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Maine’s governor vetoes marijuana bill

11/3/17--Residents of Maine voted to legalize marijuana in 20126, but Governor Paul LePage vetoed a bill that would regulate and tax the sale of recreational marijuana, dealing a set back to the state's effort to implement retail markets. LePage said one reason he vetoed the bill is because the federal government prohibits cannabis. Read

Retail marijuana is spreading to California, Massachusetts and Maine

10/7/17--Recreational marijuana sales will launch in California, Massachusetts, and Maine next year. These states already have medical marijuana programs and dispensaries, but soon they'll also have stores that can sell recreational marijuana to anyone 21 and older. California is aiming to open retail marijuana stores by January 1, Massachusetts and Maine plan to open stores next summer. Read

Nevada issues first marijuana delivery license

7/14/17--The state of Nevada, which officially began selling legal marijuana on July 1, only issued its first license to Blackbird Logistics Corporation to actually transport the product from the farm to the store on Wednesday. The move will give some dispensary managers relief while officials sort out a larger distribution issue. Read

PNC Bank is closing the Marijuana Policy Project’s account

6/22/17--PNC Bank is closing its account with an influential marijuana legalization group, the Marijuana Policy Project. The group claims it's being singled out because of its ties to the pot industry. Marijuana Policy Project spokesman Mason Tvert said he wonders why a bank would have a problem dealing with an organization that receives money from marijuana businesses when those businesses pay taxes. Read

Seminole chief to help other tribes grow legal weed

6/22/17--James Billie, an ex-chief of the Seminole Tribe, plans to help other Native American groups grow and sell tax-free marijuana in states where it's legal. Billie has teamed up with Electrum Partners, a finance firm specializing in the legal marijuana industry, to seek out tribes in states that have good land for growing weed. They want to focus on all aspects of the cannabis industry, from medical uses to hemp. Read