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Clark County, Nev., allows cannabis dispensaries to create drive-thrus

8/20/20--Clark County, Nev., has approved a new zoning ordinance that allows cannabis dispensaries to create drive-thrus, according to a local KSNV report. The change will take effect Sept. 3 and apply to both medical and adult-use retailers. Read

Three Nevada marijuana retailers accused of selling contaminated flower

7/29/20--Nevada regulators are investigating three recreational cannabis stores for selling tainted flower, part of a larger, ongoing problem for the state regarding testing of marijuana products. The state’s Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) and the Department of Taxation told all Nevada cannabis retailers in March to stop selling Cherry OG F3 because the flower failed lab tests for mold, coliforms, enterobacteriaceae and aspergillus. Read

Las Vegas trial ‘world war weed’ begins despite pandemic

7/17/20--Some of Nevada’s most high-profile attorneys launched into opening statements Friday during a trial over marijuana dispensary licenses that could take months or come to a screeching halt within days. The lawsuit filed by companies that accused state tax officials of failing to disclose how they picked 61 winners from a pool of 462 applicants for new pot shops in late 2018 has worked its way through the court system for more than a year with those conditional licenses on hold. Read

Nevada secretary of state reviews MedMen donation allegation

5/28/20--The office of Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske is reviewing allegations that the co-founder of MedMen made illegal campaign contributions to Gov. Steve Sisolak, after POLITICO reported on the claims. Wayne Thorley, deputy secretary of state for elections, said the office was reviewing the allegations detailed in a lawsuit against the company by its former CFO James Parker. Read

Nevada marijuana deliveries are skyrocketing. Is this the new normal for the pot industry?

3/30/20--Nevada is one of few states that allows home deliveries of marijuana, and much like the grocery stores trying to fill orders, marijuana retailers cannot fill delivery orders fast enough. In response to the industry's shift of all retail operations to delivery, the Nevada Department of Taxation approved a temporary, remote inspection procedure to rapidly grow the fleet of industry vehicles allowed to transport orders. Read

Indy Q&A: Sisolak on 2020, gun law changes and marijuana enforcement

12/11/19--In a wide-ranging interview with The Nevada Independent, Gov. Steve Sisolak said he inherited a marijuana regulatory system with problems and is now tasked with fixing it, but did not divulge details about what punishments — if any — have been meted out to licensees since he called for more scrutiny to the cannabis sector. Read

Pot and public servants

11/17/19--Records released through SB32 this spring reveal a number of former lawmakers and lobbyists on the list of owners and board members of marijuana companies. Among them are two who reached speaker, the highest post in the Assembly, but had become lobbyists by the time the Legislature authorized dispensaries. The Cannabis Files features some notable names in the political realm who are leaders in the cannabis industry. Read  

Nevada cracking down on marijuana businesses

10/17/19--Nevada officials have begun to crack down on marijuana businesses amid allegations of possible corruption and lax regulation in the state’s young but lucrative industry. Read

Recreational marijuana: Is the money really going to education?

6/14/19--So far, the marijuana money can’t really be tracked, but that is expected to change in a few years when the legislature passes a new funding formula bill, but it will not have an impact on funding for the next school year. Read

Touring Flower One: Nevada’s largest cannabis facility grows 10K marijuana plants weekly

6/14/19--Flower One, Nevada’s largest cannabis production facility, is a 400,000-square-foot greenhouse filled with rows and rows of cannabis plants. They’re all on their own harvest schedules, and they’re all in their own habitats. Currently, Flower One has eight brand partners, but they will eventually announce even more.  The cultivation facility has 250 employees and plans on hiring more in the coming months. Read

Unprecedented release of marijuana licensing information

5/13/19--In an ongoing effort to improve transparency in marijuana licensing and the industry, Governor Steve Sisolak and Executive Director of Taxation, Melanie Young announced the passage of Senate Bill 32, permitting the release of details regarding who applied for licenses, who received licenses, their ranking, score, and the process of issuing marijuana license. Read

