Health Indicators associated with MJ Use

Health Indicators associated with Marijuana Use 

The Legalization of MJ in CO

The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact

Madras Title Page

An Overview of a Recent Study-Madras (Download)

A Guide to Medical Marijuana. Revised 4.2104--Cover

A Guide to Medical Marijuana (Download full report.)
This guide helps sort through the confusion that surrounds this complex issue.

The Difference Between Medical Marijuana and Marijuana-Based Medicines

The Difference between Medical Marijuana and Marijuana 1.7.15 (Download report.)

What Doctors Say











What Doctors Say about Medical Marijuana (Download full report.)

CW Oil Report Cover

Charlotte’s Web Oil Report Final (Download full report.)
The 2014 legislative year has seen some 15 states consider legalizing Charlotte’s Web oil–an extracted cannabinoid of marijuana called cannabidiol–in one form or another. To date, 11 states have passed these statutes. More are likely to. This report covers this complex issue and offers an alternative that requires no legislative action to bring relief to children who suffer severe seizures from rare but devastating forms of epilepsy.


Strain Reviews from the Denver Post











Strain Reviews from the Denver Post, prepared by Colorado SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) Coalition.


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Sacramento Judge Rejects Government’s Marijuana Classification (Download full report)


Sam Summit 2015

Scientists vs. Businessmen, Future vs. Money, Integrity vs. Fraud (Download article)


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Report of the Special Senate Committee on Marijuana (Download full report)


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AES Letter 2016









How Georgia Has Avoided Commercial Medical Marijuana


Legalization Overview Infographic








Legalization Overview Infographic