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Will California’s pesticide regulations hurt the weed industry?

8/14/17--Pesticide regulations released earlier this year by the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis are some of the strictest requirements in the country — possibly the strictest — and have left both cultivators and testing laboratories reeling. Yet, while California will certainly have some of the “more stringent testing standards of any state that’s legalized thus far,” Alex Traverso, chief of communications at the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation, said they’re trying to protect consumers while minimizing financial burden on producers. Read

Montel Williams enters green rush he helped to create

7/28/17--Television personality Montel Williams, who has supported legalization, decriminalization, and the medical use of pot for nearly two decades, is the latest to back a cannabis product line. He launched his elixirs, LenitivLabs, in Southern California this week, and founded the firm, Lenitiv Scientific LLC. The line, available at select local dispensaries, includes drink "shots" and cannabinoid oils of varying potency. Read

L.A. investor is betting $100 million on legal weed

5/26/17--Beverly Hills real estate firm Starpoint Properties said it plans to invest $100 million in California marijuana companies over the next 12 months. Starpoint CEO Paul Daneshrad's vehicle for cannabis investing is Stargreen Capital, a subsidiary of the original business drawing on the same assets, investors, and expertise. The firm is looking to invest up to $15 million in companies that, "Have a mindset to really get aggressive and capture market share," Daneshrad said. Read

The rise of high-end culinary cannabis

4/19/17--Cannabis-centered dinner parties, pop-ups, and private events have become ubiquitous all over L.A. Cannabis entrepreneurs are bounding past the stoner-style norm to create beautiful, luxurious new ways to eat weed. With the passing of California’s Proposition 64 to legalize recreational marijuana use, it seems it's likely that even more pot-related parties and players will enter into the edible space. Read

L.A. City Council president wants to legalize pot shops

11/1/16--City Council president Herb Wesson wants voters to approve the Cannabis Enforcement, Taxation and Regulation Act, which would repeal Proposition D on July 31, 2018, and would leave regulation specifics, including licensing, to the City Council, according to a list of recommendations to the body. Representatives of Wesson's office have previously said he's open to expanding the number of city-recognized shops beyond 135 and would consider legalizing delivery services. Read

New study examines medical marijuana’s effects on drivers

10/19/16--The University of California at San Diego's Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research is in the early stages of conducting a two-year driving study that could help determine marijuana’s effects on driving with an emphasis on the key to understanding impaired driving. Read

Brangelina split: Is marijuana the new homewrecker?

9/21/16--Some reports have speculated that it was marijuana and alcohol, and not any third party, that caused Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to split. Is cannabis, in particular, really a potential homewrecker? Its reputation, at least, seems to defy that characterization, but experts say weed can have a dark side that can, indeed, unravel relationships. Read

Question of marijuana ads on TV shapes legalization battle

9/15/16--Opponents of marijuana legalization have hit a nerve with their contention that Proposition 64 would allow pot ads on primetime television in the Golden State. Read

Malibu marijuana farmers market proves that weed is the new wine

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-11-47-05-am9/1/16--At the inaugural Emerald Exchange farmers market, a group of Mendocino farmers descended upon Malibu’s bluffs to prove that cannabis consumption is no longer about dirty bongs and debilitating highs. Read

Opiate addiction experts turn to marijuana as safer alternative to pain relief

8/26/16--Marijuana continues to show great promise in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, issues that are currently treated primarily via opiates. Dr. Daniele Piomelli, a professor of anatomy and neurobiology at the UC Irvine School of Medicine is calling the use of marijuana in pain management an encouraging turning point in the opiate crisis. Read

High Times makes major move into marijuana media, signs with UTA

8/24/16--High Times, and the print and digital magazine that has been covering cannabis for more than 40 years, recently signed an agreement with United Talent Agency. The partnership is a first for both High Times and UTA. Never has a major Hollywood talent agency teamed up with a business in the cannabis industry. Read