Las Vegas City Council set to vote on pot lounges

4/27/19--Next week, Las Vegas could take a significant step that many consumers and businesses are hoping for as the Las Vegas City Council is set to vote on pot lounges on May 1. JJ Walker, CEO of Cannabition, has been lobbying for laws that would make pot lounges legal in Las Vegas, but he also understands a lot of questions must be answered to everyone's satisfaction. Read

Pot group predicts $1B in Nevada tax revenue over 7 years

10/26/18--The state of Nevada could reap more than $1 billion from marijuana production, processing, and robust sales during the first seven years of recreational pot sales, according to an industry group’s economic analysis released Friday. The 33-page report was made public just weeks after state officials reported first-year taxable pot sales totaled almost $530 million, exceeding expectations by some 40 percent. Nevada received just under $70 million in tax revenues on that figure. Read

Marijuana museum opens in Vegas

10/6/18--Cannabition, a brand new marijuana museum, is open for business in downtown Las Vegas. It's being called the first of its kind, and features 12 different interactive rooms. While the museum has been deemed a fun experience, it is also educational, teaching visitors about the history, science, and culture of marijuana. Read

Fact check: O’Rourke’s half-baked marijuana legalization count

10/6/18--During the “Turn out for Texas” rally, El Paso congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke told a crowd of more than 50,000 supporters that marijuana use is legal in most states. Although O’Rourke made this claim, in actuality only nine states have legalized marijuana use for all adults, but 30 have some form of legal use for medical purposes, giving O’Rourke’s statement an element of truth. Read

Marijuana-infused, non-alcoholic beer hits the shelves in Las Vegas

9/1/18--Cannabinier has created a new product that is now on the shelves at one marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, and soon to be found in many more. It’s called “Two Roots,” and it’s a marijuana-infused, alcohol-free beer. Kevin Love, director of product development at Cannabinier, thinks this product will be a big step forward for the industry and will help continue to drive sales in Las Vegas. Read

Nevada legalized marijuana a year ago. So are there more DUIs, ER visits and teens using pot?

7/3/18--Many view the manner in which Nevada has rolled out this new industry as the gold standard. Notwithstanding, there has been an increase in pot-related DUIs, but the sheriff's office is not sure whether the increase is a result of more drivers under the influence of marijuana or more law enforcement testing for the presence of cannabis in a driver's blood system, or both. As far as whether or not schools are seeing more children using more pot, different data is telling different stories. Yet, more kids are going to the hospital for pot related issues, but older populations have seen the largest increase. Read

Las Vegas Airport installs ‘amnesty boxes’ for discarding marijuana

2/23/18--Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport is adding 10 green “amnesty boxes” for drugs at its facilities. The boxes were installed last week after a county ban went into effect in September barring marijuana possession or pot advertising in the airport in keeping with pre-existing federal law. The hope is that passengers will use the boxes to dispose of weed and other “prescription and recreational drugs” before they go through security at the airport and TSA finds the stash. Read

Burger, fries and marijuana? Drive-thru opens at Las Vegas pot shop

11/10/17--NuWu, the recently-opened marijuana megastore on Las Vegas Paiute tribal lands near Main Street and Washington Avenue, opened its recreational marijuana drive-thru to the public on Friday. According to Kevin Clock, who represents the tribal investing partner Cascade Strategic Investments, the drive-thru offers a limited menu of popular items, while those who order online and pick it up at the window can choose from the full 700-item menu. The store hopes to process most transactions in 60 to 90 seconds. Read

Marijuana in casinos? Not until federal law changes, Vegas congresswoman says

11/2/17--Congresswoman Dina Titus voted for the marijuana legalization measure on Nevada’s ballot a year ago. Since then, she has been fighting on Capitol Hill to get the federal government to respect the decision she and a majority of her constituents made to end prohibition. Titus says she is hopeful that shifting poll results on legalization and the growing number of changing state laws will make Congress come around soon. Read

