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Laws allowing medical marijuana have little impact on roadway safety

7/24/18--State laws that allow the use of medical marijuana are not significantly associated with cannabis-involved driving, according to a new study by Georgia State University associate professor of criminal justice and criminology Eric Sevigny. Neither are those laws that allow for specific supply provisions, including home cultivation and unlicensed or quasi-legal dispensaries. Sevigny encourages states and policymakers considering the legalization of medical or recreational marijuana to use this research and employ proactive laws and tactics. Read

School Of Public Health study finds use of marijuana increases risk of metabolic syndrome

6/29/17--According to a recent study by researchers in the School of Public Health at Georgia State University, the duration of marijuana use seems to be a significant factor associated with metabolic syndrome -- a cluster of symptoms that increase a person’s risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The study found that “every year increase in marijuana use is associated with at least a 5 percent increase in odds of having metabolic syndrome.” Read