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Piqua City Commission to hold work session on medical marijuana dispensaries

6/3/20--The Piqua City Commission and Planning Commission of Piqua will be conducting a work session to learn about and discuss the topic of medical marijuana dispensaries on Wednesday, June 17, at 6 p.m, using the video conferencing application Zoom. Read

Federal Judge orders Ohio to let marijuana decriminalization campaigns collect signatures electronically

5/20/20--A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that activists seeking to place marijuana decriminalization measures on local ballots across Ohio can collect signatures electronically after they were forced to suspend in-person gathering due to the coronavirus pandemic. The court also ordered state officials to extend the deadline to submit signatures from July 1 to July 31. Read

Ohio AG announces testing for quantitative analysis of marijuana

4/30/20--Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost on Thursday announced the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) has implemented the quantitative analysis of marijuana in drug evidence seized by law enforcement. Read

AG Yost announces quantitative analysis of marijuana at BCI

4/30/20--Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost recently announced that the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) has implemented the quantitative analysis of marijuana in drug evidence seized by law enforcement. Read

Marijuana companies say Ohio test data is trade secret; experts disagree

4/21/20--Marijuana companies don’t want competitors seeing anything that reveals their growing methods, but several experts in chemistry and botany reviewed the publicly available testing data and saw no potential issues. Read

Coronavirus in Ohio: Medical marijuana dispensaries want rules eased, to be treated like pharmacies

4/5/20--Ohio’s medical marijuana industry is required to follow stringent rules that prevent it from taking some of the same precautions as pharmacies during the coronavirus outbreak. Some in the industry would like those rules eased. The list of essential businesses allowed to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic includes medical marijuana dispensaries, which are in the same category as pharmacies because they provide what is considered medicine under Ohio law. Read

Have you talked to your teen about marijuana?

1/19/20--In an op-ed by Portsmouth Daily Times contributor Melissa Martin, Ph.D., she poses the question: What will you tell your teen when he/she makes an illogical case for the weed seed? As a former alcohol and drug counselor, Martin has witnessed the crash and burn of many weed-smoking teens. With legalization and use of weed in pop culture and new ways of using (edibles, vaporizers, concentrates), Martin emphasizes that it’s becoming even more important for parents to consistently converse with teens. Read

Ohio medical marijuana program issues first mandatory product recall

11/15/19--Pineapple Express Rosin made by One Orijin has been recalled by the state medical marijuana regulators due to microbial contamination. Marijuana patients who have purchased the product should stop using it. All unused product should be returned to the dispensary where it was purchased. Read

Four Ohio students hospitalized after ingesting marijuana-laced edible

8/23/19--On Thursday, six Cincinnati Public School students ingested a "marijuana-laced product" believed to be a brownie, leading to four of the students having to be hospitalized after lunchtime, according to CPS spokesperson Lauren Worley. One student, who is a minor, has been charged with five counts of felonious assault, according to Worley. That student is currently being held in juvenile detention. Read

Ohio legislators accidentally legalized pot, say law enforcement experts

8/10/19--State contortions to legalize hemp in Ohio got so complicated that it now looks like misdemeanor marijuana charges won’t be prosecuted — in effect legalizing pot for the time being. Columbus officials have already declared they’re dropping prosecution of pot misdemeanors. Read

Ownership questions prompt investigations into two Ohio medical marijuana companies

7/10/19--The Ohio Board of Pharmacy, which oversees medical marijuana dispensaries, has concluded that Greenleaf Apothecaries LLC, which does business as The Botanist, and Harvest of Ohio LLC allegedly lied on their applications to sell medical marijuana in Ohio and violating rules for the state's highly regulated program. Read

Panel recommends anxiety, autism for medical marijuana

5/10/19--A panel of physicians recommended the State Medical Board of Ohio vote next month to include anxiety and autism spectrum disorder as qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use. The committee’s recommendation comes after the Medical Board sought online petitions from the public requesting qualifying conditions to add to the current list of 21 conditions. Read

Why aren’t Ohioans rushing to buy medical marijuana?

