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A second Arizona town passes law to ban recreational marijuana

10/28/20--The small town of Sahuarita, Arizona has passed an ordinance to ban recreational marijuana, but only partially. Prop 207 is expected to pass, so anti-marijuana towns are starting to ban the industry as best as they can. Sahuarita has become the second town — with Gilbert being the first — that has passed a new anti-cannabis law. Read

A third Arizona town passes law to restrict recreational marijuana

11/1/20--The town of Payson in Arizona has decided to create some recreational marijuana restrictions. Payson’s new Ordinance 923 would prohibit cannabis on public property, enact “reasonable regulations” for residential cannabis cultivation, and give extra control to the town over where cannabis businesses may operate. Read

What every marijuana user needs to know before getting surgery

2/1/20--A study discovered that people who use cannabis on a daily or weekly basis needed more than triple the amount of the popular anesthetic propofol than non-users. According to anesthesiologist Dr. Jeffrey Uppington, chronic users of marijuana are more resistant to anesthetics, both those that put you to sleep, like propofol, and those that keep you asleep, like various anesthesia gases. Read

Here’s where to sign the Arizona marijuana legalization ballot initiative

1/10/20--The highly supported Smart and Safe Arizona initiative that could legalize cannabis for adults 21 years of age and older in Arizona has quietly and swiftly gathered more than half of the signatures required to get listed on the ballots in November 2020. The easiest way for Arizonans to find the signature collectors is to contact their local dispensary and ask if/when a signature collector for the Smart and Safe initiative will be at the dispensary. Read