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Should Bangor, Maine, get into the marijuana business?

3/21/17--The mayor of Bangor, Maine, has proposed the possibility of opening a city-run retail marijuana shop. Council chair Joe Baldacci believes it would help the city keep control over the way marijuana is sold, while ensuring revenue stays local. In order to open a city-run store, Baldacci said the council would have to create a nonprofit that manages it. He said it would be the sole vendor of pot in the city. Read

Maine communities putting brakes on marijuana sales

12/27/16--Some towns and cities are putting the brakes on marijuana sales in Maine by blocking retailers from setting up shop. From Bangor to Portland, municipalities have enacted moratoriums on marijuana sales to determine zoning rules for retailers. Read

Marijuana becomes legal in MA this week, but there are still catches

12/12/16--Recreational marijuana is becoming legal in Massachusetts, but not readily available. Adults will be allowed to have limited quantities of marijuana for recreational purposes and grow pot plants in their homes, but it's still illegal to sell marijuana in the state, except to registered medical marijuana patients, and will remain so for at least a year until the first pot shops are licensed and regulated. Read