3/28/19--According to an article published in Cincinnati Enquirer, several medical marijuana patients say they aren't rushing to buy marijuana because the prices are just too high. The average price has hovered around $470 per ounce in Ohio, and prices aren't expected to drop by much any time soon. Read

Medical marijuana oils pulled from shelves at 13 out of 15 dispensaries

5/8/19--Medical marijuana oils for vaping were pulled from the shelves this week after a labeling error was discovered by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. It's the first time state officials have halted sales of a product since medical marijuana sales began in mid-January. Read

Dayton postal workers accused of opening packages, stealing illegal drugs

4/12/19--Two Dayton postal workers ripped open Priority Mail packages they suspected contained drugs and kept the marijuana and methamphetamine they found, according to federal court documents. Read

Opioid addiction, autism, four other ailments to get more study as qualifying conditions

1/9/19--Opioid addiction, autism, general anxiety, chronic anxiety, depression and insomnia were selected for more study as qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Ohio. A committee of the Ohio State Medical Board met in Columbus to select those conditions as Ohio prepares for the first sales of medical marijuana. Read

Medical marijuana: Five things you should know

1/4/19--Blade NewsSlide writer Jeremy Schneider presents five things to know about medical marijuana in Ohio. Read

How far would you drive for medical marijuana in Ohio? Wintersville dispensary may be first to open.

12/10/18--Cresco Labs' CY+ dispensary, the first medical marijuana retail shop in Ohio, is unlikely to be close to home for most Cincinnati-area residents. It's located about 240 miles northeast of Cincinnati, and it's so far the only one of 56 licensed medical marijuana retail outlets in the state to undergo final inspection for a certificate of operation. Read

Judge strikes down state’s marijuana program ‘racial quota’

11/19/18--Franklin County Judge Charles Schneider has declared that a provision in Ohio's medical marijuana program that 15 percent of licenses go to minority-owned groups is unconstitutional.The ruling by Judge Schneider said the provision denied Greenleaf Gardens, one of the cultivation license bidders, of its rights because two lower-rated, minority-owned firms were chosen ahead of it. Read

Five Ohio cities decriminalize marijuana

11/6/18--Five out of six Ohio cities that had local marijuana decriminalization measures on the ballot have passed the initiatives. Decriminalization passed in Dayton, Fremont, Norwood, Oregon, and Windham. However, voters in Garrettsville rejected the local measure. Read

A list of local doctors (so far) ready for medical marijuana

10/27/18--The state map of physicians allowed to recommend marijuana treatment shows a cluster in Northeast Ohio. There are 319 doctors with a certificate to recommend (CTR), and the State Medical Board of Ohio adds more each month. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program requires applicants to have an unrestricted Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) license and at least two hours of training. Read

Watch: Medical marijuana being harvested in Ohio

10/7/18--Agri-Med Ohio in Meigs County harvested its first crop of marijuana for medical use in early October. Video

71 Ohio doctors approved to recommend medical marijuana in September

9/12/18--Ohio has added 71 physicians to the list of doctors able to recommend medical marijuana, bringing the total number to 293 certified since April. Read

Canton City school board nixes medical marijuana use for employees

9/10/18--Canton City school district employees cannot use, possess, or be under the influence of marijuana for medical use at the workplace. Board member Eric Resnick said while some studies have shown that some medical uses of marijuana could help employees come to work, such as those with glaucoma or colitis, federal law currently does not allow its use and Ohio’s law is ambiguous. Read

Your questions answered about Ohio’s law for marijuana for medical use

9/9/18--Dayton Daily News presents questions posed by readers and answers provided by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program about the Ohio's law for marijuana for medical use. Read

Medical marijuana troubles Ohio doctors: ‘Although it’s natural, (it’s) not like a vitamin’

3/18/18--Doctors say they are bombarded with questions about medical marijuana and are concerned because they don’t have all the answers. There is an information gap on questions such as how effective marijuana is for specific disorders, how the compounds affect children, and how it interacts with other medications. Read

First medical marijuana grower gets green light to start planting in Ohio

6/29/18--The state of Ohio has issued its first certificate of operation to a medical marijuana cultivator in Ravenna in Portage County, according to a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Commerce. FN Group Holdings, one 25 cultivators to receive provisional licenses to grow medical marijuana in Ohio, is one of 12 so-called "Level 2" growers that received provisional licenses from the state to grow medical marijuana in up to 3,000 square feet of space. Read

Could recreational marijuana soon be legal in Ohio?