Marijuana in Idaho: Elko County bans dispensaries outside cities

9/17/17--A majority of voters in Elko County voted against the legalization initiative that passed with 54 percent of the statewide vote last November. County commissioners also decided in early September to ban marijuana dispensaries outside of the county’s four incorporated cities. Read

Will Las Vegas be ‘Amsterdam on steroids’? Door opens for pot lounges

9/16/17--Nevada's Legislative Counsel Bureau gave the green light for marijuana to be permitted in public places, as long as patrons are of legal age. Citing a lack of state law, the bureau said cities and counties could create their own ordinances governing marijuana consumption in businesses. Pro-marijuana advocates hailed it as a logical next step for the state, which was the most recent to legalize recreational weed. Read

Cannabis lounges looking more likely in Las Vegas

9/13/17--Nevada is moving forward on consumption lounges, festivals, concerts, and one-off events after a new legal opinion, in the form of a letter from its legislative council bureau to State Sen. Tick Segerblom, states that such businesses would not violate state law. While cannabis industry representatives in Nevada celebrated news of the legislative council’s opinion, they described feelings of “cautious optimism” toward local licensing processes, which could take months to complete before the first Las Vegas marijuana lounge opens its doors. Read

Marijuana consumption lounges don’t run afoul of Nevada law

9/11/17--According to a new opinion released by the Legislative Counsel Bureau, nothing in Nevada law prevents a business from establishing a lounge or hosting a special event where legal recreational marijuana is used. A ballot measure passed in 2016 that legalized recreational marijuana in Nevada bars public consumption of marijuana, but doesn’t speak to the legality of venues that control access and bar people under the age of 21 from entering. The public consumption ban limits legal use by Nevada’s tens of millions of visitors, who are technically not allowed to use pot except in private locations like someone’s home. Read

Former attorney indicted for theft involving Las Vegas marijuana dispensary

8/11/17--Former lawyer Easton K. Harris committed more than 100 violations involving clients of his law practice over several years. Now he's reportedly in even deeper trouble. The grand jury accuses Harris and another defendant, Jonathan Ryan Peirsol, of convincing two investors to hand over more than $167,000 for a company called Sin City Organics. The criminal indictment says Harris and Peirsol made misrepresentations and did not use investors' money to "further the business of Sin City Organics." Read

Commentary: Nevada needs to implement safeguards for legal pot

7/29/17--Some reports have suggested that Nevada will sell so much weed that the state will never have to worry about tax revenue again. But, according to a commentary by Kevin Sabet published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevadans should look at what has happened in states that previously legalized the drug before rushing to sell more marijuana and spend more time putting safeguards into place. Read

Recreational marijuana dispensaries now able to restock shelves with fresh pot products

7/22/17--Since the Nevada Department of Taxation has started licensing pot distributors, the Northern Nevada dispensaries can start restocking their shelves with new marijuana products. Dispensaries around Reno are starting to get new shipments in now, but the state has only granted a handful of distribution licenses. Read

Pot users keep Lyft and Uber drivers busy

7/22/17--Rideshare drivers with Uber and Lyft say they're making more money than ever before due to the legalization of marijuana. Although Uber says they don't have any specific data on the number of marijuana-related trips in Las Vegas, their safety spokesperson released a statement stating, in part, that they have continued to see a steady growth in trips throughout Nevada. With our technology, we want to help everyone have a safe ride home." Read

Vegas pot price hike has medical marijuana buyers looking for alternate sales

7/17/17--Some unintended consequences of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada has forced medical marijuana buyers to return to the black market as a result of patients not being able to afford “the price gouging” at dispensaries. To offset the costs– dispensaries are offering incentives to medical card holders. Read

Price hike in marijuana causing some medical patients to buy cannabis on Nevada streets instead

