A promising alternative to medical marijuana

TMR_Pocket_Article359_9.24.149/24/14–Ganesh Thakur, link an assis­tant pro­fessor in the School of Phar­macy, check has received a five-??year grant for more than $2 mil­lion from the National Insti­tutes of Health to con­tinue his ground­breaking work to create a novel class of com­pounds to treat glaucoma. Thakur, who is the grant’s prin­cipal inves­ti­gator, is devel­oping a new glau­coma treat­ment that mimics the pos­i­tive effects of marijuana’s active ingre­dient tetrahy­dro­cannabi­noid mol­e­cule, or THC, but does not include the neg­a­tive side effects and toxins that come with smoking pot. Read