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ONDCP funds research to support evidence-based state drug policies and laws

8/2/21--As part of efforts to address addiction and the overdose epidemic, the Office of National Drug Control Policy today announced $2.5 million to support the establishment of state-level model legislation that advances efforts to expand access to harm reduction services, as well as promote equity in access to treatment and drug enforcement efforts for underserved communities. Read

Rhode Island is first state to support pilot harm reduction center

7/8/21--Rhode Island today became the first state in the nation to enact a law authorizing a two-year pilot program for harm reduction centers to help save lives from drug-related overdose and death. Harm reduction centers, also known as overdose prevention sites or supervised injection facilities, connect people who use drugs to resources and evidence-based harm reduction strategies and programs. The law will become effective March 1, 2022. Read

Covid 19: How to harm reduction advocates and the tobacco industry capitalized on the pandemic to promote nicotine

6/2/21--In the early days of the pandemic, media outlets around the world reported that smokers seemed to be under-represented among patients seriously ill with covid-19 in China and France. The headlines asked, does nicotine protect against covid-19? The stories made headlines worldwide, and they were also picked up by libertarian media outlets. The World Health Organization worried that decades of tobacco control could be undermined. It has since been roundly disproved that smoking protects against covid-19. Read

Seattle homeless shelter buys heroin pipes with funds, teaches rectal injection method

2/22/21--A Seattle-backed homeless shelter, The Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC), is instructing addicts to smoke heroin and inject drugs rectally, and the shelter is using tax dollars to help get addicts high. Read

Vancouver is a disaster zone of Canada’s liberal drug policies

9/10/20--May, June and July have been the worst months in B.C. history for drug overdoses, with approximately 526 dead — more than double the 213 British Columbians who have died from coronavirus. At present rates, B.C. will again pass 1,000 overdose-related deaths by December. Read

King County providing beer, cigarettes to keep addicts in quarantine

4/30/20--King County officials are giving addicts beer, cigarettes - and until recently marijuana - so they won't leave a recovery center. Officials with the Department of Human and Community Services call it harm reduction and point out no tax payer money is being used. Some neighbors said it makes sense. Others called it a big mistake. Read

Accepting marijuana is a step toward seeing it’s used safely

6/10/17--According to Los Angeles Daily News guest columnist Allison B. Margolin, in order to bridge the divide between safe marijuana access and neighborhood groups fearful of the spread of reefer madness, the theory of harm reduction needs to be reintroduced into the debate, while also admitting that marijuana exists in the context of drug use and abuse that has existed in different manifestations and with different substances in the U.S. since at least the 1870s. Read