7/14/17--The price hike in marijuana is causing some patients to turn back to the streets to buy medicine. To offset the rising cost of marijuana, many dispensaries across the valley say they are offering front of the line incentives and discounts for patients to ensure their business. Read

Nevada issues first marijuana delivery license

7/14/17--The state of Nevada, which officially began selling legal marijuana on July 1, only issued its first license to Blackbird Logistics Corporation to actually transport the product from the farm to the store on Wednesday. The move will give some dispensary managers relief while officials sort out a larger distribution issue. Read

When did Nevada’s alcohol industry get dibs on marijuana delivery?

7/13/17--Lots of Nevadans are wondering when wholesale alcohol distributors got involved with Nevada's recreational marijuana program, and why the delivery of marijuana to dispensaries depend on them. In short, a small group of wholesale alcohol distributors gave money to the marijuana legalization campaign at its start, which inspired language in Question 2 that entitled distributors to exclusive rights to deliver recreational marijuana to dispensaries for the first 18 months of legal sales. Read

Amid heavy demand at Nevada marijuana shops, gov gives go-ahead for emergency rule on distribution

7/10/17--Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has authorized state regulators to consider an emergency regulation that would allow officials to determine whether the state has enough marijuana distributors to keep its retail shops supplied. Sandoval’s approval came after dispensaries across the state reported higher than expected demand for marijuana since recreational sales of the drug became legal in Nevada. Read

Digipath receives recreational testing license and renews medical license

7/10/17--Digipath, Inc., an independent testing laboratory and media firm focused on the burgeoning cannabis market, announced that it has both received its recreational testing license and renewed its existing medical testing license alongside the launch of the highly anticipated retail cannabis market in Nevada, which began on July 1, 2017. Read

Legalized it: Nevada’s first night with recreational weed

7/5/17--On Saturday at midnight, Nevada became the fifth state to open dispensaries to recreational users, joining Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Under Nevada law, people 21 years of age and older can now buy and possess up to an ounce of flower, or an eighth-ounce of concentrates like wax, shatter, and oil, available at dispensaries throughout the state. Nevada expects to collect $70 million for education in the next two years by taxing recreational at about 34 percent. Read

Southern Utahns flock to Mesquite, Nevada, as state opens recreational marijuana sales

7/3/17--Southern Utahns have been eyeing the opening day for recreational pot in Nevada for some time. Yet, while marijuana is now legal to buy in the state, tight restrictions remain. Only an ounce of marijuana, or one-eighth of concentrated marijuana, may be possessed. And it can't be consumed in public, with violators facing a $600 fine. In addition, dispensaries deal only in cash. Read

Weed, weed, everywhere, but not a spliff to smoke

6/30/17--On July 1, when recreational marijuana goes on sale in Nevada, visitors should have no problem purchasing marijuana at dispensaries near the Strip. However, Nevada only allows for consumption in private residences with the owner’s permission. So, even if one makes the argument that a hotel room is a “residence,” Casino owners won't permit it. Read

Welcome to legal pot, Las Vegas-style

6/28/17--Some medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas and other Nevada cities will begin selling pot on Saturday for recreational use for the first time since voters approved it in November. It's the fastest turnaround from the ballot box to retail sales of any of the seven other states and the District of Columbia where pot is legal. Read

Marijuana moratorium dies, paving way for recreational pot

6/28/17--Recreational marijuana will be sold in Mesquite due to a resolution failing to pass that would have imposed a moratorium on recreational marijuana sales in the city. Resolution No. 928 only had the support of petitioner Dave Ballweg, who stated that the primary reason for this resolution is because an ordinance does not exist to regulate the sale of recreational marijuana at this time. Read

Las Vegas dispensaries brace for Saturday start of recreational sales

6/28/17--Fueled by one of the world’s largest tourism industries, Nevada is preparing to to start recreational sales on July 1. Gov. Brian Sandoval’s task force on marijuana estimates that up to 63 percent of recreational buyers will be tourists. However, buyers are still prohibited by state law from consuming marijuana, except at private residences. Read

