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Judge allows hemp oil seller’s defamation suit to continue

6/15/18--U.S. District Judge John Steele will allow a hemp oil company’s defamation suit to continue against a Florida doctor interviewed by a local TV news station. The federal judge denied Dr. Joseph Dorn’s request to dismiss the lawsuit filed by AFI Holdings of Illinois last year over the doctor’s comments to a reporter about a hemp oil product. Read

California passes ‘open container’ law for pot

6/28/17--California’s governor recently signed into law a package of measures intended to aid police and prosecutors in addressing drugged driving prior to the state’s plans to make recreational marijuana legal in 2018. With recreational legalization on the horizon, California is attempting to pre-empt the myriad problems Colorado and Washington, which both legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, have encountered. Read

Insurer refuses to cover marijuana candy murder

5/8/17--United Specialty Insurance refuses to cover Gaia’s Garden, a Colorado-based marijuana candy company, for selling the “Karma Kandy Orange Ginger” under whose influence a man supposedly became psychotic and murdered his wife. Denying that it has any obligation to defend the candy maker, United Specialty says Gaia’s Gardens is on its own. Read