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Cannabis Weekly Round-Up: CEO stats revealed, canopy results disappoint

5/29/20--In a new report, executive search firm Bedford Consulting Group crunches the numbers, noting that 35 percent of cannabis company CEOs were replaced in 2019. The report, which focuses on executive and board compensation in the North American cannabis industry, also states that total CEO compensation was $1.7 million for companies with market caps of over $1 billion. For those with market caps under $100 million, the amount was $226,250. Read

Cannabis producer Canopy Growth reports another billion-dollar loss

5/30/20--Canopy Growth Corp. reported its second billion-dollar quarterly loss Friday, as the company remains mired in a turnaround effort. Canopy executives acknowledged Friday that the company had missed opportunities to sell its own version of cheap pot — five months ago inexpensive pot held a 6% market share, but that segment now accounts for around 20% of the market. Read

Better marijuana stock: Green thumb industries or Curaleaf?

5/30/20--While most Canadian cannabis peers are struggling to hit profitability, Green Thumb Industries had cash and cash equivalents of $71.5 million on the balance sheet, with $92.9 million of total debt in its first quarter, which ended March 31. Whereas, Curaleaf Holdings, which in its most recent results showed an 174% year-over-year increase in revenue, to $96.5 million, a sequential increase of 28%. According to an article published in The Motley Fool, With strong expansion plans, these two marijuana companies look appealing in an evolving U.S. cannabis industry. Read

Smarter Strategic Investments are likely ahead in the third wave of cannabis investing

5/31/20--As the transition into the third wave of cannabis investing approaches, one of the biggest downfalls of the second wave to date has been the failure of two major strategic investments into the cannabis industry to create value, according to an article by Alan Brochstein published in New Cannabis Ventures. Read

Why marijuana legalization won’t solve the industry’s problems

5/2/20--According to an article published in The Motley Fool, although legalizing marijuana could lead to significant opportunities in the industry, it won't be a band-aid solution for all of its problems. The article points out that one of the main reasons why is because marijuana companies are not profitable. and this has much more to do with a company's management than with whether it can sell across the country. Read

Ross Gerber says Tesla is pushing ahead of competitors during COVID-19 pandemic

4/17/20--Tesla Inc. has been one of the top performers in the market in the past month. On Friday, Ross Gerber, president and CEO of GerberKawasaki, joined Benzinga’s PreMarket Prep and discussed the ways he said Tesla is benefiting from the COVID-19 outbreak. Read

Take these steps to help prevent the Coronavirus from infecting your cannabis stocks

4/5/20--According to a Forbes article by Alan Brochstein, the COVID-19 crisis has created some operational challenges that will likely hurt the growth in the short-term of even relatively healthy companies, but the cannabis industry may experience stronger growth than many other industries as the crisis ensues. Brochstein says investors should choose their cannabis stocks very carefully in this environment. Read

Pot stocks plunge after another round of disappointing earnings

3/30/20--Quebec-based Hexo reported a net loss of $210.8 million in its fiscal second quarter, and Medipharm Labs Corp. stock fell 13.6%. Other pot companies also plan to announce loss earnings, including Cronos Group Inc., one of Canada’s largest pot producers. Shares of other Canadian pot companies largely fell: Tilray Inc. dropped 19.9%, Aurora Cannabis Inc. fell 9.4%, Aphria Inc. fell 4.6%, and Sundial Growers Inc. fell 2.9%. Read

The cannabis industry’s struggles could be great news for these companies

3/15/20--Marijuana stocks are plummeting and companies are running low on cash, making consolidation and bankruptcies inevitable in the near future. However, in other parts of the world marijuana companies still have good prospects. Read

Cannabis and Coronavirus: HEXO delays financial statements, Canopy Growth closes stores

3/17/20--Some cannabis companies have already been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. HEXO Corp. said it has not met the deadline for filing its interim financial statements for its fiscal second quarter because of several unexpected circumstances, while Canopy Growth announced it has decided to temporarily stop operating all corporate-owned Tokyo Smoke and Tweed retail stores across Canada, respecting the advice provided by various health bodies concerning the COVID-19 outbreak. Read    

Aurora Cannabis is now a penny stock. Will it recover?

