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PM2.5 concentration in a cannabis store with on-site consumption

6/16/21--To assess the effects of on-site consumption of cannabis on PM2.5 concentrations, we measured PM2.5 in the retail and consumption space of a cannabis store (a dispensary), where smoking was banned, but vaporizing and dabbing were permitted. The data demonstrates that consumption of cannabis products indoors increased PM2.5 concentrations. Psychoactive effects through passive exposure are unlikely (Herrmann et al. 2015). However, exposure to PM2.5 can cause changes in cardiovascular function that increase the risk of myocardial infarction and death (Brook et al. 2010). Read

Into the Weeds: Regulating pesticides in cannabis

4/25/19--Taken as a whole, California’s pesticide regulations for cannabis are considered by most industry watchers to be the strictest in the country. California has the advantage of a sophisticated Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) with significant expertise in toxicology and human-health risk assessment. In some cases, that expertise—paired with broad support for environmental regulation—has helped the state establish rules governing pesticide use that are stricter than those set by the U.S. EPA. Read