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Frontline advocates view $26 bln opioid deal with frustration, worry

7/27/21--Four major U.S. drug companies Johnson & Johnson, AmerisourceBergen Corp, Cardinal Health Inc (CAH.N) and McKesson Corp) agreed to a $26 billion settlement last week to end lawsuits over the opioid crisis, but treatment advocates expressed frustration that the money will be slow to arrive and worry it could be misspent. The distributors will make payments over 18 years and Johnson & Johnson over nine years. Read

Drug distributors and J. & J. reach $26 billion deal to end opioid lawsuits

7/21/21--Johnson & Johnson and the drug distributors Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen and McKesson, the country’s three major drug distributors and pharmaceutical giant, have reached a $26 billion deal with states that would release some of the biggest companies in the industry from all civil liability in the opioid epidemic, a decades-long public health crisis that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Read

Op-Ed: Who is responsible for the opioid crisis, and who ultimately pays?

7/18/21--In an op-ed by Sam Quinones, a former Los Angeles Times reporter and author of “Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic,” Quinones believes the healthcare system incentivizes profitable pills and pill-taking over wellness. According to the doctors he spoke to, American healthcare consumers pushed back when doctors suggested there wasn't a need for narcotics to treat ailments. Quinones suggests we didn’t want to hear it, so American healthcare consumers were also part of the Opioid Era along with Purdue Pharma. Read

States and cities near tentative $26 billion deal in opioid cases

7/20/21--The three largest pharmaceutical distributors and Johnson & Johnson are on the verge of a $26 billion deal with states and municipalities that would settle thousands of lawsuits over their role in the opioid epidemic and pay for addiction and prevention services nationwide. Read

Opening access to psilocybin therapy for seriously ill patients: The petitioners’ opening brief in AIMS et al v DEA

5/19/21--Emerge Law Group represents a Seattle palliative care physician and co-director of an integrative oncology clinic, and a number of his patients with advanced cancer in a case seeking to open access to psilocybin therapy for patients with serious illness under state and federal Right to Try laws. Today they filed their brief, Petitioners Opening Brief, in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Read

Cannabis business file lawsuit against OSDH, OMMA over-to-sale program

4/15/21--More than 10,000 cannabis businesses have joined a lawsuit against the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority saying the implementation of the Metrc seed-to-sale program is unlawful. According to the lawsuit, Metrc, the vendor selected by the state, would provide seed-to-sale tracking and earn over $12 million in the first year alone as it has a monopoly over the state. Read

Purdue Pharma offers restructuring plan, Sackler family would give up ownership

3/16/21--Under a bankruptcy plan filed late Monday night, Purdue Pharma would pay roughly $500 million in cash up front to settle hundreds of thousands of injury claims linked to the company's role in the deadly opioid epidemic. The company said additional payments would be spread over the next decade, including installments on roughly $4.2 billion promised by members of the Sackler family who own the firm. Read

U.S. opposes marijuana dispensary’s tax fight for SCOTUS review

2/12/21--The IRS has argued that the fight that Denver-based marijuana dispensary Standing Akimbo has presented over summonses related to possible business deductions shouldn’t be heard by the Supreme Court because the tax code explicitly bars such businesses from receiving deductions. Read  

NM judge invalidates medical cannabis rules

1/29/21--First Judicial District Court Judge Bryan Biedscheid ruled on Thursday that rules adopted by the state’s Medical Cannabis Program last year are effectively invalid. In his ruling, the New Mexico state district court judge repeatedly wrote that rule amendments promulgated by the Medical Cannabis Program last year lacked “substantial evidence” to support claims made by the program and the New Mexico Department of Health, which oversees the program. Read

Mississippi defends initiatives in medical marijuana lawsuits

12/29/20--Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn a medical marijuana initiative that Mississippi voters approved, state attorneys said in filed court papers. She opposed Initiative 65 because it limits cities' ability to regulate the location of medical marijuana businesses. The attorney general's office filed arguments Monday on behalf of Secretary of State Michael Watson, attacking the premise of Butler's lawsuit. Read

Arguments filed in suit against legal marijuana in South Dakota

12/29/20--More arguments are being filed in a lawsuit seeking to overturn a citizen-approved constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana in the South Dakota. Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom and South Dakota Highway Patrol Superintendent Rick Miller filed a lawsuit last month challenging the constitutionality of the amendment, which legalized the cultivation, transport, possession and sale of marijuana in in the state. Read

Side detail arguments in SD marijuana amendment lawsuit

12/28/20--Plaintiffs are arguing that an amendment legalizing marijuana violates the South Dakota Constitution in harmful ways, while the defendants say it doesn’t and that the suit was brought too late and without standing. Read

Illinois Supreme Court to decide fate of last contested medical marijuana growing license in the state

12/30/20--A five-year court case soon to be brought before the Illinois Supreme Court will determine if a coveted cannabis growing license should continue to be held by the company already using it in Aurora, or potentially go to a rival that wants to set up shop in Zion. Read

