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Recreational cannabis measure rallies for thousands of signatures still needed

6/5/20--Organizers of one of the two measures that would legalize recreational marijuana in the state is still trying to collect enough signatures to make it on the November ballot. The North Dakota Freedom of Cannabis Act has about 17,000 signatures so far, and the initiated measure needs another 10,000 or so before July 6th. Read

COVID-19 woes: Fargo medical marijuana dispensary shut down

4/3/20--New York-based Acreage Holdings said it's temporarily closing The Botanist in Fargo, medical marijuana dispensary, that opened a year ago was shut down Friday because of slow sales and regulatory delays due to the coronavirus, the facility's operators said in a statement. Read

Revised initiative for North Dakota marijuana legalization submitted

7/12/19--A group seeking to plant marijuana legalization in North Dakota's Constitution has resubmitted its petition for the June 2020 primary ballot. The petition would need 26,904 qualified signatures by Feb. 10 to be placed on the primary ballot. Read

North Dakota marijuana legalization measure fails

11/6/18--North Dakota voters rejected a marijuana legalization ballot measure on Tuesday. The measure failed by a margin of 41 percent in favor to 59 percent against. The North Dakota initiative would have set no limit on the amount of marijuana that people could possess or cultivate. It would also have allowed a system of legal marijuana production and sales, but outlined no rules and regulations for the industry—something that would have been up to state lawmakers to tackle in the upcoming legislative session. Read

Group forms to fight against legalizing marijuana

9/7/18--North Dakotans Against The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana, a new group formed to fight against recreational marijuana becoming legal in the state, is made up of several state groups including Greater North Dakota Chamber and law enforcement, as well as the national Smart Approaches to Marijuana. Measure 3 on this fall's ballot will give North Dakotans a chance to vote on legalizing marijuana. Read

North Dakota legislators debate potential fiscal impact of legalized marijuana

9/12/18--North Dakota lawmakers of Legislative Management debated the accurate fiscal impact of Measure 3 on marijuana legalization, zeroing in on an educational campaign not mandated by the measure. Read

North Dakotans don’t plan to legalize pot, first statewide poll shows

8/31/18--Results of a recent poll show there may not be much support for the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana in North Dakota. Just 153 out of 400 respondents, or about 38 percent, said they would vote for Measure No. 3 to legalize recreational marijuana, according to a statewide poll conducted by Odney, an advertising and public relations firm. Fifty-six percent of respondents, or 224 out of 400, said they wouldn’t support the measure, which will be on the November ballot, and about 6 percent said they were undecided or didn’t answer the poll. Read

State gauging interest in medical marijuana lab testing

8/9/17--North Dakota health officials are gauging interest among laboratories in the state in testing medical marijuana. The Health Department earlier this summer sought letters of intent from groups and businesses interested in producing or dispensing medical marijuana and it received nearly 100 responses. Health officials hope medical marijuana can be available to patients by late spring or early summer next year. Read

State sets tentative timeline for medical marijuana system

7/11/17--State health officials have set a tentative timeline for establishing a medical marijuana industry in North Dakota, with a goal of having the drug available to patients next spring. Read

Hemp producers in North Dakota holding back amid CBD controversy

6/19/17--As North Dakota’s hemp industry grows, legal questions have kept producers from making one of the crop’s most desirable products. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive substance derived from cannabis plants, but the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration considers most cannabidiol to be a Schedule I illegal drug. The hemp industry argues that cannabidiol derived from hemp is legal because of the 2014 Farm Bill, which allowed for states to set up industrial hemp production. Read

Rules set for North Dakota medical marijuana program

4/13/17--The Legislature on Thursday approved a set of rules to govern the use of medical marijuana in North Dakota. GOP Gov. Doug Burgum said he would sign the legislation that establishes rules for the use of marijuana — including smoking it — as medicine for people who suffer from debilitating illnesses, including terminally ill patients. Read

Senate approves changes to medical marijuana program

2/22/17--Medical marijuana is one step closer to becoming a reality in North Dakota. According to Sen. Joan Heckaman, D-New Rockford, Senate Bill 2344 will mean a chance to alleviate the pain some North Dakotans may be experiencing, improve their quality of life, and ultimately provide compassionate care for those who are suffering. Read

Medical marijuana law raises concerns for ND Health Dept.

11/16/16--The North Dakota Department of Health is scrambling to solve a number of legal issues in connection with the state's newly-approved medical marijuana law. Voters recently approved a measure that allows patients to use marijuana with a qualifying medical condition. But North Dakota Deputy State Health Officer Arvy Smith says there are problems with the measure's language that need to be fixed.

Voters to determine right to use medical marijuana

fb-square-english-spanish10/21/16--North Dakota is one of several U.S. battlegrounds this election for medical marijuana, with supporters looking to provide residents with another option for their health and medical officials calling use of a substance not approved by federal regulators a poor policy choice. Over five days, the Bismarck Tribune is presenting the pros and cons to five measures that will be on the November ballot. Read