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Johnson & Johnson to end sale of opioids, settles New York case for $230 million

6/26/21--Johnson & Johnson will pay $230 million to resolve an opioids lawsuit, days before the company was slated to go to trial, in a settlement reached with New York Attorney General Letitia James. In the agreement, the company will end the sale of all opioid products nationwide. Read

New wave of bars creates buzz without the booze

3/16/21--Aimed at the growing number of people exploring sobriety, the bars pour adult drinks like craft cocktails without the alcohol. Sober bars first appeared in the 19th century as part of the temperance movement. But while previous iterations were geared toward non-drinkers or people in recovery, the newer venues welcome the sober as well as the curious. Read

Constitutional ban on legal pot advances in Idaho

1/29/20--Idaho lawmakers on Friday moved forward with a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar the legalization of marijuana in Idaho in an attempt to keep the growing nationwide acceptance of the drug from seeping across its borders. Read

High Times owner scores 13 California marijuana dispensaries

4/28/20--The owner of High Times is going to start selling marijuana after championing its use in the pages of its magazine for nearly half a century. Hightimes Holding Corp. said Tuesday is acquiring 13 dispensaries from Harvest Health and Recreation, one of the largest multi-state producers and sellers of cannabis in the U.S. Read

High levels of cancer-causing chemical found in mint and menthol e-cigarettes: Study

9/21/19--The Food and Drug Administration has announced plans to ban all non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes and now a study from Duke University raises serious health concerns for people using mint and menthol flavored e-cigarette products: a potentially cancer-causing chemical in some of the e-cigarette liquids. Read

Hawaii becomes 26th state to decriminalize marijuana

7/10/19--Hawaii has become the 26th state in the nation to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana -- but its governor cautioned it does not mean the state is ready to say aloha to legalizing recreational use of the drug. Under the new law, people caught with small amounts of marijuana will no longer face a misdemeanor charge that had been punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. Now people caught with 3 ounces or less of weed can still be hit with a citation carrying a $130 fine, but no jail term. Read

Once pot friendly N. California county bans marijuana

1/17/18--A previously pot friendly rural Northern California county has reversed course and banned commercial marijuana farms, paving the way for lawsuits from growers who previously received permits and paid taxes. A newly constituted Calaveras County board of supervisors last week voted 3-2 to ban marijuana, giving some 200 farmers with permits about three months to wind down operations. Read

Report reveals underground US haven for heroin, drug users

8/8/17--A report reveals that a safe haven where drug users inject themselves with heroin and other drugs has been quietly operating in the United States for the past three years. In the report, two researchers said they've been evaluating an underground safe place that opened in 2014. As a condition of their research, they didn't disclose the location of the facility — which is unsanctioned and potentially illegal — or the social service agency running it. Read

Hurdles expected for Utah’s medical marijuana research law

6/14/17--Utah lawmakers balked again this year about passing a broad medical marijuana law. Instead, they gave state colleges and other institutions a green light to study the medical impacts of the drug with the hope of having comprehensive data by next year. However, studies would likely take years, requiring scientists to navigate layers of bureaucracy that can delay and even discourage research. Read

Medical pot bill in S. Carolina bolstered by conservatives

3/26/17--This year's renewed push in South Carolina for comprehensive medical marijuana programs is bolstered by some of the state's most conservative legislators whose opinions have shifted due to personal losses, or the pleadings of parents and pastors in their districts.

Minnesota marijuana oil sent to New York stirs anger

3/23/17--Minnesota lawmakers want to crack down on one of the state's medical marijuana companies whose former executives have been charged with illegally shipping $500,000 of marijuana oils to New York, pushing legislation allowing regulators to revoke the manufacturer's license and levy a huge fine.

Massachusetts panel opens hearings on recreational pot law

3/20/17--Massachusetts lawmakers are vowing to respect the will of the voters, and a special legislative committee considering revisions to the law is opening hearings at the Statehouse on Monday. Among those expected to testify are members of "Yes on 4," the group that led the ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults in Massachusetts. State treasurer Deb Goldberg, whose office will oversee regulation of marijuana sales, is also scheduled to appear before the panel. Read

Arkansas Court says voters can decide medical marijuana plan

10/13/16--The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday that voters can consider a medical marijuana proposal on the November ballot. Justices sided with supporters of a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow patients with certain medical conditions to purchase marijuana from dispensaries. The proposal is one of two medical marijuana proposals on the ballot. Read

9 states to vote soon on expanding legal access to marijuana

9/28/16--Five states — Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — will consider legalizing the recreational use of pot. Three others — Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota — will decide whether to permit marijuana for medical purposes. Montana will weigh whether to ease restrictions on an existing medical marijuana law.

Arkansas court rejects challenge to medical marijuana plan

9/22/16--The Arkansas Supreme Court has rejected one of two efforts to block a medical marijuana proposal from the November ballot. Justices denied a challenge from a group opposed to the proposed initiated act that would allow patients with certain medical conditions to buy marijuana from dispensaries. Read

Many think marijuana causes little to no harm

9/5/16--According to a new study published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, substantially more people feel that using marijuana causes little to no harm. This study looked back at 12 years of data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, from 2002 to 2014, and found that more Americans reported they were using the drug and far fewer saw it as harmful. Read