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Hemp industry continues to grow in KY; Could medical marijuana be next?

2/15/20--Kentucky is one of the top states for hemp farmers, and according to Kentucky CBD/Hemp Trade Show organizer Carmine De Santo, the success of hemp could be clearing the path for medical marijuana in Kentucky. House Bill 136 would legalize and regulate medical marijuana in Kentucky. It passed its first hurdle this week after it was approved by a committee with a vote of 17 to one. It’s expected to come up for a House vote soon. Read

Proponent discusses medical marijuana bill for Kentucky

3/8/19--According to Jennifer Knapp, a member of Kentuckians for Medicinal Marijuana, another step is made in the fight for legalizing medical marijuana in the state with the passing of House Bill 136. The piece of legislation would give doctors the ability to prescribe marijuana to treat chronic conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis with the properties provided by cannabis, like CBD and THC. Read

Proponent discusses medical marijuana bill for Kentucky

3/8/19--In Frankfort, the House Judiciary Committee approved House Bill 136. The legislation would give doctors the ability to prescribe marijuana to treat chronic conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis with the properties provided by cannabis, like CBD and THC. Kentucky's Legislative Research Commission said the bill requires a second reading, which can be done as soon as Tuesday, March 12. After that, it would be able to go for a full vote in the House. Read

Ky. Appeals Court dismisses lawsuit challenging Kentucky’s medical marijuana ban

3/8/19--The Kentucky Court of Appeals has sided with a lower court judge in dismissing a lawsuit seeking to overturn the state's ban on marijuana for medical purposes. The three-panel appeals court unanimously agreed that the decision to legalize medical marijuana is something that must be decided by the legislature. Read

Gov. Matt Bevin shows support for medical marijuana

2/13/19--Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says he'll be happy to sign a bill approving the use of medical marijuana after witnessing the death of a teenage nephew who had cancer who he believes could have been helped by marijuana. However, Gov. Bevin states he won't budge on his opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana in Kentucky. Read

Gov. Bevin says pension problem too big for marijuana legalization to solve

1/3/19--Governor Matt Bevin said legalizing marijuana is not going to be the sole solution to fixing Kentucky's underfunded pension system. Bevin also dismissed the idea of legalizing marijuana to help fix the problem, as he estimates that revenue alone would take hundreds of years to eventually replenish the pension system. Read

Marijuana skeptics fear ‘de facto legalization’ in states

10/6/18--With nine states, and the District of Columbia, now allowing the recreational use of cannabis — and more in the pipeline — advocates on both sides of the issue say that medical cannabis programs are increasingly functioning as a Trojan horse for de facto legalization in the 40 states where the politics of legalization aren’t quite ripe yet. And that’s rapidly changing the political and policy dynamics surrounding the emerging industry. Read

Court upholds Kentucky’s medical marijuana ban

9/21/17--Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate ruled to uphold Kentucky’s medical marijuana ban. In the ruling, he cited the need to “curtail citizens’ possession of a narcotic, hallucinogenic drug.” Judge Wingate’s decision ended a furious debate brought forth by three plaintiffs who decided to sue the state over “denying sick people safe medicine.” Read

Judge asks Kentucky officials to explain reasons for medical marijuana ban

8/24/17--Judge Thomas Wingate recently asked legal counsel for Governor Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear to explain their reasons for maintaining a prohibitionary standard with respect to the cannabis plant in the Bluegrass States. He is trying to understand exactly why the state has not yet legalized a medical marijuana program, especially since “we’ve pretty much decriminalized” the herb in more than half the nation. Read

Bevin and Beshear ask judge to dismiss medical marijuana lawsuit

7/13/17--Gov. Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear want a Frankfort judge to dismiss a lawsuit calling for the legalization of medical marijuana in Kentucky. Although Bevin and Beshear both seek dismissal of the lawsuit, their positions on the underlying issue differ. Read

Lollipops confiscated at Woodford County High. Are they laced with marijuana?

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-9-26-08-pm11/11/16--Police recently seized candy suckers at Woodford County High School that students had billed as marijuana-laced lollipops. The lollipops were sent to a Kentucky State Police lab for testing, but the results might not be available for several weeks. If the candy contains marijuana, charges will be filed. Read

Conference addresses ‘today’s marijuana’

9/15/16--One of the primary messages at a one-day conference in Glasgow addressing “today's marijuana,” is that the drug is not the same as it was decades ago. It is more potent, and it is definitely not the benign, relatively safe substance many think it is, multiple speakers said. Read