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Value of Portland’s billion-dollar marijuana deal slashed

10/30/19--The Massachusetts company buying Oregon’s biggest marijuana business restructured the transaction and dramatically reduced its value. Instead of nearly $1 billion, the deal could now be worth less than $300 million – though Portland-based Cura Cannabis has the opportunity to earn back some of what’s been lost if it hits newly established sales targets next year. Read

Oregon lawmakers to the federal government: de-schedule marijuana

8/8/17--A bipartisan group of Oregon lawmakers joined legislators from across the country on Monday in calling for the federal government to remove marijuana from the list of controlled drugs. If the federal government were to heed the request, it could ease restrictions on cannabis research and banking in states that have legalized the drug. Read

DA blasts state for failing to inspect marijuana business that exploded

10/21/16--An explosion at Higher Level Concentrates likely caused by a legal butane hash oil enterprise prompts questions about whether the state did anything to ensure the business met health and safety regulations. Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis rebuked the health authority for allowing the business to operate without ever confirming it was meeting the agency's own rules for marijuana processors. Read