12/8/17--Ohio’s medical marijuana program will go into effect in about 10 months, but already there’s a push to make all marijuana legal across the board. Jimmy Gould of Green Light Acquisitions, LLC, will propose making marijuana legal for all adults in Ohio. He said he has raised, invested, and spent more than $28 million on legalizing marijuana in the Buckeye State. Gould insists that his plan – this time around – will meet with voter approval. Read

Who won Ohio’s big medical marijuana grow licenses? 5 things to know

12/1/17--The last of Ohio's 24, highly sought-after medical marijuana cultivation licenses were awarded Thursday, ending months of anticipation but leaving many applicants and industry observers with more questions about the process. The Ohio Department of Commerce winnowed 185 applicants down to 24 winners -- 12 level I licenses for up to 25,000 square feet of grow space and 12 level II licenses for up to 3,000 square feet. Read

Beavercreek Twp. OKs medical marijuana cultivation

11/6/17--Beavercreek Twp. Trustees approved growing and processing medical marijuana. Knox Medical has applied to the state for a level 1 cultivation facility. If Knox Medical’s license application is approved, they will be the only cultivation and processing facility in the township, as trustees have approved no more than one such facility to be built. Read

Here are the first 11 sites approved for growing medical marijuana

11/3/17--Ohio has chosen its first 11 growers for its medical marijuana program. These companies will get provisional licenses but can't immediately begin growing marijuana. They must first get their businesses operational and have a state team visit their facilities. Read

Oberlin chosen for marijuana cultivation site

11/3/17--A marijuana cultivator from Cleveland has been awarded a license to grow medical pot in Oberlin. In May, Oberlin Councilman Kelley Singleton, who is very excited about the news, pushed the Council to pass a resolution supporting medical marijuana businesses in the city’s industrial park, the zoning of which is compatible with the cultivation, testing, and processing of marijuana. Read

This is where Southwest Ohio’s only pot farm will be

11/3/17--Ohio officials released a list of cultivators who received a license to grow medical marijuana, and the only place in Greater Cincinnati that made the cut is in Monroe. Hemma LLC will be located on Edison Drive near Rivertown Brewery & Barrell House in the Butler County city, according to documents filed with the state. Up to a dozen larger grow sites are expected to be announced later this month. Read

City Council zoning ordinance blocks medical marijuana businesses in most of Cleveland

10/30/17--City Council voted Monday to approve new zoning requirements that will prevent the sale of medical marijuana in about 95 percent of the city. The legislation, approved 15-1, limits the location of marijuana dispensaries, cultivation sites, production and refining facilities, and research sites. Read

Two companies will pitch efforts to sell medical marijuana in Youngstown

10/14/17--Holistic Health Partners LLC and another unnamed company are seeking licenses to sell medical marijuana in Youngstown, Ohio. The decision will ultimately be made by state officials. The law permits 12 Level 1 growers statewide for up to 25,000 square feet of growing space with a potential expansion up to 75,000 square feet, and 12 Level 2 growers in Ohio to cultivate up to 3,000 square feet. Read

Ohio medical marijuana program faces much work with one year to go

9/8/17--In exactly one year, Ohioans with qualifying health conditions are, by law, supposed to be able to buy medical marijuana. However, the 24 growers won’t be picked until November, and there is much work to be done by the one-year deadline, including building secure indoor growing facilities; growing and harvesting marijuana crops (which takes 13 to 14 weeks); processing marijuana into approved products; testing products for purity, quality and content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); distribution to dispensaries; and then sale to customers. Read

Hocking College to put in bid to become Ohio pot research facility

9/6/17--Hocking College is expected to apply to become a research facility and testing laboratory for medicinal cannabis in Ohio. Hocking is also developing an entirely new curriculum and degree specialization in laboratory science, Hocking President Betty Young announced. One new major that will be offered by the college, in cannabis lab technology, will be the first of its kind in the country. Read

