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California Senator explains next steps for psychedelics and broader drug reform after bill stalls

9/9/10--A bill to legalize the possession of psychedelics in California has been put on pause until next year, but the Senate sponsor, Sen. Scott Wiener (D), says the move is part of the “complicated legislative process” to get reform enacted—and he’s confident it will ultimately prevail. Sen. Wiener said that it took significant compromise both internally and externally to get the bill through the Senate and two Assembly committees before he ultimately decided to temporarily pull it last month to build broader support for passage next year. Read

Helena, Lewis & Clark country preparing for recreational marijuana sales

9/2/21--The start of recreational marijuana sales in Montana is less than four months away, and local governments are beginning to consider what options they have for regulating the expanding industry. Helena City commissioners supported moving forward with a review of zoning rules for marijuana, as well as city ordinances on smoking in public places, while Lewis and Clark County leaders say they haven’t started updating their own regulations for recreational marijuana. However, they have started looking at the possibility of adopting a local-option tax on marijuana sales. Read

Group that spent $5M on Montana marijuana legalization measures won’t have to reveal donors

3/11/21--Montana’s top political cop now says a national group that spent millions supporting the successful voter initiative campaigns to legalize recreational marijuana will not have to reveal its donors. The decision ends a months-long effort to force the organization to provide more information about where the money it spent in Montana came from. Read