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King County providing beer, cigarettes to keep addicts in quarantine

4/30/20--King County officials are giving addicts beer, cigarettes - and until recently marijuana - so they won't leave a recovery center. Officials with the Department of Human and Community Services call it harm reduction and point out no tax payer money is being used. Some neighbors said it makes sense. Others called it a big mistake. Read

Most Washington teens report using marijuana less often since legalization

3/15/19--Marijuana use went down significantly among the state's 8th and 10th graders after it was legalized in Washington, according to a new study by WSU. The study looked into whether legalizing marijuana made any difference among 8th and 10th graders, plus high school seniors who work in jobs. Read

State House considers bill that would allow home grown marijuana

1/16/17--The State House is considering a bill that would allow adults over 21 to grow their own marijuana. Supporters argue that of the eight states that have legalized marijuana, Washington is the only one that doesn't allow home grows without a medical authorization. Read