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The gateway drug phenomenon

11/2/21--The International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis (IASIC) has a medical library translated for a common understanding of the many harms of cannabis or marijuana. According to IASIC, drug abuse literature and the public press periodically embrace or push back against the “Gateway” phenomenon of drugs like marijuana. The theory behind the notion of a “Gateway” effect has been recognized by parents and addiction treatment professionals since at least the early 1980s, and to understand the gateway effect, it is important to also understand adolescent brain development. Read

Doctors Warn: Cannabis can cause serious health hazards

8/25/21--IASIC, the International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis, a medical organization of doctors who educate on marijuana based on the scientific and medical literature. has concluded, based on review of the scientific evidence, that public health effects of high potency cannabis are harmful. These growing negative impacts further strain health care and addiction treatment resources to an extent that far surpasses taxation revenues. Read