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Federal health official says “There is no such thing as medical marijuana”

3/5/18--As health officials, law enforcement, and politicians carve a path forward through interdiction, treatment, and opioid alternatives, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Alex Azar has already dismissed medical cannabis as an option, even in the face of continued research showing the controversial plant's immense ability to wean users off pain pills and heroin. According to Azar, there is no such thing as medical marijuana, and there is no FDA approved use of marijuana. Read

California proposes zero tolerance policy for underage drivers on marijuana

2/22/18--A recently introduced piece of legislation in California's State Senate is targeting Golden State teenagers and young adults as a way to combat wider concerns about stoned drivers, despite a lack of accepted science or data supporting the bill. Senate Bill 1273 (SB1273), introduced by State Senator Jerry Hill, D - San Mateo, would create a zero tolerance policy for cannabis use by California drivers under the age of 21. The bill would give law enforcement officers the ability enforce a one year driver's license suspension for any minor who fails a roadside cannabis test, no matter when they last consumed the now-legal plant. Read

Recreational cannabis in New Jersey could put a dent in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry

11/27/17--The prospects for legalizing marijuana in New Jersey look promising after voters elected Phil Murphy to the governor’s office in November. Yet, while the Garden State is eagerly anticipating the great financial opportunities that legal cannabis will bring, some members of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry are worried that easy access to recreational weed across the state line may steal their thunder. Read

Congressman Earl Blumenauer wants to see medical marijuana in professional sports

11/6/17--Congressional cannabis champion Rep. Earl Blumenauer is the latest public figure to weigh in on medical marijuana in professional sports, urging both the NBA and NFL to stop persecuting their players for using a natural painkiller. Read

Denver’s public libraries are fully embracing cannabis education

10/15/17--In Denver, legalization has normalized marijuana so much that even the area’s local public libraries are doing their part to mainstream the once forbidden crop. According to extensive research conducted by reporters at Westword, Denver’s chain of publicly funded Anythink Libraries chain stocks 108 cannabis-related books, 259 e-books, 56 audio books, 140 albums, and 65 movies. Since legalization, officials at the public libraries have made an effort to make sure their palaces of public learning are up to date with the needs of their community. Read

Uncertainty surrounds Maine’s recreational marijuana law

10/2/17--There is now a distinct possibility that Maine’s recreational marijuana implementation bill could be shot down. According to a report from the Portland Press-Herald, House Minority Leader Ken Fredette has said that he will likely oppose a bill that a special legislative committee has been working on for months in an attempt to hash out the details of the state’s legal marijuana market. The state’s House leader says the current proposal, which has been nine months in the making, attempts to tackle too many issues at one time. Read

Marijuana possession is officially decriminalized in New Hampshire

9/17/17--Marijuana possession is no longer a criminal offense in New Hampshire. However, Granite State residents still can’t buy their weed in retail shops or legally grow their own at home. According to Tom Angell at Forbes, anyone caught in New Hampshire with three quarters of an ounce of weed or less will be subject to a simple fine of $100 for a first or second time offense. On a third possession stop within three years, the fine jumps to $300, before finally becoming a criminal misdemeanor only on the fourth such police encounter. Read

Massachusetts municipalities are fighting to ban legal cannabis – and winning

9/18/17--Although nearly two million Massachusetts residents voted to legalize cannabis last November, local governments across the state are fighting to keep legal marijuana out of their cities and towns – and winning. Municipal officials across the state were granted the power to keep legal cannabis out of their communities by a re-write of the voter-approved legalization measure that state legislators passed this summer. Read

Judge asks Kentucky officials to explain reasons for medical marijuana ban

8/24/17--Judge Thomas Wingate recently asked legal counsel for Governor Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear to explain their reasons for maintaining a prohibitionary standard with respect to the cannabis plant in the Bluegrass States. He is trying to understand exactly why the state has not yet legalized a medical marijuana program, especially since “we’ve pretty much decriminalized” the herb in more than half the nation. Read

Scientific community pushes back against V.A.’s latest “worthless” medical marijuana studies

8/22/17--Although recent studies from the Department of Veterans Affairs suggest that cannabis is ineffective in the treatment of PTSD and chronic pain, soldiers of the scientific community agree that this research is the same “worthless,” rehashed noise that the federal government has been trying to sell the general public for decades. Read

New York lawmakers make second attempt to legalize marijuana in 2017

6/9/17--New York lawmakers will soon reintroduce proposals that aim to establish a fully legal recreational marijuana trade. The proposals -- A3506 and S3040 -- would give adults 18 and older the freedom to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow up to six plants at home for personal use. It would also establish a fully legal cannabis industry by giving adults 21 and older the freedom to purchase cannabis products from retail dispensaries in a manner that compares to purchasing alcohol. Read

Ohio governor believes MMJ’s role in taming the opioid epidemic is a scam

4/2/17--Ohio Governor John Kasich says he does not have any faith in the state’s newly legal medicinal cannabis program’s power to cut through the junkie scourge. He firmly believes Ohio’s medical marijuana program would play absolutely no role in curbing the state's opioid epidemic, despite research showing that marijuana does play a role in preventing people from using opioids. Read

Federal bill designed to end marijuana prohibition in 2017

2/10/17--In an effort to prevent newly confirmed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions from imposing a major crackdown on the cannabis industry, Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California is making a push that would prevent the government from undermining the marijuana laws approved for individual states. The bill (Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2017) would provide the cannabis community with immunity from federal prosecution as long as state laws are being followed. Read

NSDUH breaks down last year’s national marijuana usage

1/9/17--The latest data presented by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows that states with recreational and medical legalization have higher rates of cannabis use, while states without legislation do not. While some aspects of the data may not be surprising, it does provide insight into what a difference a state line can make. Read

Fake medical marijuana cards and services flood Maryland

12/27/16--Reports of sketchy medical marijuana cards and pre-approval services gravely worry industry officials, as neither service is a legitimate practice in Maryland. A wave of scammers are taking advantage of those that are sick and desperate to find access to medical marijuana. At least 20 cases of possible marijuana business scams have been reported according to Vanessa Lyon, spokesman for the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Read

Nevada: No pot smoking in casinos

11/24/16--Members of the Nevada Gaming Commission and Nevada Gaming Control Board have refused to allow pot smoking in casinos. The decision stems mostly from the federal government’s ban on the substance, ambulance as well as concerns that President-elect Donald Trump’s selection for U.S. Attorney General, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, will intervene in gambling relations if marijuana in the mix. Read

Cannabis strain names have the most fascinating origin stories!

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-00-09-am10/13/16--Strain names range from whimsical to seriously profound. Some of the most famous strains got their names from the history of their evolution. Some are derived from the intent of their breeders. Others are the products of urban mythology. This article dives into the names of 10 of the most well-known strains. Read

New Mexico voters want to legalize recreational marijuana

10/10/16--The majority of the voters in New Mexico would like to see marijuana legalized for recreational purposes, according to a new poll conducted by the Albuquerque Journal. The survey finds that 61 percent of the voting public would support a measure aimed at establishing a taxed and regulated cannabis trade. Read

Arkansas: Poll shows medical marijuana not looking good

9/27/16--A recent poll suggests that voters in Arkansas are not thrilled about the prospect of legalizing a medical marijuana program. In fact, the two sides are almost equally divided when it comes to whether they will or will not support a ballot measure in the upcoming election aimed at legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes. Read