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Cannabis business file lawsuit against OSDH, OMMA over-to-sale program

4/15/21--More than 10,000 cannabis businesses have joined a lawsuit against the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority saying the implementation of the Metrc seed-to-sale program is unlawful. According to the lawsuit, Metrc, the vendor selected by the state, would provide seed-to-sale tracking and earn over $12 million in the first year alone as it has a monopoly over the state. Read

15-year-old girl killed after car shears Tacoma pole and catches fire

12/21/20--A 15-year-old girl was killed Sunday after the car she was riding in sheared a power pole in Tacoma, flipped and caught fire, police said. Investigators believe the 18-year-old driver was speeding and under the influence of marijuana. Read

Edmond medical marijuana business asked to shut down after OMMA finds dangerous pesticides in product

7/20/20--Moon Mix is being asked to shut down and is fined more than half a million dollars after the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority said their product tested above the legal limits for dangerous pesticides. The Edmond medical marijuana business did not test the marijuana like it legally is supposed to and sold products containing dangerous pesticides. Read

OMMA Slushy-Machine Guidance

7/2/20--The OMMA has received multiple inquiries regarding the processing and dispensing of marijuana-infused slushies on-site at medical marijuana dispensaries. It is the OMMA’s position that marijuana-infused slushies are unlikely to meet requirements set forth in Oklahoma statutes and rules. Additionally, slushies are considered food products and must be compliant with the Oklahoma State Department of Health food regulations. Read

Lawsuit challenges changes in medical marijuana

6/28/20--Viridian Legal Services, a Tulsa law firm, has filed a class action lawsuit against the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority for rejecting license renewals of medical marijuana dispensaries because of changes in state law made after the entities were licensed. Read

Oklahoma high court rules on firearms, marijuana questions

6/23/20--The court ruled State Question 807 to legalize marijuana may proceed to the signature-gathering stage. Supporters hope to amend the Oklahoma Constitution to legalize marijuana for adults age 21 and over and impose a 15% tax on cannabis sales. Supporters would have to gather about 178,000 signatures of registered voters in 90 days to qualify the question for the ballot. Read

Sales of medical marijuana skyrocket amid Coronavirus pandemic

6/5/20--Data from the Oklahoma Tax Commission show sales of medical marijuana in the state are continuing to break records. Sales in May brought in over $11.6 million in sales tax revenue, with overall sales topping $73 million. Read

Oklahoma regulators issue state’s first medical cannabis product recall

5/18/20--The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) issued its first medical cannabis product recall May 15. According to a Tulsa World report, the OMMA recalled vape cartridges and infused mints produced by Moon Mix under the batch number 158 after testing revealed concentrations of myclobutanil. Read

Competing recreational marijuana petition filed to change Oklahoma constitution

3/6/20--A third constitutional initiative petition has been filed seeking to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma, but organizers expect to withdraw and refile it by next week after some problems were identified in the language. Read

Co-founders of PAC that got medical marijuana on Oklahoma ballots close their dispensary, FlowerCraft

8/10/19--Lauren and Shawn Jenkins, co-founders of FlowerCraft dispensaries in Tulsa and Coweta, announced this week that they will close their dispensary. Saturday was the last day for the Tulsa store. Read

Shell casings, med marijuana, money among items found in murder victim’s home

7/9/19--According to officers who searched the home of Andrew "Sawyer" English, who operated the marijuana dispensary "Vapor Express" in Edmond, shell casings outside the home, drug paraphernalia, medical marijuana, and large sums of cash were found following his death. Read

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority announces legislative changes to program

7/9/19--The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority says it is currently taking steps to implement statutory modifications to the state’s medical marijuana program that was made during the 2019 legislative session. All changes will be implemented through August and November, and will be followed by permanent rule promulgation activities in 2020. Read

Catoosa to vote on reducing distance between marijuana dispensaries

5/10/19--The Catoosa city council will vote next week whether to reduce the distance allowed between medical marijuana dispensaries. Currently, city law says they have to be 1,000 feet apart, but the city council could change that to 500 feet. Read

Medical marijuana dispensary near Oklahoma school causing controversy

3/8/19--The Moore Police Department says Ivy League Cannabis is less than 600 feet away from Vista Academy. But the state of OKlahoma requires dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet away from any school. The owner says he wasn't aware the high school was nearby when he went through the application process. Read

Oklahoma governor OKs rules for cannabis-infused food products

1/9/19--Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin approved new labeling, packaging, and testing rules for food products that include marijuana for medical use. The new rules require marijuana-infused food and beverage makers to comply with the state’s current food safety laws as well as the labeling and packaging laws for available cannabis products. The regulations also require edibles makers to disclose on labels a product’s THC potency, including marijuana ingredients and tracking information for the marijuana oil or source material. Read

Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Roland

1/1/19--Pharm 788, a new medical marijuana dispensary, is now opened in Roland, Oklahoma. Staff members say they had a steady flow of traffic throughout the day. So far the response from the community has been positive. Currently, 805  dispensaries have been approved by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, and more than 1,300 people are now allowed to grow medical marijuana. Additionally, over 26,000 patients can legally buy the drug in Oklahoma. Read

