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Marijuana laced with Fentanyl hits Tennessee

8/24/17--Tennessee District Attorney Matthew Stowe said that the state is seeing an influx of a deadly mixture: marijuana and fentanyl. Officials in the state are preparing to respond to this new trend as marijuana laced with fentanyl hits Tennessee. Fentanyl is an especially potent—and dangerous—opioid pain medication. It is used in a variety of prescription painkillers and can be highly addictive. Beyond that, it can easily lead to fatal overdoses. Read

10 best CBD products on the market

7/12/17--Green Rush Daily features the best CBD products currently on the market for those who are interested in cannabis-based medicine, but don’t want to get high. Read

Court rules medical marijuana users cannot be charged with DUI

1/6/17--Arizona’s Court of Appeals ruled that legal medical cannabis patients can fight their DUI charges. The burden of proof for charging cannabis users with a DUI is now on the police, not patients. Medical marijuana patients charged with a DUI can fight it in court, and it’s now up to the arresting officer to prove that the THC impaired the driver. Read

Is it legal to smoke weed in your apartment in Massachusetts

12/22/16--Possessing marijuana at home isn’t a given right to all people renting or leasing property. It’s up to each landlord to decide. Some landlords may not want federal laws broken on their property. However, if they neglect to put it in the lease agreement, possession should be granted. Landlords that receive federal funding, like Section 8 housing, must adhere to federal laws. So, they can’t allow smoking or even possession on their property. Read