3/12/20--Marijuana stocks have gone through a massive roller-coaster ride over the past couple of years. Now, there's just as much pessimism as there was optimism back then, and even well-established leaders in the cannabis industry have felt the pain. Read

The capital that ate wellness is going to eat your mushrooms

2/28/20--As published in a New York Times article by Jonah Engel Bromwich, Goop, Moon Juice and Daily Harvest investor Able Partners is now getting into psychedelics. The company is now an early-stage investor in two companies that are involved in research of psychedelic compounds for medical use, Compass Pathways and Atai Life Sciences. This year, Able has publicly dedicated itself to narrowing what its partners call “the wellness gap.” Read

3 marijuana stocks that could be millionaire-makers

2/2/20--According to an article by Keith Speights published in The Motley Fool, stocks with the greatest likelihood of building fortunes tend to have small market caps and huge market opportunities. The marijuana stocks Speights believes investors can buy right now that hold the potential to be millionaire-makers are: Valens, Organigram, and Innovative Industrial Properties. Read

Major Canadian pot companies facing proposed class-action lawsuits in the U.S.

1/19/20--Some of Canada's biggest cannabis producers are facing proposed class-action lawsuits in the United States after investors were hit with steep financial losses in the stock market. Although the allegations vary, each pot producer is accused of misleading investors or failing to disclose certain problems with their businesses. When those problems became publicly known, the lawsuits claim, share prices plunged and investors were stuck with losses. Read

Why marijuana dividend stock Innovative Industrial (IIPR) fell 18% in October

11/2/19--Shares of Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE:IIPR) declined 17.7% in October, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. The stock's return was also negative 17.7%, since no dividends were paid during the month. Innovative Industrial stock's subpar showing in October is being attributed to continued weakness in the overall cannabis sector rather than to company-specific happenings. Read

As Russian money poured into cannabis, Giuliani allies scrambled to partake

10/23/19--Russian investors have flocked to the U.S. cannabis industry in recent years. One venture involving associates of Rudy Giuliani drew the scrutiny of federal investigators. Read

Weekly cannabis stock news: GW Pharmaceuticals blows past estimates

8/12/19--Three noted marijuana stocks unveiled their latest quarterly figures last week -- Cronos Group, hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products specialist CV Sciences (OTC: CVSI), and maker of cannabis-based medicine GW Pharmaceuticals. Of the three, GW Pharmaceuticals had the best quarter by a wide margin. Read

Better cannabis stock: Aphria vs. Charlotte’s Web

8/11/19--According to The Motley Fool writer Keith Speights, Aphria and Charlotte's Web are both good stocks; however, Aphria is an underrated underdog that could be a big winner over the long run, in his view. Charlotte's Web's market share is still under $900 million, but Speights believes it could double over the next few years as the U.S. hemp CBD market shifts into high gear. Read

Pot stocks, ETFs, top news and data from the cannabis industry this week

1/25/19--Benzinga reports news items in the marijuana industry this week. Just to name a few, Acreage Holdings submitted a cannabis-focused PSA to CBS Corporation for the Super Bowl and was rejected. NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana was part of a group of investors that provided $75 million in venture capital to Caliva. U.S. surgeon general Jerome Adams faced backlash from an anti-marijuana tweet, and speculation about a potential decriminalization of marijuana in the U.S. hit new highs as the government shutdown lingered. Read

Wall Street’s top pot analyst loves Cronos deal for Altria: ‘Unique entry into cannabis’

12/10/18--Wall Street's top marijuana analyst, Vivien Azer, likes Marlboro maker Altria's $1.8 billion investment in Canadian pot company Cronos Group, telling clients the move represents a "unique entry into cannabis." According Azer, Cronos' emphasis on rare cannabinoids will likely prove valuable for Altria as it looks to diversify from tobacco and into up-and-coming markets like e-cigarettes and marijuana. Read

