on home grows, boosts funding for black market enforcement

6/8/17--Gov. John Hickenlooper signed House Bills 1220 and 1221, which cap home-grow limits at 12 plants and allocate $6 million of marijuana tax revenue toward black market enforcement efforts, respectively. Gov. Hickenlooper thinks that by setting a limit of 12 plants per home, neighborhoods will be protected from violence often associated with illegal drug trafficking. Read

Montana may collect $1 million in medical marijuana taxes in first year

6/5/17--State revenue officials are working on the roll-out of the latest medical marijuana program with a tax on the drug — the first of its kind in the state. According to Gene Walborn, deputy director at Montana Department of Revenue, the 4-percent tax could bring in about $750,000, and based on the number of cardholders in May that number could push the state’s tax earnings closer to $1 million. The state is set to collect its first quarterly medical marijuana tax in October. Read

Hawaii medical marijuana dispensaries ready to sell — there’s just one hangup

6/5/17--A year after Hawaii awarded its first eight medical marijuana dispensary licenses, they still cannot sell the drug until the state Health Department certifies laboratories test the quality of the marijuana. Health Department officials say they are working to make sure the dispensaries are safe and secure. They expect the first dispensary to open this summer. Read

Denver’s 4/20 organizer appeals three-year ban imposed after trash, noise, health complaints

6/2/17--Miguel Lopez, organizer of Denver’s 4/20 rally in Civic Center, filed an appeal on Friday of the city’s three-year ban, which was imposed after complaints about noise, trash, security, health, and other issues. The written appeal of the ban attempts to refute city complaints and violations. Furthermore, the appeal letter calls for an appeal hearing, with identifiable witnesses testifying on record, to be held. Read

DEA seeks dismissal of hemp industry lawsuit fighting drug code for “marihuana extracts”

6/2/17--The Drug Enforcement Administration stands firm on its drug code for “marihuana extracts” in a brief filed Friday to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and seeks to have a federal lawsuit by the hemp industry dismissed. The DEA laid out various reasons as to why the legal challenge filed by the Hoban Law Group on behalf of trade group Hemp Industries Association, and hemp businesses Centuria Natural Foods and R.M.H. Holdings Inc. is invalid. Read

Supreme Court limits government seizure of assets in drug conspiracy cases

6/5/17--The Supreme Court is placing new limits on the government’s ability to seize assets from people who are convicted of drug crimes but receive little of the illegal proceeds. The unanimous ruling on Monday comes as the Justice Department has moved to impose harsher punishments for drug trafficking and related crimes. Read

Here’s what just changed in Washington state marijuana laws

5/23/17--A week ago, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed an omnibus marijuana bill, containing many changes to the regulations put in place in 2013 after Washington voters legalized recreational marijuana sales in 2012. The Cannabist outlines the major changes that could affect how Washingtonians and visitors experience legal weed in the state. Read

S.D. Sioux tribe’s cannabis resort consultant faces trial on drug charges

5/18/17--Eric Hagen, a consultant who worked with the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe to open the nation’s first marijuana resort in South Dakota, is heading to trial on drug charges. Hagen was indicted on state marijuana charges months after the tribe destroyed its crop amid fears of a federal raid. He has pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to possess, possession, and attempted possession of more than 10 pounds of marijuana. Read

Canada weighs risks and benefits of setting 18 as minimum age for weed use

5/18/17--Canada may be setting the minimum age for marijuana use at 18 — three years lower than in U.S. states that have embraced legalization. Advocates for the measure say putting the limit at 21 would encourage a black market, and drive youths into the hands of criminals. The task force that drafted the measure reported that experts said “that setting the minimum age too high risked preserving the illicit market, particularly since the highest rates of use are in the 18 to 24 age range.” Read

Cannabis firms in Colorado, Florida partner to provide pharma-quality MMJ products

