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Five bills that would change Florida’s marijuana laws

10/29/19--Some newly proposed bills would lay the foundation for legalization of recreational marijuana in Florida, and others indicate a more lax approach to drug sentencing. As it stands, lawmakers continue to grapple with their approach to licensing medical marijuana facilities and regulating public smoking now that hemp is legal. With that in mind, Miami New Times outlines what state legislators have been working on lately. Read

Florida governor could kill recreational pot

5/10/19--Governor Ron DeSantis, who has previously stated he sides with the will of the people, has made no indication of whether he will sign the bill. If he does, the law would go into effect immediately, affecting 27 active petition drives seeking to place Constitutional amendments on the 2020 general election ballot. Read

Florida’s medical marijuana cartel is cashing in, and patients will suffer

4/6/17--As millions of dollars flow into license-holders who have been granted the right to grow and sell marijuana by lawmaker, critics say the state is letting a de facto monopoly rake in major cash at the expense of the patients who need that medical pot. If only a tiny group of companies controlled the market, patients would pay a hefty price and might lack ready access to the marijuana they voted overwhelmingly to approve. Read

Medical marijuana will increase crime and homelessness

2/3/17--A resolution from Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman paints a bleak picture of the potential pitfalls of medical marijuana. It cites homelessness increasing as well as news stories about marijuana contamination, and increased emergency and poison control visits from children who consumed edibles. But, Heyman says she's not trying to scaremonger: She just wants Florida to be prepared. Read

Miami Beach considers six-month medical marijuana ban

11/4/16--Multiple cities are already gearing up to pass moratoriums on medical marijuana — including Miami Beach. On Wednesday, November 9, the city commission will debate an ordinance imposing a six-month zoning ban on medical-cannabis dispensaries, grow houses, delivery services, and any other medical-weed-related businesses. According to city documents, the county will use that added free time to figure out whether new weed-related zoning laws need to be adopted, or if dispensaries should be banned from certain parts of town. Read

Low-THC medical cannabis oil will be available Monday in South Florida

9/23/16--Beginning Monday, a few South Floridians will be able to use a strain of low-THC cannabis oil called Haleigh's Hope. The oil contains high quantities of cannabidiol, which calms epilepsy patients, but it does not contain marijuana's psychoactive chemicals. Read