Barclays is making bigger bets in marijuana stocks

12/10/18--Barclays, one of the biggest banks in the world, disclosed that it initiated a position in the Canadian marijuana company, Tilray, in the third quarter. It owned 26,319 shares of Tilray stock as of Sept. 30. The company went public in July, and the stock is listed both in Canada and the U.S. Read

Say what? A marijuana stock buying back its shares

12/10/18--The newly public Curaleaf Holdings is attempting to show the world that not all marijuana companies will throw their shareholders under the bus during a rapid expansion process. Between Dec. 12, 2018, and Dec. 12, 2019, it plans to commence share repurchases totaling as much as $50 million, albeit the timing and amount of shares to be repurchased will depend on market conditions and other variables. Read

Is Aphria a marijuana house of cards or a bad-news buy?

12/7/18--Shares in Aphria Inc., the third-largest Canadian marijuana company, have crashed over 50% this week because of short-sellers. Since shares have fallen significantly, Aphria's management has taken notice and responded to the allegations calling the short report "a malicious and self-serving attempt to profit by manipulating Aphria's stock price at the expense of Aphria's shareholders." Read

Canopy Growth and 4 other cannabis stocks that look good here

10/6/18--Timothy Collins of Real Money identifies 5 marijuana stocks that offer some diversification or unique features in the legal-weed space: GW Pharma, Canopy Growth, KushCo Holdings, Pyxus International, and CannaRoyalty. Read

Everything you need to know about investing in Canadian marijuana stocks

9/27/18--The marijuana industry in Canada has exploded, with many Canadian marijuana stocks skyrocketing as well. What's going on now with marijuana in Canada? What threats exist for the marijuana industry? What are the best ways for investors to profit from the rapidly growing marijuana market? The Motley Fool presents everything you need to know about investing in Canadian marijuana stocks. Read

Oklahoma investors await marijuana industry regulations

9/11/18--Oklahoma residents looking to invest in the state's upcoming marijuana industry for medical use are anxiously awaiting the passage of business regulations. Many would-be business owners and startup companies are trying to get an early foothold in the this industry by investing in groundwork and business plans, despite no state standards set in stone yet. The medicinal use of marijuana was approved by Oklahoma voters in June. Read

4 niche marijuana stocks with massive market share

9/11/18--Marijuana stocks offering competitive advantages might prove attractive to investors. Throughout the industry, there are four such niche stocks that bring massive market share potential to the table: CannaRoyalty, Kush Bottles, GW Pharmaceuticals, and Innovative Industrial Properties. Read

The marijuana stock that Wall Street likes the most

9/9/18--Currently, four pure-play marijuana stocks are listed on U.S. stock exchanges, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Canopy Growth Corporation, Cronos Group, and Tilray. According to The Motley Fool writer Keith Speights, Tilray, at least for now, ranks as the marijuana stock that Wall Street likes the most. Tilray is attracting investors' attention because of the potential that it could be the next to land a major deal -- perhaps with Diageo, another big beverage company reportedly looking for a marijuana partner. Read

These three cannabis stocks have been hijacked by traders

9/9/18--Three stocks, Canopy Growth, Cronos Group, and Tilray, have rallied sharply since August 14th. These three companies share a common trait in that they are all listed on the NASDAQ or the NYSE. This listing status has attracted traders in the U.S. who have avoided the sector. According to Cannabis industry analyst Alan Brockstein, traders have pushed these three stocks much higher than their peers that don't trade on a major U.S. exchange. Read

Better Buy: Aphria Inc. vs. Aurora Cannabis Inc.