5/18/17--Cannabis products firms Wana Brands and Alternative Medical Enterprises LLC have inked a deal that’s one part national expansion play and another part investment in a growing trend: pharmaceutical-quality medical marijuana. The agreement allows for AltMed to manufacture and sell Wana’s product portfolio in Arizona, and Wana can manufacture and sell AltMed’s line of Müv medicinals — including metered dose inhalers, transdermal patches, and topical products — in Colorado. Read

Why it’s so hard to define where you can legally smoke weed in Colorado

5/18/17--Legislation attempted to define a statewide prohibition on “open and public” pot consumption under Amendment 64, the voter-approved constitutional measure that legalized marijuana in 2012. Yet, its failure on the final day of the session showcased why the issue remains one of the most profound questions in a state known as the nation’s pot pioneer. A look inside the bizarre last-minute negotiations reveals a fundamental divide about marijuana in Colorado, and illustrates the challenges for lawmakers tasked with finding a compromise in the months ahead. Read

Bipartisan legislation seeks to undermine Sessions’ sentencing memo

5/18/17--Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former colleagues in the Senate are pushing back on his order to federal prosecutors to pursue the most severe penalties possible for defendants, including mandatory minimum sentences, and introducing legislation to give federal judges more discretion to impose lower sentences. Republican Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who co-sponsored the legislation, said that Sessions’ new policy will “accentuate” the existing “injustice” in the criminal justice system. Read

Federal bills from Colorado legislators seek to shield state marijuana laws, open banking

5/18/17--Colorado federal lawmakers this week amplified efforts to protect state-enacted marijuana laws and cannabis businesses. Reps. Diana DeGette and Mike Coffman introduced the Respect States’ and Citizens’ Rights Act of 2017, which would add a provision to the Controlled Substances Act that would prevent federal preemption of state law. Colorado’s two senators are also supporting banking legislation for the marijuana industry. Read

5th annual Mother’s High Tea celebrates cannabis industry’s influential women

5/17/17--The fifth annual Mother’s High Tea brought some of the most influential women in cannabis together to remember their struggles, honor their successes, and uphold a new generation of leaders. The non-consumption event also marked a milestone for event founder and Cannabist contributor Susan Squibb, who is celebrating 20 years of advocacy for marijuana and hemp law reforms. Read

Denver cannabis church leader, neighborhood group clash

5/15/17--Denver’s new International Church of Cannabis founding member Steve Berke addressed concerned neighbors for the first time at a hastily arranged, standing-room only meeting of the West Washington Park Neighborhood Association's zoning committee. The meeting was called to allow church leaders to present their plan for the building and to take questions from neighbors. Parking, traffic, noise, and maximum-occupancy concerns dominated the Q&A session.Read

N.J. legislator planting seeds for recreational marijuana legalization post-Christie

5/15/17--New Jersey Sen. Nicholas Scutari is introducing legislation now to legalize recreational marijuana as a way to lay the groundwork for it to be enacted by the next governor. The legislation would permit possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana-infused products in solids, 72 ounces in liquid form, and 7 grams of concentrate. It would prohibit home cultivation. Read

New Mexico medical marijuana balloons in just a year

5/15/17--About 8,000 New Mexico residents have obtained a medical marijuana license since Jan. 1, which brings the statewide total to more than 40,000 patients. The amount of patients has increased by 84 percent since March 2016. The number of dispensaries has also increased. The statewide total is at 56 after being at just 36 in January 2016. Read

Raids for illegal weed grows down sharply in one Colorado county

5/8/17--After 30 raids for illegal marijuana cultivation in Pueblo County last year, the sheriff’s department says people are getting the message, and deputies have made only one bust this year. Deputies arrested a total of 41 people in last year’s raids, mostly from March through May. This year’s lone raid brought three arrests. Read

Oregon pot tax collections – tens of millions of dollars – are sitting in limbo

5/8/17--Tax money collected from Oregon’s legal marijuana sales brought in almost $75 million in tax revenue since 2016. However, none of that tax revenue has been distributed to its intended recipients, like schools and police agencies due to a quirk in the state law that governs legal marijuana. Read

Trump says he reserves right to ignore medical marijuana protection provision in spending bill

