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Updates on the European open-label, phase 2, multicenter feasibility study of manualized MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in subjects with PTSD

7/26/21--After more than 6 months of searching for suitable PTSD patients, we are very happy to report that the team at the research site in Klecany, Czech Republic, have successfully enrolled and treated their first participant in the last few weeks. Read

Ethan Nadelmann reexamines adult drug use in the new podcast ‘Psychoactive’

7/12/21--Psychoactive, a new podcast on drugs hosted by Ethan Nadelmann, who founded, and for decades ran, the Drug Policy Alliance, an anti-Drug War nonprofit, before stepping down in 2017, is back with an ambitious project to lead a deep and challenging national conversation about drugs and the human experience. Read

Congresswoman Cori Bush voices groundbreaking support for safe supply

6/16/21--As reported in Filter, Congresswoman Cori Bush, representing St. Louis, Missouri in the House of Representatives, has broken new ground by indicating her support for a safe supply of controlled substances for people who use them. Read

5 steps to becoming a conscious cannabis advocate

11/1/20--In a Healthline article, professional medical copyrighter Kelli Lynn Grey outlines 5 steps to becoming a more conscious cannabis advocate. Grey indicates that it requires a little work and a wide perspective, and she also states that it's an enriching and engaging process that offers multiple ways to get involved. Read

IPCI, Decriminalize Nature, and Peyote Dialogues

9/20/20--In recent months, the IPCI and NAC have demanded public apologies from Decriminalize Nature (DN) National and DN local groups for use of the word Peyote in their resolution. They’ve also demanded that they stop using the word Peyote altogether in any literature, or showing photographs of Peyote in their education material. Beyond removing the word Peyote, the Decriminalize Nature agreed to work with the IPCI in September 2019 to spread the word about the need for conservation and preservation of Peyote, using materials the IPCI leadership said they wanted us to share with followers. Read

Dr. Bronner’s launches heal soul campaign in support of psychedelic-assisted therapy and medicine

9/1/20--Dr. Bronner’s, family-owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America, has launched its Heal Soul campaign to support public education efforts, advocacy organizations, and political campaigns around the country working to mainstream psychedelic-assisted therapy and medicines to treat depression, PTSD, addiction, and end-of-life anxiety. The company has donated over $3 million this year to support these efforts and created a special limited edition “Heal Soul!” Read

NORML pushes top federal health official to admit criminalization is more harmful than marijuana

6/9/20--NORML is asking the head of a federal health agency, who recently acknowledged racial disparities in drug enforcement and the harm that such disparate practices have caused, to go on the record to further admit that this trend in criminalization is more harmful than marijuana itself. While NORML said it’s not arguing that cannabis is harmless, the group maintains that the role of discriminatory cannabis enforcement in systemic racial injustices that are the focus of mass protests across the country cannot be overstated. Read

Paul LePage warns Maine against ‘deadly’ marijuana legalization in video

10/14/16--Maine Gov. Paul LePage released a false and misleading video in an attempt to convince residents to vote “no” on “Question 1, ” a marijuana legalization referendum on the state’s ballot in November. In the video, LePage also asserts that marijuana is three times stronger than it was several decades ago. He then links the drug to the state’s serious heroin and opioid epidemic, alleging that “people addicted to marijuana are three times more likely to be addicted to heroin.” Read