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Vaping pot worse than vaping tobacco for teens’ lungs

3/3/21--Teenagers who vape pot are more likely to wheeze and cough than those who smoke or vape nicotine, new survey data reveals. Reports from U.S. kids 12 to 17 show they have a higher risk of wheezing, suffering from a dry cough, and having their sleep, speech or exercise impeded by wheezing if they vape marijuana products, according to results from the U.S. federally funded Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study. Read

With pot rules relaxed, more U.S. teens driving while high: Study

12/30/20--According to a new study lead by researcher Dr. Motao Zhu, professor of epidemiology at Ohio State University College of Public Health, the wave of marijuana legalization that has swept the United States has likely contributed to the problem of driving under the influence by making pot easier than ever to obtain. Survey results on youth risk behaviors indicates that overall twice as many teens report driving under the influence of marijuana than admit to drinking and driving. Read

Marijuana use by U.S. teens has jumped 10-fold since 1990s

6/20/19--A study looked at 1991-2017 U.S. federal health data on more than 200,000 high school students. It found that the number who said they'd used pot at least once over the past month rose 10-fold -- from 0.6% in 1991 to 6.3% by 2017. Many are becoming "dual users" of both marijuana and alcohol: The number of teens who admit to using both substances at least once a month has almost doubled -- from 3.6% in 1991 to 7.6% in 2017. Read