Laws still ban public marijuana use

6/26/17--Nevada's current marijuana laws essentially restrict pot consumption to inside private residences. Since public consumption is banned, there is concern that some people might turn to renting out a house for use. Due to the expressed concern over party houses, Las Vegas City Council is passing tighter restrictions on properties like Airbnb's. Read

Emergency regulations adopted for recreational marijuana

6/26/17--The Nevada Tax Commission today adopted emergency regulations for recreational marijuana, opening the door for sales to begin Saturday on a limited basis. The commission approved regulations for packaging, labeling, and advertising. Dispensaries will be allowed to sell what they have in inventory but won’t be able to restock because of a court ruling that only alcohol wholesalers can be licensed to distribute marijuana for the first 18 months of recreational sales. Read

Nevada rush to sell recreational marijuana runs into liquor lobby roadblock

6/19/17--Nevada’s marijuana regulators are hoping to launch recreational sales, but a court must first decide whether the liquor industry should be guaranteed a piece of the pot pie before tourists and residents can light up. Lawyers for the liquor industry and the Nevada Department of Taxation argued before a judge about whether the state has the authority to issue marijuana distribution licenses to anyone besides alcohol distributors. Read

Vegas MMJ grower begins trading on Canadian Stock Exchange

6/19/17--Friday Night Inc., a Canadian company that owns a medical marijuana cultivator and CBD company in Las Vegas, has started trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange, a move that could make it easier for other U.S. plant-touching companies to list in Canada. Friday Night Inc. previously traded on the TSX Venture Exchange – the junior exchange of the Toronto Stock Exchange – under the name QuikFlo Health. Read

Judge won’t dismiss lawsuit that could delay Nevada pot sales

6/13/17--Judge James Wilson refused to dismiss a lawsuit brought by liquor distributors against the Department of Taxation over the distribution of recreational marijuana to pot dispensaries. The decision could delay the start of recreational marijuana sales originally set for July 1 via the existing medical marijuana dispensaries operating throughout Nevada. The issue is whether liquor distributors have the first right to distribute marijuana from grow facilities to the dispensaries. Read

Marijuana bill approved in the Reno Senate awaiting to be a law

6/11/17--The state of Nevada has been studying a bill that changes the current way of screening apprehended DUI for marijuana usage. Instead of the traditional urine testing, this bill suggests that a blood sample is collected for pot testing to yield more accurate results. It will be up to Governor Brian Sandoval to solidify the deal on creating this bill into a full blown law. Read

Nevada’s new DUI marijuana testing is improvement but still poses concerns

5/12/17--The state of Nevada is poised to mandate the use blood tests and eliminate urine tests in DUI convictions for marijuana. The state Senate this week gave the final vote of approval for the testing change for the entire state. However, according to a study by the AAA, the nations largest auto club, determining marijuana impairment is more complicated than determining alcohol impairment. This bill may be an improvement over the old method, but AAA believes it is still not a great way to test for marijuana intoxication. Read

Lawmakers pass bill to change DUI testing for marijuana

5/12/17--Lawmakers passed a bill that could change what DUI testing looks like in the Nevada. AB 135 aims to outlaw urine testing for driving under the influence of pot because research shows urinalysis does not account for the two ingredients in the drug that are psychoactive. If the bill becomes law, drivers will have to submit to a blood test if they are suspected of DUI. Read

Nevada lawmakers back blood-only detection of marijuana DUIs

5/5/17--Lawmakers advanced a measure to eliminate urine samples as a viable measure for police to show a driver to be impaired by marijuana. Under the bipartisan proposal, law enforcement officers would continue using blood tests to prove a person was illegally operating a passenger car, commercial truck, or boat while high. The bill would retain specific legal limits set in 1999 for drivers’ blood content of THC, the psychoactive chemical in pot. Anyone with a blood-THC level at or above 5 nanograms per milliliter is considered too high to drive. Read

