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Coronavirus: Cannabis Control Commission to study medical marijuana supply chain after spike in patient applications during COVID-19 pandemic

4/3/20--As the cannabis industry in Massachusetts has been jolted by the COVID-19 pandemic, halting the sale of recreational marijuana through at least early next month, there has been a spike in the number of registrations for new medical patients. However, with that increase comes concern about the marijuana supply chain. Read

Large-scale marijuana operation with Mass. ties shipped drugs in golf cart boxes, Feds say

1/19/20--William P. Murphy and Claudio Cardaropoli, co-conspirators in a $20 million nationwide marijuana trafficking ring, often shipped drugs in boxes purporting to contain golf carts, according to an FBI agent who testified at a hearing in U.S. District Court. Both have been charged with marijuana trafficking conspiracy, money laundering, and drug distribution. Read

Marijuana company NETA settles trademark lawsuit with wood business Boise Cascade

10/25/19--Boise Cascade Company and New England Treatment Access reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit, in which the lumber company had alleged that NETA was ripping off their trademarked logo. The Idaho-based lumber company Boise Cascade, which has a distribution center in Westfield and an administrative office in Billerica, sued the Franklin-based marijuana company NETA in April in U.S. District Court in Boston. Read

National marijuana survey plan announced by Massachusetts consultant and UMass-Dartmouth

6/29/18--The Cannabis Community Care and Research Network of Somerville said it will work with the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth to mount a national survey of marijuana use. "The survey is aimed to better understand consumer/patient demographics, attitudes, choices, methods of consumption, and knowledge of cannabis products in legal cannabis states," a press release said. The plan for the survey was approved by the institutional review board of UMass-Dartmouth, and findings are to be published in a peer-reviewed journal and provided at conferences and forums. Read

City councilors went on a marijuana fact-finding mission in Denver

6/29/18--City councilors praised a two-day visit to Colorado this week, saying it helped provide "invaluable" information on how the council can properly regulate future recreational marijuana businesses here. Four Springfield councilors took part in the trip, meeting with Denver city officials and other stakeholders regarding the marijuana industry in that city. The excursion included multiple meetings and discussions and a visit to a marijuana facility there. Read

South Hadley town meeting approves marijuana sales ban; residents to make final decision during April election

1/10/18--By a 44 to 37 vote, Town Meeting on Wednesday said yes to a total ban on the sale of recreational marijuana in town. The action means voters during April's annual South Hadley municipal election will decide whether to confirm the prohibition. If the ballot question is approved in the spring, recreational marijuana cannot be sold in town. Read

Movie theaters, restaurants and yoga, massage studios will be allowed to sell marijuana as regulations take shape in Massachusetts

12/14/17--Movie theaters, restaurants, yoga and massage studios and a wide variety of other businesses in Massachusetts will be allowed to sell customers single-use portions of marijuana under new regulations shaping up within the Cannabis Control Commission. The much anticipated discussion of "mixed-use" licenses which will allow permitted businesses to provide customers marijuana for use on the premises occurred over a number of meetings this week, bringing new clarity to the picture of the state's nascent legal pot industry. Read

Massachusetts farmers hope to keep marijuana business local

10/8/17--Sheffield farmer Ted Dobson is one of a number of farmers in Massachusetts who are hoping to get into the nascent recreational marijuana industry. While many of the companies currently growing medical marijuana in Massachusetts are large corporations, these farmers have been lobbying for laws and rules that would keep recreational marijuana growing accessible to local agriculture. Read

Easthampton Planning Board to discuss recreational marijuana zoning

7/28/17--The Easthampton Planning Board is preparing to discuss a purpose statement for new zoning for recreational marijuana. Such zoning could decide where cannabis shops are allowed, their hours of operation, signage, and describe other potential limitations. Any zoning change must ultimately be approved by the City Council. Read

Marijuana in Massachusetts: Here’s what you need to know

6/29/17--Massachusetts lawmakers are scrambling to change the new marijuana law. The Massachusetts House approved a bill that essentially repeals and replaces the voter-approved law, while the Massachusetts Senate wants to tweak the new law. Legalization advocates prefer the Senate version and have harshly criticized the House version. This article outlines the proposed changes. Read

Marijuana store owner speaks after police served cease and desist order

3/3/17--Charles Christian Jr, co-owner of Mary Jane Makes Your Heart Sing in Springfield, shuttered by the city for giving out marijuana after charging an admission fee, said he believes his operation was allowed under Massachusetts' marijuana legalization law. The business will remain closed in cooperation with the city's cease and desist order as he attempts to find a legal way forward. Read

‘Overwhelming’ marijuana smell leads Springfield police to drug, gun arrests

1/10/17--During a traffic stop, Sgt. Julio Toledo was overwhelmed by a strong odor of burnt marijuana emanating from inside the car of Brandon Lamore. Lamore pleaded not guilty in Springfield District Court to 10 charges, including possession of a firearm without a license, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute (second offense), driving under the influence of drugs (marijuana), and driving with a license revoked as a habitual traffic offender. Read

Youth advocates urge Easthampton officials to limit marijuana storefronts

12/22/16--School officials and youth advocates on Wednesday asked the City Council to limit the number of retail marijuana licenses allowed in the city, citing concerns about the potential for pot shops to influence teen drug use and harm Easthampton's "family friendly culture." The group asked the council to cap the number of retail marijuana licenses at no more than 20 percent of the number of licenses issued for liquor stores. Read

Boston, marijuana capital of the world? Location makes it possible

12/21/16--Marijuana data and investment firms ArcView Market Research and New Frontier published a study earlier in the year predicting Boston as the cannabis capital of the world since it's within driving distance of many of the most populous places in America. Furthermore, cannabis tourism will drive significant revenue, tax dollars, and job growth which will make legalization very attractive to neighboring states. Read

Legal marijuana in MA could mean ‘spike in arrests’ in NY

12/5/16--Top Rensselaer County law officials anticipate more arrests and possession tickets as a result of marijuana becoming legal in Massachusetts in 2018, mind according to The Troy Record. Troy Police Chief John Tedesco told the paper he considered a "spike in arrests" possible and said "preventative measures" like "undercover details and, certainly, vehicle stops," might be necessary. Read

Say no to recreational use of marijuana

9/28/16--Holyoke Council President Kevin A. Jourdain says the City Council should declare its opposition to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Massachusetts. According to Jourdain, nurse the reason is because Mayor Alex B. Morse has stated his support for legalization of marijuana for recreational use and a council thumbs-down would reflect that some residents disagree with that. Read

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says substance should be safely regulated in Mass.

8/25/16--Sen. Elizabeth Warren is open to supporting legalization in Massachusetts with some regulation of it, ambulance and says Massachusetts should learn from other states that have legalized marijuana. Read