Black delays decision on cannabis suit

12/31/20--26th Circuit Court Judge Ed Black heard arguments from Sean Gallagher, attorney for Alpena businessman Bob Currier, who asked Black to prevent the city from moving forward with the development of the two businesses while the court addresses a lawsuit filed by Currier. At least another week is needed before Alpena city officials will know if they can proceed with their plan to establish two medical marijuana provisioning centers in Alpena. Read

“False and Misleading:” Suit claims select vapes contain less THC than labelled

7/31/20--A new class action lawsuit against Oregon cannabis company Cura CS LLC seeks more than $10M over claims that its Select Elite vape cartridges contained much less THC than labeled. Read

Texas businesses file lawsuit against state for smokable hemp ban

8/6/20--Hemp manufacturers and retailers in Texas filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, challenging the Texas health department on its recently enacted ban on selling smokable hemp products. The lawsuit seeks a declaration that the department’s ban on processing and manufacturing hemp products for smoking in Texas is unconstitutional, and that the provision banning the distribution and retail sale of hemp products is invalid. Read

Canadian cannabis companies sued over product mislabeling

7/9/20--A class-action lawsuit over packaging mislabeling filed in a Calgary court is taking aim at some of the Canadian cannabis market’s biggest names. The plaintiff, Lisa Marie Langevin from Calgary, Alberta, claims that the several companies sold cannabis products to consumers and patients “with THC or CBD content levels that were drastically different from the amount advertised on the label.” Read

Cannabis companies facing proposed class-action lawsuit over alleged mislabelling

6/18/20--Some major cannabis companies in Canada are facing a multi-million dollar proposed class-action lawsuit over allegations the potency of their products is “drastically different” than advertised. The statement of claim filed in Calgary on Tuesday accuses the companies of failing to properly label their products and alleges negligence on their part. Read

Proposed class action targets CBD maker over ADA website accessibility

2/7/20--Last month, a putative class action lawsuit was filed in New York federal court against Charlotte’s Web, Inc., a Colorado-based maker of cannabidiol (“CBD”) oils, balms and gummies claiming that its website is not accessible to visually impaired shoppers, in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Read

Judge allows hemp oil seller’s defamation suit to continue

6/15/18--U.S. District Judge John Steele will allow a hemp oil company’s defamation suit to continue against a Florida doctor interviewed by a local TV news station. The federal judge denied Dr. Joseph Dorn’s request to dismiss the lawsuit filed by AFI Holdings of Illinois last year over the doctor’s comments to a reporter about a hemp oil product. Read

Oregon marijuana growers face lawsuit from vineyard owner over crop’s smell

11/24/17--Yamhill County Judge John Collins has denied a motion to dismiss a complaint filed by a vineyard owner against aspiring marijuana growers. The vineyard owner, Momtazi Family LLC, claims marijuana odors would damage wine grapes with “foul-smelling particles.” Judge Collins said the right-to-farm law doesn’t provide the growers with blanket immunity, but can be used as a defense later in the case. Read

Scammers used my article and Montel’s name to hock ‘CBD’

10/29/17--A lawsuit is being filed on behalf of former TV host Montel Williams and Montel Williams Enterprises, Inc. over the misuse of his name and reputation in what is likely the first such case for the cannabis industry. Filed with the U.S. District Court in Miami, the complaint alleges that at least three companies linked to Timothy K. Isaac of Scottsdale, Arizona have intentionally and “blatantly” been using Williams’ reputation as a celebrity and CBD proponent following a Forbes article, as well as comments he made therein and elsewhere, to sell “purported CBD oils” through numerous websites as part of multiple “unscrupulous businesses online scams that are deceiving customers.” Read

Celebrity sues CBD line, claiming trademark violation

9/28/17--Actress Jessica Alba is suing a Colorado business that makes CBD nutritional supplements, claiming that Honest Herbal infringes on the trademark of her Los Angeles firm, The Honest Co., which makes personal-care products and vitamins. Alba argues in the federal lawsuit filed in California that the 3-year-old CBD company is trying “to confuse consumers and profit from the goodwill and consumer recognition associated with The Honest Co.’s HONEST Marks,” which include product lines Honest Beauty, Honest Man, and Honest Baby. Read

Federal lawsuit against Sessions and DEA says marijuana’s Schedule I status unconstitutional

7/25/17--A diverse cadre of cannabis advocates filed a federal lawsuit Monday challenging the constitutionality of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as it pertains to marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Drug Enforcement Agency acting administrator Charles Rosenberg were named as defendants in the lawsuit brought by a former NFL player, two children using medical marijuana, an Iraq War vet with post-traumatic stress disorder, and a social justice nonprofit organization. Read

John Morgan and Ray Rodrigues Spar Over Future of Smokeable Medical Marijuana

6/12/17--Orlando attorney John Morgan and House Majority Leader and primary Amendment 2 sponsor Ray Rodrigues are still debating over medical marijuana. Rodrigues, R-Estero, took a swipe at Morgan’s newly-filed lawsuit to allow smokeable medical marijuana in Florida. Citing studies showing smoking is an ineffective way to ingest the drug, Rodrigues said the majority of Florida voters don’t support recreational medical marijuana -- and neither does he. Read