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Dayton postal workers accused of opening packages, stealing illegal drugs

4/12/19--Two Dayton postal workers ripped open Priority Mail packages they suspected contained drugs and kept the marijuana and methamphetamine they found, according to federal court documents. Read

Your questions answered about Ohio’s law for marijuana for medical use

9/9/18--Dayton Daily News presents questions posed by readers and answers provided by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program about the Ohio's law for marijuana for medical use. Read

Medical marijuana troubles Ohio doctors: ‘Although it’s natural, (it’s) not like a vitamin’

3/18/18--Doctors say they are bombarded with questions about medical marijuana and are concerned because they don’t have all the answers. There is an information gap on questions such as how effective marijuana is for specific disorders, how the compounds affect children, and how it interacts with other medications. Read

Beavercreek Twp. OKs medical marijuana cultivation

11/6/17--Beavercreek Twp. Trustees approved growing and processing medical marijuana. Knox Medical has applied to the state for a level 1 cultivation facility. If Knox Medical’s license application is approved, they will be the only cultivation and processing facility in the township, as trustees have approved no more than one such facility to be built. Read

State identifies medical pot applicants

7/5/17--More than 180 applicants have applied for 24 state medical marijuana cultivator licenses, the Ohio Department of Commerce announced. Potential cultivators had until Friday to apply for a license that will be needed to grow medical marijuana legally in Ohio. Dayton Daily News revealed all applicants for cultivation license. Read

Wilmington marijuana facility would be job driver, investor says

3/15/17--Ohio financier Jimmy Gould and his financier partner Ian James are the investors behind a plan to build a marijuana cultivation facility in Wilmington. They envision five harvests of medical cannabis each year, employing an initial 50 to 60 people and driven by what in time will be a $40 million investment. Gould and James believe the “campus”-type facility can employ more than 220 workers when fully operational. Read

City council to discuss medical marijuana

10/11/16--Beavercreek City Council will discuss medical marijuana on Oct. 17. The council approved a six-month moratorium on medicinal cannabis to give the council and staff time to research and decide whether to limit or ban medical marijuana growth, processing, or retail sale of the drug. Read

Medical marijuana doesn’t trump zero tolerance at work

8/26/16--Regardless of what state law says, viagra marijuana is illegal on the federal level and employers will retain the right to establish and enforce drug testing and substance abuse policies, including pre-employment and random drug testing. Read