9/9/18--Although Canadian marijuana stocks, Aphria Inc. and Aurora Cannabis Inc., have soared over the past month, both stocks are still lower than their levels at the beginning of 2018. Aphria stock has performed better than Aurora so far this year and over the last few weeks. The Motley Fool outlines what needs to be known about how Aphria and Aurora Cannabis stack up against each other in three key areas. Read

Institutional investors currently buzzing on marijuana stocks

8/27/18--Many marijuana stocks experienced significant stock price hikes recently, with notable gains coming last week, and there’s anticipation of even more institutional investors buying into the cannabis industry. For a better sense of what types of investors could be driving the most recent and future market shifts, Pot Network provides an overview of who is currently investing in, or is planning to invest in, a major cannabis stock. Read

Bruce Linton discusses deploying CA$5 billion, Canopy’s commitment to international growth

8/16/18--Canopy Growth, a Canadian medical marijuana giant, is taking a massive 5 billion Canadian dollar ($3.8 billion) investment and going all in on worldwide medical and recreational cannabis business opportunities, the company’s CEO, Bruce Linton, said during an exclusive, wide-ranging question-and-answer session in Toronto. Constellation Brands – which owns, distributes, and markets 100 beer, wine, and spirits brands, announced this record-setting investment in Canopy Growth, the largest involving a marijuana company to date. Read

Corona beer giant puts $3.8 billion bet on US love of cannabis

8/16/18--Constellation Brands Inc., which for seven decades has made its money off beer, wine and whiskey, sees its future in a marijuana leaf. In the biggest (legal) cannabis deal, the Victor, New York-based beverage company will spend about $3.8 billion to boost its stake in Canadian grower Canopy Growth Corp., betting legalization will gain traction around the world and especially in the U.S. Read

Cronos, a marijuana producer, starts trading on the Nasdaq

2/27/18--Canadian marijuana producer Cronos Group is the first pot producer and seller to trade on Wall Street. Although other companies with indirect relations to cannabis are trading, this marks a big step for the cannabis industry. Read

Marijuana stocks rallied in December

1/11/18--Marijuana stocks continued the November rally into December as investors loaded up on stocks ahead of California’s legalized recreational sales. The U.S. Marijuana Index jumped 50% and the Canadian Marijuana Index climbed 65% for the month of December. Read

Which pure-play marijuana stock will have the highest operating margin?

12/1/17--The pure-play marijuana stock expected to have the highest operating margin on the entire pot industry will likely derive from cannabinoid-based drug developer GW Pharmaceuticals. GW Pharmaceuticals' experimental drug Epidiolex easily found the mark in numerous pivotal-stage clinical trials involving two rare types of childhood-onset epilepsy. If approved, Epidiolex could generate in the neighborhood of $500 million in peak annual sales giving it the highest operating margin of all pot stocks by the end of the decade. Read

Big-name investors pour millions into marijuana — both medicinal and not

8/28/17--Wealthy investors are pouring tens of millions into the cannabis industry in a bid to capitalize on the gold rush that’s expected when California legalizes recreational marijuana on Jan. 1. They’re backing development of new medicinal products, such as cannabis-infused skin patches; new methods for vaporizing and inhaling; and “budtender” apps, which promises to scour 750 strains of cannabis and use lab research, including DNA analysis of each strain, to help customers find the perfect match. Read

Marijuana sector leaders say they’ve met with TMX Group to discuss U.S. investments

6/12/17--Marijuana industry insiders say they have met with TMX Group, the operators of Canada's largest stock exchange, to devise a policy on investing in the U.S., where growing and selling cannabis violates federal laws. However, TMX Group would not confirm that it is holding meetings with the marijuana sector in order to formulate a policy regarding U.S. investments, saying in an email that it does not comment on "individual issuer affairs." Read

L.A. investor is betting $100 million on legal weed

5/26/17--Beverly Hills real estate firm Starpoint Properties said it plans to invest $100 million in California marijuana companies over the next 12 months. Starpoint CEO Paul Daneshrad's vehicle for cannabis investing is Stargreen Capital, a subsidiary of the original business drawing on the same assets, investors, and expertise. The firm is looking to invest up to $15 million in companies that, "Have a mindset to really get aggressive and capture market share," Daneshrad said. Read