City of Reno backs off recreational marijuana moratorium

4/26/17--The Reno City Council rejected a proposal for a six-month moratorium on recreational marijuana establishments. The moratorium, proposed by the city Code Enforcement Manager Alex Woodley, would have afforded the city time to familiarize itself with state regulations developed by the Department of Taxation. Furthermore, the moratorium would have temporarily stayed any applications from existing medical marijuana dispensaries. Read

Reno considers recreational marijuana shop moratorium

4/25/17--The Reno City Council will be hearing a proposal for a temporary recreational marijuana establishments moratorium. The moratorium would afford the city time to familiarize itself with state regulations and time to formulate local zoning and licensing requirements. Although the proposal recommends a six-month moratorium, the council could revoke or extend the moratorium at any time. Read

Nevada senators vote to OK smoking pot in businesses, among other bills

4/25/17--Both S.B. 375, which advocates for tribes' rights to establish marijuana facilities, and S.B. 344, which aims to protect children via marijuana packaging mandates, received a 21-0 vote of approval from the Senate floor on Tuesday. Both bills will now head to the Assembly floor. Read

Las Vegas considers changes to medical marijuana laws

4/17/17--Las Vegas city officials are eyeing sweeping changes to medical marijuana regulations that would relax the rules and more closely align the city with Clark County. A City Council committee discussed proposed changes that include lengthening the hours of operation, removing product limitations, modifying disposal requirements, and changing dispensary fees. Read

Clark County back on track for July 1 recreational pot sales

4/7/17--The state plans to issue licenses that would allow currently operating medical marijuana dispensaries to sell recreational weed starting July 1. Panel members said waiting longer would give the black market more time to grow and cut into the tax revenue Clark County could generate. Read

Clark County could delay retail marijuana sales

4/3/17--The Nevada Department of Taxation plans to issue temporary licenses that would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to sell the recreational product by July 1, and a bill in the Nevada Legislature aims to let those sales happen even sooner. However, the sale of legal cannabis in Clark County may not arrive until September, according to a proposed schedule of marijuana licensing. Read

Liquor wholesalers pass on marijuana distribution licenses

4/1/17--Due to the lack of interest from liquor wholesalers to sign on to Nevada's new legal marijuana market, the Department of Taxation will accept marijuana distribution applications from medical marijuana license holders. The department expects to begin accepting applications after the state adopts temporary regulations in May or June. Read

Las Vegas cannabis lounge options are taking shape

3/28/17--Marijuana consumption lounges in Las Vegas are looking more and more as if they’ll become a reality for cannabis entrepreneurs. During a Clark County marijuana advisory panel meeting, the board discussed proposals for such a concept and how cannabis clubs would be regulated. Nevada is one of a number of states considering laws to allow consumption of marijuana in public places. Read

Nevada medical cannabis licenses fetch almost $2 million

3/28/17--Oregon-based cannabis oil company Golden Leaf Holdings paid $1.925 million to acquire cultivation and extraction licenses from NevWa, a Nevada company that does business as Grassroots. NevWa’s two licenses allow for distribution and sales in Nevada, including prominent tourist destinations Las Vegas and Reno. Read

Nevada bill would allow medical marijuana users to carry guns

3/20/17--Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, D-Las Vegas, introduced a bill, SB 351, which would allow medical marijuana users to possess a firearm with a conceal carry permit. Sheriffs currently are required to deny an application for a permit to carry a concealed firearm or revoke an existing permit if someone is a medical marijuana card holder. Read

Fire reported at apparent marijuana grow operation

3/14/17--Firefighters responded to a fire located in the attic of a home believed to be the site of a grow operation. The home's occupant has been detained, and no injuries were reported in the fire. Read