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Increasing popularity of 7/10 exemplifies rise in cannabis concentrates

7/10/20--July 10, also known as 710 or Oil Day, is the cannabis industry’s second annual “holiday.” Although not as popular or as well celebrated as 4/20, July 10 has picked up steam in recent years due to the rising popularity of concentrated cannabis products. Read

California lawmakers seek to ban marijuana oil processing labs from neighborhoods

5/18/17--The state Assembly voted to ban home manufacturing of marijuana concentrates using volatile solvents due to several explosions in residential areas caused by drug processing labs. The action comes ahead of plans by the state to begin issuing licenses in January to firms for the manufacture and sale of marijuana products in California. Read

Marijuana ‘honey oil’ labs OK under new California law

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-9-58-37-pm10/14/16--AB 2679, which will go into effect in 2018, establishes rules to manufacture medical marijuana products commonly known as wax or honey oil. Their manufacturing systems may be solvent-less, or may use nonflammable, nontoxic solvents. AB 2679 says patients, pot identification card-holders, caregivers, collectives, and cooperatives will not face state criminal sanctions if they follow the new rules allowing the extraction process under certain conditions. Read

The latest marijuana craze has users chasing bigger highs through ‘dabbing’

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-48-35-pm10/2/16--Dabbing is the latest marijuana-consumption craze, and it has users chasing bigger highs through a process called "flash vaporization." Marijuana dabbing poses some major health and safety risks, according to both anecdotal evidence and experts, and is illegal in some states. Read