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Portland marijuana farm linked to Texas scheme trafficking LSD, meth and fentanyl to college kids: feds

12/6/20--Federal prosecutors announced Friday that 13 people, including current and former University of Texas students, were charged in connection to a massive LSD, fentanyl, and methamphetamine trafficking and money laundering scheme meant to peddle drugs to college kids in the Austin metropolitan area that was supplied, in part, by a marijuana farm in Portland. Read

Pot stores deemed ‘essential’ businesses in some states during coronavirus lockdown

3/25/20--Marijuana made 'essential" in some states amid COVID-19. Alex Berenson, author of 'Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence.' reacts during a segment on FOX news. Read

Florida, Georgia see first vaping-related deaths as nationwide toll hits 12

9/26/19--Health officials in Florida and Georgia this week announced the first vaping-linked deaths in their respective states, as officials raised the number of fatalities nationwide to 12. In an update on Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also raised the number of confirmed or probable vaping-related illnesses to 805. Read

American Airlines flight diverted to Denver after unruly passenger reportedly smokes weed on board

9/22/19--An unruly passenger forced an American Airlines flight from Arizona to Minnesota to make an emergency landing on Friday after the suspect allegedly told people he was on cocaine before locking himself in the airplane bathroom and eventually lighting up marijuana in the cabin, according to a report. Nearly an hour into the flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis, the pilot announced that there was "a security issue in the back," which required the flight to be diverted and land in Denver, Colorado. Read

Military mom warns about the dangers of medical marijuana

4/27/19--Sally Schindel, co-founder of MomsStrong.com, says her son, Andy Zorn, committed suicide because of his marijuana use. Zorn served with the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq. Read

CBD oil is the new rage among millennials. But, as a doctor, here’s what I worry about

3/23/19--Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is the new rage among millennials and is gaining popularity with all generations, especially in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. According to practicing physician and Fox News medical contributor Nicole Saphier, MD, one of her biggest concerns regarding CBD and many other holistic remedies is that there are some disease processes that require science-driven treatment. Saphier urges everyone to follow their medical doctors’ recommendations regarding treatment of ailments. Read

Alex Berenson: Pot is not a cure-all medicine – I told the truth and the backlash has been incredible

1/18/19--Alex Berenson, author of 'Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence,' is taking on his critics and responding to the widespread negative feedback about his book. According to Berenson, marijuana advocates appear unwilling to accept anything less than full national legalization of marijuana – even if they must downplay or hide the drug's very real mental health risks, and overstate its potential medical benefits, to do so. Read

Florida teacher sold marijuana to middle schoolers, authorities say

12/9/17--Maria Otilla Rivera-Magana, a Florida substitute teacher, was arrested Friday after allegedly selling marijuana to two middle school students. According to authorities, the students admitted to smoking the drug after complaining of feeling sick, FOX 4 reported. Rivera-Magana was being held on a $90,500 bond at the Hendry County Jail. Read

New Zealand to hold marijuana vote under new leader Ardern

10/20/17--New Zealand is poised to vote on legalizing marijuana under a new government that takes office next week. Liberal Jacinda Ardern was confirmed as the nation's next prime minister, and she said the country would hold a referendum on whether to legalize recreational marijuana at some point over the next three years. Ardern didn't say whether she favored legalization but said the current system wasn't working well. Read

How a 13-year-old girl may have inspired Pennsylvania to legalize medical pot

8/16/17--Pennsylvania is one of 29 states that allows medical marijuana use, and Pastor Shawn Berkebile of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Abbotstown, Pa., believes that the story of Annie Sharrer, who suffered from epileptic seizures beginning at the age of 9, played a role in passing medical marijuana legislation in the state. Today, Berkebile says Annie, now 13, has controlled seizures, an improvement from what she used to experience. The use of medical marijuana remains controversial, but Berkebile hopes Annie's story can shine a light on a potential benefit of its use. Read  

Maine legislative panel mulls raising 10 percent tax on marijuana

7/23/17--As the legalization of recreational marijuana sales in Maine nears, a legislative panel has spent months pondering the best way to tax pot to bring in state revenue, fund regulatory enforcement, and discourage the illicit market. The referendum included licensing fees as well as a 10 percent tax on sales by retail marijuana stores and social clubs, but nothing has been decided yet. Maine is looking at examples from others states, some of which also allow local taxes. Read

Legalized marijuana turns Colorado resort town into homeless magnet

5/17/17--A resort town near the New Mexico border, once a vibrant, upscale community with luxury hotels, is now being overrun by panhandlers due, in part, to the legalization of marijuana. The town suddenly became a haven for recreational pot users, drawing in transients, panhandlers, and a large number of homeless drug addicts, according to officials and business owners. Many are coming from New Mexico, Arizona, and New York. Read

Illinois lawmakers see marijuana legalization as gateway to fiscal boost

3/27/17--Marijuana advocates are trying to lay the groundwork for Illinois to become the first state in the Midwest and the ninth nationwide to legalize recreational pot, arguing the move will help solve the state's notorious budget crisis. The two Illinois state lawmakers who introduced the legislation say it would help fill Illinois' multibillion-dollar budget hole with $350 to $700 million in new tax revenue. Read

11-year-old in trouble after sharing marijuana-laced Rice Krispies Treats with classmates

1/26/17--An 11-year-old Texas boy shared marijuana oil-laced Rice Krispies Treats with four of his classmates. A local police officer in Newark believes the fifth-grader knew the desserts contained a psychotropic chemical. Read

Study: Teen marijuana use up after being legalized in Washington

12/27/16--According to a new study by UC Davis, marijuana use increased and the perceived harms associated with marijuana decreased for adolescents in Washington state, where marijuana is legal for recreational use. The study shows adolescents in Washington state in eighth grade and 10th grade have fewer concerns associated with using marijuana since it became legalized. The study also shows those same age groups increased their use of marijuana after recreational legalization. Read

Reporter who quit job to focus on marijuana advocacy faces jail time

10/3/16--Former Alaska television reporter Charlo Green, who became a viral sensation in 2014 after quitting her job to advocate for the legal use of marijuana, faces 14 offenses and 54 years in prison for allegedly running an illegal marijuana shop. Read