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Governor Ivey weighing signing Medical Marijuana Bill

5/9/21--The Medical Marijuana Bill, which was passed by both houses of the state legislature, is now in the hands of Governor Kay Ivey, who will consider whether or not to sign it into law this week. The bill was approved despite initially facing strong opposition from a group of house members who filibustered it. Meanwhile, a number of high level state officials, are now weighing in on the bill, and hoping to gain the Governor’s ear ahead of her decision. Read

Alabama House passes medical cannabis bill as session nears end

5/6/21--After years of failed efforts, Alabama lawmakers are one step away from passing the SB 46 bill, introduced by Sen. Tim Melson, to legalize medical cannabis. This bill would create a more robust medical cannabis program, allowing patients who qualify with at least one of more than a dozen conditions to buy medical cannabis products from a state-legal shop. Though, the bill does not allow for smokable products, including vapes, which would make the state’s program among the most restrictive in the country. Read

23 Alabama district attorneys urge lawmakers to reject medical marijuana

4/28/21--Twenty-three of Alabama’s 42 district attorneys have sent a letter to lawmakers opposing the medical marijuana bill that the House of Representatives is expected to vote on soon. The district attorneys say marijuana is a gateway drug and that there is a dishonest effort to convince the public otherwise. Read

Medical marijuana bill heads to first vote in Alabama Legislature

2/15/20--A medical marijuana bill is headed to its first vote in the Alabama Legislature as advocates hope to gain legislative traction after years of setbacks in Montgomery. The bill by Republican Sen. Tim Melson would allow people to be prescribed medical marijuana for certain conditions, including cancer, anxiety and chronic pain, and to purchase cannabis products at a dispensary licensed by the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission. Read

Alabama gets another shot at legalizing medical marijuana

2/3/20--There is a proposed bill in the state legislature that would make marijuana legal for medical purposes in Alabama. Twelve of the state’s 18-member Medical Cannabis Study Commission voted in support of the bill. However, Alabama's Attorney General and Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich are urging state lawmakers to oppose the bill this session. Read

How would medical marijuana in Alabama compare to other states?

4/24/19--Medical marijuana is one step closer to being legal in Alabama. The Care Act would allow the use of marijuana to treat 33 conditions including addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, and cancer. If passed, the Care Act would establish a medical cannabis fund within the state's general fund. Which supports several state programs like child development and criminal justice. Read

Chestnut weighs in on medical pot proposal

3/22/19--A medical marijuana bill introduced by Rep. Mike Ball, R-Madison, is slated to go before the House Committee on Health next week and, if it receives a favorable vote, may go before the full House before the week is over. If so, Rep. Prince Chestnut, D-Selma, will have the opportunity to cast a vote on the measure. He believes it would be beneficial for the state, and he's open to legalizing medical marijuana under strict doctor supervision. Read

Mobile, AL mayor seeks to ‘decriminalize’ marijuana possession

5/15/17--Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson is sponsoring a City Ordinance that would decriminalize several minor offenses in the City of Mobile. The ordinance would not require a person to be arrested for what the city calls “minor offenses.” Instead, a Uniform Non-Traffic Citation and Complaint (UNTCC) would be issued, at the sole discretion of the City. Read

Rolando McClain arrested in Alabama on firearm, marijuana charges

5/12/17--Former Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain was reportedly arrested Friday on charges of carrying a firearm without a permit and marijuana possession. Read

Lobbying against sin: Baptist leader ready to fight marijuana

3/29/17--The Rev. Joe Godfrey serves as executive director of the Alabama Citizens Action Program (ALCAP), an interfaith ministry and lobbying group funded by the state's Southern Baptists to promote their stance on issues such as alcohol and gambling. ALCAP opposes the legalization of marijuana. Although Godfrey doesn't foresee a movement towards marijuana legalization in Alabama anytime soon, he says ALCAP will step up to fight it if it does emerge. Read

Pushing for legalization: Alabama housewife to marijuana activist

3/29/17--Former housewife turned marijuana activist Loretta Nall has become one of the most outspoken advocates for the legalization of pot in the nation. She formed the U.S. Marijuana Party in 2002; ran for Alabama governor in 2006 on a platform to legalize pot; created the Alabama Compassionate Care group to fight for use of marijuana for treatment of disease; and in 2010 was named by the magazine Skunk as one of the top 100 most influential women in Cannabis. Read

More than 48 pounds of high grade marijuana seized in Birmingham

3/13/17--The Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force seized more than 48 pounds of high grade marijuana. The multi-jurisdictional investigation concluded with the arrest of 24-year-old Joshua Christopher Burchfield charged with Drug Trafficking and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana 1st degree. Read

Alabama’s crackdown on pregnant marijuana users

3/15/17--Although Alabama isn't the only state with laws against drug use during pregnancy, its prosecutors have been the most zealous by bringing charges against hundreds of women. Alabama's crack down on pregnant marijuana users occurred alongside an increase in use across the nation and among pregnant women. Almost 4 percent of pregnant women surveyed as part of a federal study in 2014 reported using pot during the past month, compared to 2.3 percent in 2002. Read

Marijuana enforcement varies widely from campus to campus in Alabama

3/8/17--While dozens of University of Alabama students continue to be arrested for drug crimes on the university campus each year, some other Alabama colleges cultivate a more protective environments by going out of their way to keep their students from being arrested for having or using drugs. As school leaders in Alabama make different decisions about how to deal with marijuana use, the policies and attitudes they adopt have a wide range of impacts on students. Read

2 adults face charges after child tries to sell marijuana

12/10/16--Larenta Dawkins and Brittaney Lee face charges after a child tries to sell marijuana at a Dothan elementary school. Dawkins faces charges of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, first-degree possession of marijuana, and four counts of chemical endangerment of a child. Lee faces four counts of chemical endangerment of a child. Read

Smell of marijuana keeps potential juror off hot car death trial

9/15/16--Judge Mary Staley Clark passed on selecting a convicted felon for the trial of a metro Atlanta man accused of killing his toddler son by leaving him in a hot SUV. Cobb County prosecutor Chuck Boring said that man showed up for jury selection "with an odor of marijuana about him." Read

Police warn parents of marijuana-laced candy after major bust

9/14/16--Marijuana edibles can range from gummies to lollipops and often packaged to resemble candy. Police say marijuana candy does have a slight smell, and suggest throwing out anything suspicious. Officers do have kits to test candy, but they only work for meth and cocaine. Read