Who cares what Jeff Sessions does? These marijuana stocks should soar

4/2/17--Although questions and concerns exist about whether or not U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will crack down on marijuana sales in states that have legalized the drug, two marijuana stocks won't be impacted by what Sessions does: Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth Corporation. Both stocks are performing well in 2017 so far and appear to be headed much higher. Read

Investor hopes to help others cash in on growing marijuana business

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-7-05-56-am11/20/16--Kyle Kazan, real estate investor and chief executive of Long?Beach-based Beach Front Property Management, Inc., has taken a lead role in creating a fund for those who want a piece of California’s marijuana industry. Kazan anticipates the maturation of the marijuana industry will attract additional investors with business experience, but for now, it’s his view that there is not yet enough capital for all of the potential investment opportunities related to cannabis. Read

As more states legalize marijuana, investors and marketers line up

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-10-35-26-pm11/20/16--According to Brendan Kennedy, CEO of the marijuana-focused private equity firm Privateer Holdings, there's been a surge of interest from investors since the passage of the eight ballot measures. The marijuana market has some unique characteristics that make it attractive to investors, but the big draw is the fledgling legal market for marijuana being around $7 billion, according to New Frontier and ArcView Market Research. Read

4 best marijuana stocks to play the green rush

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-10-40-15-am11/5/16--Zacks Investment Research has selected four cannabis linked stocks that are poised to benefit from the legalization of marijuana. These stocks also boast a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) or 2 (Buy): GW Pharmaceuticals,  The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company,  Pepsico, Inc., and Philip Morris International, Inc.. Read

Privateer raises $40M, exceeds $100M in total funding

fb-square-english-spanish11/4/16--Privateer Holdings, a cannabis-focused private equity firm in Seattle, announced Friday it has closed on $40 million in convertible bridge financing, bringing its fundraising total to $122 million. Privateer said it will use the money to launch new ventures, make strategic acquisitions, and expand its three existing portfolio companies into new markets. Read

Damian Marley invests in marijuana futures

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-8-50-28-am10/11/16--Singer Damian Marley, who has opened a massive dispensary in Colorado at Mile High Stadium, is collaborating with Ocean Grown Extracts, and a part of their joint venture is to turn a vacant Coalinga, California prison into a medical marijuana manufacturing plant, which Ocean Grown will use to sell wholesale to dispensaries. Marley’s initial interest was born out of his fondness for Ocean Grown, but the scope and details of the venture came after the two started working together. Read

SEC accuses marijuana-focused company, CEO of fraud

fb-square-english-spanish10/4/16--The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed fraud charges against Infinex Ventures and its CEO Ronald Salem, alleging they falsely claimed to have secured $100 million to finance marijuana businesses. The SEC also claims the company reported more than $500,000 in revenue for the second quarter of 2014, when in reality it didn’t have “any operations, revenue or funding.” Read

Conference promises ‘brutally honest’ advice on getting into the business

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-10-27-46-am9/22/16--On Friday, the editors of the Denver-based Marijuana Business Daily are setting up shop at the Marriott hotel in Center City for what it calls its Crash Course. Eight hours of workshops will offer guidance to aspiring players who want to know how the industry works. Read

Cannabis attracting mainstream research analysts

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-10-20-55-am9/22/16--Cowen and Company joins the ranks of the few mainstream research firms to officially begin covering the cannabis industry. A comprehensive 100 plus page report with contributions from ten different analysts was issued by Cowen Washington Research Group on September 12. Read

Ganjapreneurs pitch 200 marijuana investors at investment event

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-7-06-54-pm9/16/16--During the Investor Pitch Forum, hosted by the cannabis industry investment and research firm The Arcview Group, some 200 investors Arcview described as “high net worth” met with dozens of companies looking to cash in on the promising new market of legal recreational marijuana. Read