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Nuclear missile guards under investigation for marijuana use

2/15/20--Security guards at an Air Force base responsible for protecting strategic nuclear missiles in three states are under investigation for alleged marijuana use. They are part of the same security force whose members were caught using the hallucinogen LSD four years ago. Those under investigation have been removed from their duties until the probe is completed, the Air Force said. Read

Canadian military seeks to reassure allies as legalized marijuana draws near

9/11/18--The Canadian Armed Forces is seeking to reassure allies about the military's new policy on recreational marijuana, which a senior commander says has so far elicited significant curiosity. The policy limits all consumption to within Canada and puts time restrictions on when service members can use marijuana. Read

Air Force expands medical waivers, no questions on prior marijuana use

1/10/16--The Air Force is looking to expand its ranks in part by boosting the number of medical waivers for potential recruits, the service announced Tuesday. Prospective airmen routinely disqualified from serving because of eczema, asthma, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, will now be given a second chance on a case-by-case basis. Read

For Colorado veterans, marijuana a controversial treatment

11/5/16--For members of the U.S. military, admitting to using marijuana could result in an investigation and in most cases, punishment or separation from the military. Attorney Will M. Helixon, an expert in military law, said the military still considers marijuana a controlled substance. Someone in active duty caught using the drug could be punished and in most cases, processed for separation from the military. For someone who is not on active duty, it could still result in a discharge, which could close the door for future benefits and career options. Read

Marijuana use is illegal for uniformed service members

8/25/16--Air Force Reserve Command officials emphasize that any marijuana use or possession by uniformed service members is illegal under federal law and breaking this law could be career ending. Yet, under AFRC’s drug testing program, more reservists test positive for marijuana than all other illegal drugs combined. Read