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Maine Medical Association criticizes Question 1 endorsement

11/4/16--In a Portland Press Herald editorial, Maine Medical Association president Charles F. Pattavina, M.D. urges voters to oppose Question 1. Surveys of the organization's member physicians show most oppose the ballot question, which would allow unrestricted recreational use of marijuana. The MMA believes that legalizing marijuana would encourage risky behavior and legitimize substance use amid a drug overdose epidemic. Read

Leads shrink for 4 of the 6 Maine ballot issues, poll indicates

10/30/16--Mainers polled this month indicate they will approve all six referendum questions on the Nov. 8 ballot, medicine but the approval margins on three of the more hotly contested issues – including marijuana – has narrowed since a similar Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram poll was conducted in September. If the actual vote reflects the poll results, no rx Mainers will legalize recreational use of marijuana. Read

Legal marijuana’s risks for children aren’t what you might think

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-12-13-27-am10/24/16--Younger children are more likely to be accidentally exposed to marijuana as access to the drug increases. Edibles, in particular, are more likely than some other drugs to send children to the hospital, but while marijuana poisonings among the youngest Maine children are uncommon, it's rising. Whereas, seemingly legalization isn’t increasing pot use among older children, at least not yet. Teens are by no means giving up on marijuana, but use is down according to Centers for Disease Control data. Read

Maine towns seek to delay marijuana clubs, stores ahead of Question 1 vote

10/24/16--Maine cities and towns are moving to enact moratoriums on marijuana social clubs and retail stores in anticipation of the passage of referendum Question 1 on the ballot in November. Although other states have legalized marijuana, Maine could become the first state to establish clubs where people can consume recreational marijuana in a social setting. Read

Effort to legalize marijuana is full of smoke and mirrors

10/17/16--District attorney of Cumberland County Stephanie Anderson is urging voters to vote “no” on Question 1 because a “yes” vote will enact L.D. 1701, 30 pages of legislation that does not treat marijuana like alcohol. Anderson states, "It creates a profit-driven industry that will aggressively market product, increase consumers, and continuously push more potent (and, therefore, more addictive) products, while insisting they are not harmful." Read 

Maine marijuana referendum campaign intensifies

10/11/16--With the election a month away, Maine marijuana advocates are airing television ads in an effort to overcome resistance from law enforcement groups, concerned parents, and some members of the medical cannabis community to get recreational use of marijuana approved in the state. Read

United by pot, divided by policy: How Maine’s pro-marijuana forces disagree

10/12/16--One of the biggest hurdles for marijuana advocates in Maine is finding common ground among the enthusiasts who philosophically agree with legalization. Anxiety around the recreational legalization proposal in Question 1 is coming from the caregiver community, some of whom fear their niche market could collapse. Read

No on 1. It’s not in Maine’s best interests to make it easier to access marijuana

10/14/16--The Bangor Daily News Editorial Board recommends a “no” vote on Question 1. According to the board, Maine is in the midst of a deadly addiction crisis that will likely kill at least one Mainer per day this year. At the same time, the state’s public health and addiction treatment systems have been decimated by an administration that cares more about punishment than prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation. Read

Maine AG says Question 1 would allow children to have pot

10/13/16--Maine Attorney General Janet Mills issued a revised assessment that the bill would make it legal for children to possess up to 2.5 ounces of the drug. In Mills’ notes, she wrote that the “the initiated bill purports to allow only people over 21 years of age to buy and consume marijuana, however it says nothing about people under the age of 21. Nothing in this bill makes it unlawful for a child to possess marijuana — there are no penalties.” Read

If tobacco and opioids aren’t bad enough, how about legal marijuana?

10/3/16--Maine voters will choose whether to legalize pot in November. Certified prevention specialist Scott M. Gagnon believes Question 1 is a tone-deaf proposal to legalize an addictive substance and create an industry for it. He urges Maine to reject legal pot, and poses the question, doctor "At a time when our opioid epidemic is out of control, do we really want more drug problems?" Read

Marijuana pays for schools in Colorado — kind of — but how will it help Maine?

9/10/16--Many voters are unsure about how money generated from legalizing marijuana will be spent. Tax analysts say the potential for more revenue from pot shouldn't be the sole reason to support marijuana legalization because it may not be enough to solve big budgetary problems that states face. Read

With marijuana legalization vote looming, Bangor leaders weigh restrictions

8/23/16--Bangor officials are preparing for the potential legalization of recreational marijuana by considering ways they might restrict cannabis sales and use in the city. Read