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Idaho Senator pushes back on legalization with proposed psychoactive drug ban

1/20/21--Senator C. Scott Grow, a Republican based in Eagle, is still trying to push back against possible legalization in his state by proposing a constitutional ban at the state level on psychoactive drugs. The amendment he has proposed would ban “the production, manufacture, transportation, sale, delivery, dispensing, distribution, possession, or use of a psychoactive drug.” Furthermore, it would officially amend the constitution, making it more difficult for advocates to legalize at the state level. Read

Heather Jackson, Co-Founder & President, Realm of Caring

12/28/20--Heather Jackson came into the cannabis space when her son Zaki was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood epilepsy. Due to the success of Zaki’s CBD treatment, Jackson became immersed in helping other families in the same situation. The outcome was in establishing the Realm of Caring Foundation, which has grown to a staggering network of 100,000, with patients from around the world being helped. Read

David Crosby talks marijuana, his upcoming weed brand & Joni Mitchell

8/9/18--David Crosby, the founding member of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young is seeking licensing opportunities with a cannabis brand under the suggested moniker “Mighty Croz.” Crosby says now is the right time for him to formally enter the business of pot. Read

New England lawmaker pushing for marijuana sanctuary state

3/8/18--Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced that federal prosecutors should go for the jugular of marijuana businesses. Ever since then, there has been a push to create “sanctuary” status for legal marijuana states. Alaska and California want to see this reform. And now, one New England lawmaker is pushing for a marijuana sanctuary state. Read

Maine lawmaker wants kids to have more access to medical marijuana

1/9/18--According to the Associated Press, Republican politician Deborah Sanderson has proposed a bill that would allow children to be prescribed medical marijuana. Sanderson’s perceived bill mentioned the child would need to have a strong relationship with the medical provider in order to receive the plant as treatment. The incumbent law permits the child’s  caregiver to possess and supervise the allocation of medicinal cannabis at the child’s school, provided that it remains in a non-smokable form. Read

New marijuana grow op is offering free, full facility tours

11/9/17--Seed & Smith’s Denver grow facility is offering free, full facility tours. The company’s grow facility tours take visitors on a journey through every stage of the production process. Whether the final product is flower or concentrate, the entire life-cycle of cannabis is on display. They’re the first company to give the public such an extensive glimpse into a process that’s usually closely guarded and kept under wraps—a vestige, perhaps, of the era of prohibition. Read

How Big Alcohol learned to stop worrying and love marijuana

11/7/17--Seemingly, businesses involved in the manufacture and sale of beer now also have a stake in the marijuana industry, following a longstanding booze industry bias against marijuana. "Big Alcohol" knows a huge opportunity when it sees it, and like a beer company scooping up other beer companies—or makers of wine or liquor—it’s a smart business move. Read

Peru passes bill to legalize medical marijuana

10/20/17--President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski proposed a new measure to legalize medical marijuana in Peru. The bill was passed with a 68-5 vote in favor of allowing cannabis oil, not flowers, to be grown and distributed for medical purposes. Ruling party lawmaker Alberto Belaunde said that the regulations would be written within 60 days. The new rules will establish how cannabis oil should be produced and commercialized. Read

Sen. Al Franken adds name to marijuana legislation

9/21/17--On Tuesday, Minnesota Senator Al Franken officially became the fifth person to sign on as a co-sponsor for a pro-cannabis legalization bill that would authorize marijuana growers and cultivators to be eligible for taxation. If passed, the measure would further legitimize the manufacture and sale of weed—and the very signing itself indicates Franken’s ever-growing platform on pot. Read

Growing pains: Wholesale marijuana prices continue to drop

9/21/17--In many states where cannabis is legal, wholesale marijuana prices continue to drop. As more cannabis producers enter the market, with bigger cultivation facilities, this drop is entirely predictable. As reported by Marijuana Business Daily, the average asking price for a pound of cannabis on Colorado’s wholesale market is currently at an all-time low of $1,298, down from a three-year high of $2,007 in January 2015. All the factors driving down the price—more competition, more efficient production and even more competition—are still at play, meaning prices should plummet even further. Read

Court upholds Kentucky’s medical marijuana ban

9/21/17--Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate ruled to uphold Kentucky’s medical marijuana ban. In the ruling, he cited the need to “curtail citizens’ possession of a narcotic, hallucinogenic drug.” Judge Wingate’s decision ended a furious debate brought forth by three plaintiffs who decided to sue the state over “denying sick people safe medicine.” Read

Nor Cal Cannabis Cup draws major crowds in anticipation of recreational sales

6/9/17--High Times Nor Cal Cannabis Cup featured hundreds of product booths hawking everything from vape cartridges to cannabis infused cotton candy. The cutting edge in the industry, according to the experts at High Times, is in concentrates, extracts, and edibles, all of which were in abundant supply on the sprawling fairgrounds. Read