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Was ‘Reefer Madness’ right?

3/21/19--Reefer Madness portrayed cannabis as a powerful drug capable of sending users into psychotic, violent rages. In Alex Berenson's book Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence, he argues that the connections between marijuana and mental health are being ignored amidst the headlong rush to legalization. Read

Local cannabis company sells to Georgia firm

1/15/19--Surterra Wellness, a Georgia company with marijuana operations in Florida, Texas, and Nevada, announced on Monday that it has signed a deal to purchase New England Treatment Access, which operates a recreational marijuana store in Northampton, a medical dispensary in Brookline, and a cultivation facility in Franklin. Read

Walsh: Legalizing marijuana ‘huge mistake’

9/20/17--According to one of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s top aides, the mayor has changed his tune about pot. The one-time opponent is now embracing the industry as an economic engine and comparing it to alcohol in its social and commercial impact. Yet, Walsh stated emphatically that his view about pot has not changed. Although he is not going to try to block the opening of pot shops in Boston, he is not happy about them coming to the city. “I personally think it’s awful and a huge mistake,” he said. “I would rather not have any pot shops in Boston, but the voters of Boston spoke. They voted the law in.” Read