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Idaho medical marijuana advocates can start gathering signatures for 2020 ballot initiative

8/10/19--Medical marijuana advocates have until April 30, 2020 to collect signatures from 55,057 registered Idaho voters to get an initiative on the general election ballot next year. Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney on Friday announced the petition filed by Idaho Cannabis Coalition has met all requirements, and petitioners are cleared to begin collecting signatures. Read

Effort underway to get medical marijuana and hemp initiative on Idaho ballot in 2020

3/8/19--Legalizing medical marijuana and industrial hemp in Idaho is the first citizen initiative proposal out of the gate for the 2020 election. A new marijuana advocacy group, Idaho Cannabis Coalition, is spearheading the effort. The group said it has filed a medical marijuana/industrial hemp petition with the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office to start the process. Read

Skunk smell in Rexburg mistaken for marijuana

8/16/17--On Saturday, police in the East Idaho town responded to a complaint about the odor of marijuana coming from an apartment complex. However, the Rexburg resident who issued the complaint about the smell confused marijuana’s odor with that of a skunk. It has been pointed out articles published in the Green Rush Daily and the Chicago Tribune that not all strains of marijuana smell like skunk spray. Some pot strains have fruity aromas. Read

Idaho pot activists launch new campaign for medical marijuana

9/29/16--The Idaho Secretary of State's Office approved a petition that, if passed into law, would create a medical marijuana program in Idaho. If the initiative qualifies for the ballot and is passed, Idaho will join 25 other states that have a medical marijuana law. Read

Marijuana seizures in Idaho have increased dramatically

9/12/16--Idaho has seen the amount of marijuana seized over the last four years increase by more than one-thousand percent. The Idaho State Police has seen the amount of marijuana seized go from 131 pounds in 2011 to nearly 1, malady 650 pounds in 2015.