5/8/17--President Donald Trump signed his first piece of major legislation on Friday, despite his objections to numerous provisions included in the measure. One such provision prohibits the Justice Department from using any funds to block implementation of medical marijuana laws by states and U.S. territories. In a signed statement that accompanied the bill and outlined his objections, Trump said he reserved the right to ignore the provision. Read

Johns Hopkins pulls out of marijuana PTSD study

3/31/17--Eighteen months after joining a study on using marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, Johns Hopkins University has pulled out without enrolling any veterans. A Johns Hopkins spokeswoman said the university’s goals were no longer aligned with those of the administrator of the study, the Santa Cruz-based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). A spokesman for MAPS said the dispute was over whether to openly challenge policy that say medical cannabis research must rely on federally-grown marijuana. Read

For the first time, drug use more likely than alcohol in fatal crashes

4/26/17--For the first time, statistics show that drivers killed in crashes are more likely to be on drugs than drunk. Forty-three percent of drivers tested in fatal crashes in 2015 had used a legal or illegal drug, eclipsing the 37 percent who tested above the legal limit for alcohol, according to a report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. Read

After years of restrictions, revised Montana medical marijuana regulations underway

4/25/17--A bill endorsed by the Montana House attempts to regulate the medical marijuana industry after voters last November approved lifting restrictions that severely limited distribution of the drug. The measure requires state officials to track marijuana in the state from seed to sale, to protect against the drug being sold on the black market. It also requires nurseries and distributors to be licensed, marijuana to be tested, and registered users to have photo identification cards. Read

Massachusetts sheriffs: Increase proposed marijuana tax, use money for addiction treatment

4/25/17--Sheriffs urged state lawmakers Monday to boost the tax consumers will pay on recreational marijuana and earmark the additional revenue for substance abuse prevention and treatment. The law currently calls for a 3.75 percent excise tax on retail marijuana sales, expected to begin in mid-2018. The excise would be imposed on top of the state’s regular 6.25 percent sales tax, and local communities would have the option of tacking on an additional 2 percent tax. Read

Are you consuming pesticide-peppered pot? Full recall list

5/16/17--Due to the constant recalls of marijuana and pot products, and the long lists of items associated with often-lengthy batch numbers, The Cannabist has compiled all of the available information in one place for readers concerned about the purity of their pot. Details include a reporting on each recall as well as the city of Denver’s press releases on the recalls, which contain exact information to help users identify any tainted pot and cannabis products they might have. Read

Starting Monday, you can shop later at Denver marijuana stores that choose 10 p.m. closing

4/24/17--Denver marijuana licensees on Monday received permission from the city to keep their stores open until 10 p.m. — a move the industry says will help it compete with businesses in some neighboring cities. Stores that offer recreational or medical marijuana sales (or both) will get the option to adjust their hours beginning May 1. Read

Colorado bill adding PTSD to medical marijuana list heads to gov’s desk

4/25/17--A bill to add PTSD to the list of Colorado’s medical marijuana qualifying conditions is headed to the governor’s desk. Proponents argue that having PTSD as a qualifying condition opens an honest dialogue between doctors and patients. Yet, members of the medical community frequently caution that more qualified research is needed to determine the effectiveness and any health risks associated with using medical cannabis to treat a complex psychological condition. Read

Colorado House votes to bar cops from helping with federal marijuana crackdown

4/26/17--The state House voted 56-7 Wednesday to bar public employees from assisting federal agents in "arresting a Colorado citizen for committing an act that is a Colorado constitutional right." The Colorado bill doesn’t specifically mention marijuana, but sponsors say it is inspired by threats that federal authorities may try cracking down on the marijuana industry. Read

Creating standards for cannabis industry gets ASTM International board approval

4/25/17--ASTM International, a century-old standards organization, gave the official go-ahead to establish a standards-writing committee for the cannabis industry, officials announced. ASTM’s board of directors approved the formation of Committee D37, a group that will develop standards for cannabis, its products and processes. Read

