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Can the latest Olympic controversy change cannabis policy?

7/13/21--In an op-ed penned by Jordan Tishler, MD, cannabis specialist and President of the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists, he expresses his unique perspective on the science and the politics of cannabis and believes that this Olympic controversy pertaining to Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension is entirely a political problem. Tishler also firmly believes it is unfortunate that Richardson has become the victim of decades of racist policy and states it's time for these policies to be changed. Read

Too high, or not high enough? Study finds cannabis potency labeling is often wildly inaccurate

4/14/21--A new study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests that a regulatory labeling system featuring two three-letter acronyms accompanied by percentages: CBD and THC could frequently be way off — giving consumers radically different psychoactive experiences than what they might be expecting. Read