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All eyes of FDA: The upcoming regulation of Juul e-cigarettes

8/6/21--Following a court ruling, FDA must issue PMTA orders by September 9, pro or con, for every e-cigarette brand or variant that has applied to stay on the market and take any not receiving permissive orders off the market. So, the big questions are whether FDA will issue PMTA orders to allow the continued marketing of any e-cigarettes, and if so, what restrictions and requirements FDA might put on the permitted e-cigarettes, their flavors, and their marketing. Read

Does TikTok push vaping?

7/26/21--To identify vaping-related videos out of the billions posted on TikTok, doctoral student Tianze Sun of the University of Queensland in Saint Lucia, Australia and colleagues searched for hashtags such as #vaping and #vapetricks, as well as one associated with the Juul brand of e-cigarette. They then selected 1,000 with the most page views, eventually discarding 192 that proved to be duplicates or were discovered not to involve vaping despite the hashtags. The most disturbing result from the study is that 20% showed users performing tricks with vaping devices and were also the most viewed by far at 460 million. Read

FDA must act quickly on menthol ban to save Black lives, advocates argue

7/23/21--Tobacco control advocates argued that the FDA must act swiftly to ban all menthol products and address the "pernicious targeting" of Black smokers, during an online briefing hosted by the Alliance for Health Policy and sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Read

Juul bought out medical journal for 51K

7/13/21--Juul Labs is facing scrutiny for funding and working on studies of their products, and paying a journal to publish them. Juul teamed up with healthcare consultants Pinney Associates and the Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR), chiefly, to examine its tobacco vaping device, as FDA weighs whether to grant the company a Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) as a safer alternative to cigarettes. Read

Can the latest Olympic controversy change cannabis policy?

7/13/21--In an op-ed penned by Jordan Tishler, MD, cannabis specialist and President of the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists, he expresses his unique perspective on the science and the politics of cannabis and believes that this Olympic controversy pertaining to Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension is entirely a political problem. Tishler also firmly believes it is unfortunate that Richardson has become the victim of decades of racist policy and states it's time for these policies to be changed. Read

FDA must do more to stop youth vaping, House members say

6/23/21--House members told FDA Acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock, MD, at a hearing on youth vaping that the FDA should be doing more to stop kids from getting addicted to e-cigarettes. Subcommittee chairman Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.) began the hearing by laying out statistics on the problem and he focused some of his questions on flavored e-cigarettes, noting that the agency's 2020 e-cigarette "flavor ban" included two exemptions: one for tobacco and menthol flavors for Juul and other cartridge-based devices, and another for all flavors of disposable e-cigarettes. Read

Op-Ed: Are marijuana use and suicide linked?

4/23/21--In an op-ed by addiction psychiatrist Libby Stuyt, MD, she points out that data linking marijuana use to people with suicidal ideation, attempts, and completed suicides are steadily increasing. There has been a significant increase in the number of teen suicides in Colorado in the last 5 years, up to 80 in 2019, along with a significant increase in the number with marijuana found in their system. The fact that marijuana is the number one drug found when toxicology is reported correlates with the increased THC potency and availability. Read