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Nearly 100 civil rights, policy organizations urge congress to reject Biden’s harmful sentencing proposal

10/21/21--Today, nearly 100 leading civil rights organizations, community organizers, and policy groups issued a joint letter to congressional leaders opposing President Biden’s proposal to permanently classify fentanyl-related substances (FRS) as Schedule I drugs. The coalition calls on Congress to let the classwide scheduling policy expire and focus on passing public-health solutions, like expanding access to harm reduction and treatment. Read

New York Governor cannabis regulatory heads, senate confirms

9/2/21--Recently inaugurated New York Gov. Kathy Hochul nominated former Drug Policy Alliance staffer Chris Alexander for executive director of the new Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) and former New York Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright for chair of the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) during a special legislative session that convened Sept. 1. Hours after Hochul announced her picks to head the OCM and CCB, the Senate confirmed her appointees. Read

Congresswoman Cori Bush voices groundbreaking support for safe supply

6/16/21--As reported in Filter, Congresswoman Cori Bush, representing St. Louis, Missouri in the House of Representatives, has broken new ground by indicating her support for a safe supply of controlled substances for people who use them. Read

Federal cannabis regulations working group releases its ‘Principles for Federal Cannabis Regulations & Reform’ on 4/20

4/20/21--The Federal Cannabis Regulations Working Group released its Principles for Federal Cannabis Regulations & Reform, outlining what a federal regulatory framework—grounded in justice and social equity—should look like. The working group was convened by the Drug Policy Alliance at the beginning of this year. Read

DPA submits amicus brief cosigned by AMA supporting attempt to establish supervised consumption site in Philadelphia

7/9/20--The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is currently fending off an appeal by the federal government in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to an earlier February 25, 2020 ruling that cleared the path in support of Safehouse being able to establish a supervised consumption site (SCS) in Philadelphia to legally open, making it the first in the U.S. to do so and potentially setting a legal precedent for others to follow. Read