Denver vs Colorado Infographic

Illegal vs. Legal Drugs

We are the 93 percent

We are the 93 percent!
Why is such a huge part of the population
standing idly by while a handful of folks
push open the door to marijuana legalization
and vast increases in use, especially among

Age Limits Aren't Enough to Protect Children
Age Limits Don’t Stop Underage Use
We can learn important lessons about what will happen to kids if marijuana is legalized from our experience with alcohol and tobacco.

2013 Marijuana HSS Infographic
2013–Marijuana Use Doubles;
Perception of Harm Halves

Since the drive to legalize marijuana as medicine began in the early 1990s, high school seniors marijuana use has doubled while their perception that pot is harmful has been cut in half.

2013 WSJ Colorado Infographic

Colorado as of 12.31.2013
Before a single legal sale of recreational marijuana took place January 1, 2014, Colorado had significant problems regulating medical marijuana.

Medical Marijauna-8.5X11
Why Doctors Can’t Prescribe Medical Marijuana

CBD Infographic R&B-All States
Difference Between Pharmaceutical CBD
and “Medical Marijuana” CBD

wa poison control report










Marijuana poisonings among Washington State’s young children increase

Why Medical Marijuana Isn't-Infographic (*)Why Medical Marijuana Isn't-Infographic (pg2)

Why Medical Marijuana Isn’t-Infographic (1)

Why Medical Marijuana Isn't (*)Why Medical Marijuana Isnt -b&w (pg2)

Why Medical Marijuana Isn’t-Infographic (black/white version)



Biological Basis of Addiction