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State-regulated marijuana vape cartridges aren’t safe, doctor and whistleblower say

6/3/20--According to a doctor and state Department of Health whistleblower, a lack of proper controls over Hawaii’s medical marijuana dispensaries is putting patients’ health in danger. Hawaii News New (HNN) investigation revealed many of the vaping cartridges being sold in Oahu’s dispensaries would be banned in other states for failing to meet safety standards. Read

4/20 grew from humble roots to pot high holiday

4/20/17--With recreational pot now allowed in eight states and the nation's capital, marijuana culture's high holiday, 4/20, provides an occasion for pot activists to reflect on how far their movement has come. College quads and statehouse lawns are known for drawing 4/20 celebrants, but some of the celebrations are bigger than others. According to Vivian McPeak, one of Seattle's Hempfest founders, 4/20 is "half-celebration and half-call to action."

Advocates urge state to speed up medical marijuana card processing

9/20/16--There is a growing demand for medical marijuana cards, but the state's Medical Marijuana Registry office only has a handful of workers who process and verify approximately 1,200 applications a month. Read