Ohio changes medical marijuana dispensary distribution: Lake, Geauga and Portage counties

9/1/17--Lake, Geauga, and Portage counties will have two medical marijuana dispensaries among them, according to updated maps released by the Ohio Pharmacy Board. Meantime, Ashtabula, Trumbull, and Mahoning counties - which were proposed to have three dispensaries - will now have two. The changes came after the Pharmacy Board considered public feedback on its plan, said board spokesman Cameron McNamee. The Northeast Ohio changes were the only ones to the dispensary plan, which allows for 60 stores across the state. Read

Miami University student indicted on drug charges from August crash

9/12/17--A Preble County grand jury indicted Paul McCabe, 20, on multiple drug-related charges and one possession of drug paraphernalia charge stemming from an August arrest. Deputies said they found marijuana estimated to be worth around $30,000 in duffle bags and glass jars after McCabe crashed his car south of Eaton. He remains in the Preble County Jail pending his initial arraignment in Eaton Municipal Court. Read

Poland says no to medical marijuana

8/16/17--Although medical-marijuana sales now are legal in Ohio, trustees unanimously voted to prohibit cultivators, processors, and dispensaries in the village of Poland. The township also has banned such facilities from operating there. Read

Couple arrested, accused of letting 9-year-old smoke marijuana, making him shoplift

7/20/17--A couple in Rogers County has been arrested after being accused of allowing their 9-year-old son to smoke pot and making him shoplift. According to an affidavit, Kimberly Broyles, 45, and Michael Whitaker, 40, allowed their son to smoke marijuana in their presence. Read

400 pounds of marijuana found in new cars from Mexico

7/15/17--Authorities say more than 400 pounds of marijuana has been found in 15 new cars made in Mexico and shipped to Ohio and Pennsylvania to sell. Read

No immediate fix planned for Ohio medical marijuana testing lab rule

7/12/17--Concerns are fueling about the possibility of Ohio's medical marijuana program not being operational before September 2018. Patients, business owners, and advocates are particularly concerned about who will test the marijuana since all medical marijuana products must be tested for safety and potency before sale, per state law. Read

Patient advocates call for equal access to medical marijuana dispensaries

7/14/17--Patient rights advocacy groups like the Ohio Rights Group and the Ohio Patient Network fear that the current proposal will leave some patients traveling long distances outside of the counties they live in. The concerns were amplified by recent issues in Nevada, where the first two weeks of recreational sales have nearly depleted supplies at some dispensaries. Ohio patients hope that their state will learn from the precedents set by other states. Read

First look at Toledo’s proposed medical marijuana grow facility

7/12/17--Plans for a medical marijuana facility in Toledo were submitted in June to the Toledo-Lucas County plan commission for the 23-plus acre site. The proposed site would have one building, surrounded by lots of landscaping, a few small parking lots, and one driveway off Cassandra. The exact owners of the facility were not determined at the time this article was published. Read

Card denied: Marijuana advocacy group’s bank account terminated

7/13/17--PNC has closed the account for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law's Ohio branch without notice, leaving all seven of its regional chapters without access to funds. PNC also closed the account of the Washington-based Marijuana Policy Project, another marijuana legalization advocacy group, in June. Read

Springfield extends medical marijuana moratorium until September

7/6/17--The moratorium on medical marijuana businesses opening in Springfield has been extended until Sept. 27. The state is expected to release final rules for dispensing and processing businesses on Sept. 8, which would give staff time to confirm the rules before the last meeting in September. Read

State identifies medical pot applicants

7/5/17--More than 180 applicants have applied for 24 state medical marijuana cultivator licenses, the Ohio Department of Commerce announced. Potential cultivators had until Friday to apply for a license that will be needed to grow medical marijuana legally in Ohio. Dayton Daily News revealed all applicants for cultivation license. Read

Akron approves 5 medical marijuana cultivation plans for conditional use

6/27/17--Akron City Council has approved, for conditional use, five plans to cultivate medical marijuana in Akron. Akron requires residents to be approved for both conditional and provisional use to grow medical marijuana. With conditional use approval in hand, only applicants awarded licenses by the state will apply for provisional use. Read