Oklahoma businesses need clarity on marijuana

10/7/18--Since Oklahomans voted in June to legalize medical marijuana, business officials have urged legislators to provide regulatory certainty by giving legal protection in the drug testing of employees. They warn failure to do so will only increase liability issues caused by workers' on-the-job impairment. The need for lawmakers to address this issue is even more pressing after a recent federal court ruling. Read

Effort to amend Oklahoma marijuana rules began before vote

9/27/18--Records show that efforts to amend OKlahoma's medical marijuana law began weeks before residents even voted on the issue. The public wasn't made aware of the potential amendments until a coalition of health professional groups held a news conference July 9. The state Board of Health then approved the amendments the next day. Read

Oklahoma investors await marijuana industry regulations

9/11/18--Oklahoma residents looking to invest in the state's upcoming marijuana industry for medical use are anxiously awaiting the passage of business regulations. Many would-be business owners and startup companies are trying to get an early foothold in the this industry by investing in groundwork and business plans, despite no state standards set in stone yet. The medicinal use of marijuana was approved by Oklahoma voters in June. Read

Glenpool Farm receives approval to grow and sell medical marijuana

9/1/18--Sage Farms in Glenpool received approval from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. It's one of about 40 of the first commercial businesses to get approved, and it's hoping to be one of the first to start growing and selling cannabis. Read

Oklahoma awards first medical marijuana patient licenses

8/25/18--More than 1,600 people and businesses applied for Oklahoma medical marijuana licenses on the first day that applications were made available. Oklahoma State Department of Health spokesman Tony Sellars said that by Saturday evening, the agency had received 1,054 patient, 634 business, and three caregiver applications. Officials awarded 23 licenses to patients Saturday to test the approval process and will resume approving applications Monday. Read

Medical industry won’t rule out lawsuit on medical marijuana if smokables aren’t banned from dispensaries

7/9/18--The Oklahoma State Department of Health has kept intact proposed limits on the potency of medical marijuana in its most recent iteration of proposed rules regarding State Question 788, but medical industry leaders, in asking for additional restrictions, wouldn’t rule out a lawsuit in their mission to ban the sale of smokable products. Read

Group collecting signatures for measure to legalize recreational marijuana

7/5/18-- ‘Green the Vote’ announced that it was seeking a constitutional amendment that would allow adults to use marijuana recreationally. State Question 797 would allow anyone over the age of 21 to legally possess, use, grow, process, and sell marijuana. It would also allow marijuana to be classified as an herbal drug, which would be regulated by the Oklahoma Cannabis Commission. In order to have a chance to get the question on the November ballot, the group says it needs to collect 124,000 signatures of registered Oklahoma voters. Read

Doctor warns voters about supposed dangers of marijuana

3/8/18--Oklahoma is currently embroiled in a debate about whether or not to legalize medical marijuana. Voters in the state are set to vote on a medical marijuana bill this summer. Addiction psychiatrist Harold Urschel spoke to the Oklahoma Medical Board yesterday with a mission to convince everyone that cannabis is extremely dangerous. Most of Urschel’s complaints centered on the idea that cannabis is super addictive. Read

Texas doctor warns marijuana lowers IQ, damages brain—Research shows he’s wrong

3/8/18--Addiction psychiatrist Dr. Harold Urschel from Texas spoke with the Oklahoma Medical Board about the dangers of marijuana. However, his claim that marijuana lowers IQ seems to be debatable. For every study that suggests that marijuana lowers your IQ, there are several that show the opposite. The most recent of these, a twin study from 2016, studied the effects of marijuana on the IQ of identical twins, one of which was a habitual user and the other was not, over the course of 10 years. The conclusion was that there was absolutely no measurable link between marijuana use and lower IQ, Science Magazine reported. Read

New group forms to help set medical marijuana regulations

6/29/18--The members who make up the Oklahoma Cannabis Trade Association pushed for the passage of State Question 788, allowing medical marijuana to be used in Oklahoma. They now want to continue their push for the proper use of marijuana when it becomes legal. The trade organization is made of groups like Oklahomans for Health, Green the Vote, and CanTek Labs. Read

Fallin to set election date for vote on medical marijuana

12/28/17--After the start of the new year, Governor Mary Fallin has said she plans to set an election date for a medical marijuana ballot measure — State Question 788. The announcement has reignited conversations on both sides of the issue, but those lobbying for the measure and lawmakers agree – when it comes to a vote, the sooner the better. Governor Fallin will determine if the question will appear on the June primary ballot or during the general election in November. Read

CBD store to open soon in metro

11/26/17--CBD, a Cannabinoid, has grown in popularity throughout OKlahoma, and now OKC American Shaman, a store in metro, will sell it in the form of creams, oils, and sweet treats. OKC American Shaman CBD oils are supposed to help with conditions such as OCD, Lupus, PTSD and Arthritis. Read