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Hemp seed oil is not CBD oil but tricky marketing fuels consumer confusion

12/12/18--There is a lot of confusion for consumers when shopping for pure CBD oil products. Retail powerhouses, in particular, sell a variety of hemp seed oils, but hemp seeds contain little or no CBD although the marketing for many hemp seed oils often implies otherwise. Therefore, consumers should take the time to do some research since there are only tiny amounts of CBD, if any, present. Hemp seed oil is frequently used for cooking, skin-care products and bio-fuels much like corn oil or other vegetable oils. Read

Hemp oil is not CBD oil despite murky marketing

2/23/18--According to CBDReVu.com, a leading CBD news and product review destination, hemp oil is not the same thing as CBD oil. Yet, there is an abundance of murky marketing and sometimes even misbranding of hemp oil and hemp seed oil products as CBD oil which is leading to substantial consumer confusion. There is no shortage of consumer interest about CBD and many pure CBD products are becoming available regularly, but there is much consumer confusion and some of it may be intentional making shopping for CBD a minefield for buyers seeking authentic CBD products. Read