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Packies argue more beer, wine sellers also mean more pot shops

1/13/20--A proposed ballot question that would increase the number of stores selling alcohol could inflate the minimum number of marijuana retail licenses a municipality must give out, an unintended consequence that could sway voters on the initiative. Read

Event aims to help millennials of color break into the marijuana business

9/26/18--The Boston Cannabis Control Commission, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and Roxbury’s National Center of Afro-American Artists hosted an event on Tuesday night for millennials of color to network and talk about equity and breaking into the retail marijuana industry. Read

Many towns demand extra payments from pot shops despite law’s restrictions

9/28/18--A Business Journal review of 34 host community contracts between marijuana dispensaries found that 24 cities and towns require the businesses to make additional payments beyond the cap of 3 percent cap of annual revenues stipulated in the law. Read