The Cannabist honored with journalism awards for health, business coverage

4/24/17--The Cannabist reporter Alicia Wallace, who covers national business and policy matters along with Colorado-based topics, was recognized for her in-depth reporting, including PTSD in Colorado and lawn-and-garden giant Scotts Miracle-Gro expanding into cannabis sector. The Denver Post, which oversees The Cannabist, also picked up a number of awards for topical marijuana coverage. Read

Colorado Supreme Court sides with city on local controls for marijuana licensing

4/20/17--The state’s highest court ruled that Northglenn’s code language listing criteria such as “number, type, and availability” of existing medical marijuana centers when considering new applications was not “unconstitutionally vague.” The decision, which reverses a district court ruling, serves as an affirmation for local control — for the discretion granted to cities to craft locally appropriate ordinances for licensing and regulating marijuana centers and related facilities. Read

What’s going on with getting recreational marijuana off the ground in Massachusetts?

4/24/17--A legislative committee created to review and potentially make revisions in the voter-approved recreational marijuana measure plans to hold its final hearing at the Statehouse on Monday and deliver recommendations by June. Emerging as a key point in the discussions is the yet-to-be-formed Cannabis Control Commission, which will be responsible for granting licenses to retail marijuana stores. Decisions made by the cannabis commissioners will have wide impact on people who use recreational pot and even many who don’t. Read

Trump’s apparent drug czar pick has strong “no” vote record on marijuana, including CBD oil

4/12/17--Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa., will be President Trump’s drug czar, according to a report from CBS News. Marino’s congressional voting record is that of a hard-liner on marijuana issues, and he recently said that he’d like to put nonviolent drug offenders in some sort of “hospital-slash-prison.” As drug czar, Marino would oversee the Office of National Drug Control Policy, a branch of the White House that advises the president on drug policy issues. Read

Denver officials scrutinizing out-of-state CBD products sold in local pot shops

4/12/17--Denver is clamping down on CBD products that originate outside of Colorado. A bulletin issued by Denver Environmental Health’s Public Health Inspections Division outlines a policy prohibiting out-of-state-made cannabidiol (CBD) products intended for human consumption. Manufacturers who cannot demonstrate whether their products came from standardized processes in a safe facility could be subject to enforcement action and restrictions in Denver, officials said. Read

“Path to Marijuana Reform” bills introduced

3/30/17--Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon, announced the “Path to Marijuana Reform,” a bipartisan package of three related bills aimed at protecting and preserving existing state-based programs while creating a framework for the federal regulation of cannabis. Included in the package is the reintroduction of legislation from Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colorado, to regulate marijuana like alcohol. Read

Colorado Senate committee lowers marijuana plant limit to 12, or 24 with registration

3/23/17--A Senate committee vote 5-0 to set a statewide limit of 12 plants per residential property. That’s down from 99 plants under current law. The bill was changed to give medical marijuana patients and their caregivers up to 24 plants, if they register with the state and with local authorities. Currently, registration is required only if patients have more than 99 plants. Read

Dancing but no dank: fed threat means toned-down Cannabis Cup

3/3/17--U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden has ceased plans by pot fans to celebrate Nevada’s new recreational marijuana law by lighting up on an Indian reservation near Las Vegas. Bogden took a hard line in a letter to organizers of a cannabis festival this weekend, saying federal law applies and pot smokers could be prosecuted. Read

New Mexico GOP calls out House Speaker for failing to disclose cannabis ties

2/15/17--The Republican Party of New Mexico criticized the Democratic House Speaker Brian Egolf of Santa Fe for not disclosing his work as an attorney for a licensed marijuana producer as the Legislature considers several cannabis-related bills. Egolf says he complied with disclosure requirements by listing each state agency before which he has represented a client, and that he sees no conflict in acting on marijuana-related legislation that is not specific to his client. Read

National DA group mobilizes to advise Trump on pot policy

1/30/17--Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett has been selected to join a group of prosecutors from across the country who will help advise the Donald Trump administration on policies regarding marijuana. Read