Cincinnati considers allowing medical marijuana businesses

6/26/17--Cincinnati officials this week will consider whether the city should join those allowing medical marijuana cultivation as the state begins to permit it by issuing a dozen licenses for smaller cultivation sites and another dozen for larger operations. Read

On medical marijuana, Hastings against growing but open to dispensing

6/16/17--Hillsboro Mayor Drew Hastings said he has mixed feelings on the new medical marijuana licensing and dispensing program in Ohio. According to The Times-Gazette, even if it’s not grown in the state, Hastings is less resistant to medical marijuana being dispensed locally. Read

Columbus changing zoning laws for medical marijuana growers

6/11/17--Columbus is changing zoning laws to accommodate cannabis cultivators, and the city has already signed off on six businesses seeking approval from Ohio to obtain one of the state's 24 medical marijuana grow licenses. A city zoning officials says Columbus plans to allow indoor grow facilities in manufacturing districts. The city also will consider where dispensaries can sell cannabis products in the zoning changes. Read

Ohio braces for avalanche of marijuana-growing applications

6/4/17--Ohio officials are expecting a flood of applications for medical marijuana grower licenses due by the end of the month. Ohio will issue as many as 12 licenses for large-scale cultivators. Small-scale cultivators competing for another twelve licenses must apply by June 16. Read

Council OKs company’s medical marijuana growing facility

5/25/17--The resolution to recommend and endorse Patient Relief of Ohio for their new marijuana cultivation and growing facility was passed. The company will know by late September if it was awarded the license. If the license is awarded, the facility will begin operations within nine to 10 months. Aside from bringing jobs to the area, many of the council members said the issue of permitting a medical marijuana facility was important for residents who suffer from seizures, need pain relief, or have difficulty eating and becoming weaker as a result of cancer medications. Read

Ohio Supreme Court Justice backs legalizing marijuana

5/20/17--Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill said making marijuana legal is working in Colorado and doing it in Ohio would bring hundreds of millions of dollars in sales taxes. Justice O'Neill also said he not only wants to legalize marijuana but also release all non-violent marijuana offenders from prison. Read

Hamilton medical marijuana ban may get update

5/19/17--In February 2015, Hamilton City Council approved legislation that prohibited sales of medical marijuana in the city. More than a year later, the Ohio General Assembly approved a bill allowing use of medical marijuana and established the medical-marijuana control program, which took effect Sept. 8. Hamilton leaders are now considering updating their ban on medical marijuana facilities so city ordinances are better synced with state law. Read

Economic impact of medical marijuana grow operations could be revealed Monday

5/12/17--Youngstown Ward 4 City Councilman Mike Ray believes the companies that want to cash in on growing medical marijuana in the city of Youngstown will likely detail how their operation could boast economic benefits for the city, including the number of jobs each would create should they receive permit approval. Read

Medical marijuana facility plans aired

5/12/17--Janet Breneman, the spokesperson for a group proposing a medical marijuana growing facility, envisions an operation that would cultivate strains of medical marijuana for patients who have epilepsy and rheumatoid arthritis, among other ailments. She addressed a packed room of about 125 Green Camp township and village residents interested in hearing the proposal. Questions from the crowd ranged from concerns about security to how money generated by the operation would be used by the township. Read

Newark to consider medical marijuana dispensary ban

5/8/17--Newark City Council's economic development committee on Monday will consider a law that would change the zoning code to prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries from being anywhere inside the city limits. The rules for the program are still being written by people across several state agencies and are not expected to be implemented until September 2018. Read

Highland County coroner: Marijuana is ‘gateway to hell’

3/17/17--Highland County coroner Dr. Jeff Beery believes marijuana is a gateway to hell. According to Berry, there has been a steady increase in deaths related one way or another to drugs, raising fatalities connected to illicit drugs to alarming proportions. He said the word “epidemic” is not sufficient to describe the toll being taken on Highland County. “It’s a craze, not an epidemic.” Read